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Drawing can be done for fun as a leisure time activity or as a profession to showcase your talents to the world while portraying some deeper meaning through your work. This creation can be deeply personal. For this, an artist needs a good set of drawing pencils. Moglix offers a wide selection of pencils like drawing, shading pencils, HB pencil set, color pencils, and pen pencil.

Different types of Shading Pencils

A pencil can produce dark lines as well as light lines depending on how soft the graphite is. The softer they are, the darker the pencil mark is. ‘B’ pencils are comparatively darker than ‘H’ pencils or ‘F’ pencils. However, it is easier to erase the marks of ‘B’ pencils. ‘B’ pencils are apt for doodling and sketching whereas ‘H’ and ‘F’ pencils can be used by beginners.

‘B’ pencils range from 8B to 2B where 8B is the darkest and 2B is comparatively lighter.

8B makes very dark and prominent marks on the paper.

7B, 6B, 5B also produces dark lines.

4B is comparatively lighter than the above pencils and apt as a beginner's choice.

3B is a mix of dark and light shade but is more light than dark.

2B is the lightest shade that is best for shading and drawing light lines.

HB pencil set has pencils with neutral graphite that falls exactly in the middle of the pencil lead scale. HB pencil is also used for drawing purposes.

‘F’ pencil has a fine point and is slightly harder than ‘B’ pencils. This can be used for writing as well as daily drawing.

‘H’ refers to how hard the pencil is. There are extreme precision thanks to the hardness of the lead. Apart from precision, this pencil makes extremely light lines. ‘H’ pencils range from 6H to 2H where 2H is lighter in comparison to 6H.

Certain artists use color pencils instead of regular draw pencils. The difference is that regular pencils have a grey shade while color pencils are multi-colored.

Things to Consider while Buying a Pencil Set Online

Lead material- The best type of wood material is incense-cedar whereas quality budget ones are basswood, white fir, and poplar. Avoid pencils made of tropical and pitted woods or plastic materials.

Graphite- While buying any pencil, make sure it has centered graphite rather than an off-centered one. one should also consider the softness level. Softer one produces a dark line while hard one produces a light line.

Shape- Typically, pencils come in four different shapes, i.e., hexagon, round, triangle, and flat pencils. Carpenters use flat pencils whereas the others are common among students.

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Camlin Pencils₹21₹1219
Faber-Castell Pencils₹42₹1409
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