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Buy Highlighters and Highlighter Markers Online at Best Ever Prices

A highlighter is a stationary product available at most stationery, used for highlighting or marking a particular portion of text in books, notebooks, etc. These marker pens are also used on whiteboards, and in various other applications at the same time. You can easily get these highlighters and markers offline as well as online. These are useful for students, professionals, teachers, etc. Moreover, these marker pens and marker highlighters are available in various colour options such as black, red, blue, green, neon, etc.


At Moglix, we sell high-end, long-lasting, and affordable highlighter pens and markers from renowned and successful brands such as Camlin, Luxor, and many others. These markers are loved across the country and have a huge demand as well. You can search for plenty of brands and varieties of markers and highlighters here at Moglix.


Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Highlighter Pens Online

Point Type: The point type is different in different types of markers which makes them capable of writing or highlighting on different surfaces. Some highlighter markers are made for use on the whiteboard, some are designed especially for papers and pages, and some are designed for writing on plastic, fibre, metal, etc.


Colour: There are various colours offered in different types of markers in the market. However, some markers are available only in a single colour such as black permanent markers, etc. You should always buy a highlighter pen depending on your need. Mostly, the highlighters are available in bright and light colours for highlighting the written texts in books, notebooks, etc.


Brand: Brand is also an important factor to consider before purchasing a highlighter pen. Going for a local or cheap marker can make you regret your decision. Therefore, you should always prefer a good brand so that you never compromise on quality. Various good brands are offered by Moglix online, you can pick the one that suits your needs.


Brands to Pick While Shopping for Highlighters and Markers Online

Luxor Highlighter Pens: Luxor is a brand that needs no introduction. This brand offers good quality stationery products across the nation and has really good popularity among students and adults at the same time. Luxor is known for pens, highlighters, etc. The highlighter stationery offered by Luxor has a good reach in the market and also sells these highlighters in huge numbers.


Faber-Castell Highlighter Markers: The name is enough, yes, this brand has made it to the top and is a great success in the highlighter stationery market. They offer quality at a good price and are available across the country in almost all regions. They have different colour options in highlighter markers such as blue, green, yellow, pink, etc. Moreover, they also offer multi colour highlighters.


Camlin Highlighter Pens: The products from the house of Camlin are manufactured with the finest quality raw materials and then procured through trustworthy and reliable distributors as well as dealers in the market. At Moglix, there are plenty of highlighters and markers from Camlin which can fulfil your needs according to different applications.


PENAC Highlighter Stationery: The products from PENAC are available on Moglix and they also produce highlighter stationery in which they offer various highlighter pens and highlighter markers online with great prices and assured quality at the same time. You can choose from different colour options and quantities.


Buy Your Favorite Highlighter Pens and Markers Online at Reasonable Prices at Moglix

Get all types of useful and good-quality markers and highlighter pens online at Moglix. We offer various brands and different colour options as well. You can also get good discounts on bulk orders at Moglix. The highlighter stationery products offered by Moglix are manufactured with quality-assured materials along with the use of advanced techniques, which makes them high in standards in this highly competitive field. Moreover, Moglix has a policy that lets you return the product within 7 days post-delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Highlighter Pens

Can you fix a highlighter?

A more durable answer to your problem is acetone-based nail polish remover. Half of the solution should be poured into a glass or bowl. Place the highlighter's tip in the acetone and let it soak in the solvent for 30 seconds. In the absence of acetone, regular rubbing alcohol will do.

How long should highlighters last?

A highlighter typically contains 10 ml (0.33 oz) of ink. Before you have to worry about it drying up, you will have roughly 50,000 words to highlight.

Highlighter Pens - Price Range

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Luxor Highlighter Pens₹50₹6720
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