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Surprise your kid by gifting them beautiful crayon colors from Moglix

Everyone has used crayons in their childhood to color their paintings and crayon colors are considered as a child’s best friend. Crayons are the very first art supply that children use after learning how to draw. Children also learn to distinguish different colors with the help of color crayons. Besides children, color crayons are also used by students and professional artists to color their paintings.

Available in vibrant colors, crayon colors are small, matt sticks made of different materials. Crayons are easy to work with and less messy than any markers and water paints. Wax crayons have blunt points crayons, glide smoothly on the canvas, and are typically non-toxic in nature, making them safe for children.

Key Features of Crayons

  • --> Crayons are easy to use and come in vibrant colors.

  • --> Crayons are a super affordable art supply.

  • --> Crayons are completely safe in the hand of kids.

  • --> Crayons are easily accessible.

Just like any other product, there are a variety of crayons available today. Crayons are made with different materials according to the comfort and usability of the artists.

Wax crayons - Wax crayons are the first thing children use before moving to other forms of painting and coloring. As its name, they are made of pigmented wax and used for detailed drawings because of their pencil-like tips. These crayons don’t blend well with other colors and do not glide easily on the canvas. The crayons do not smudge or smear on paper and are completely safe in the hands of kids.

Plastic crayons - Plastic crayons are made from paraffin wax and coloring and are widely considered by young artists. These crayons are non-toxic, safe, tough, and resistant to breakage. Mostly available in a pencil shape, plastic crayons provide a better grip than other crayons. You can sharpen the tips of these crayons with the help of a sharpener. Also, the colors of these crayons are quite bright and smudge-proof.

Oil pastel crayons - Produced from non-drying oil and wax, the oil pastel crayons are creamy and rich in texture. Oil pastel crayons are easy to blend in, smear, mix, shade, and layer because of their smooth and soft texture. Thus, it is the first pick of the artists. An artist can cover the canvas with oil pastel crayons without adding any pressure, but the color surely transfers onto the hands.

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Faber-Castell Crayons₹39₹1409
Camlin Crayons₹29₹1779
Luxor Crayons₹25₹10920
This data was last updated on 2/2/23.