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Purchase Efficient Clipboards at Economical Costs

These flat, portable surfaces are made of hardwood or rigid plastics to provide a stable writing surface. The central clip keeps paper in place whether you're taking notes in class or out in the field. By pressing down on the clip to release the hold, models can easily be adjusted to hold one or multiple sheets of paper. All clipboards are long-lasting and simple to use. Quality clipboards are ideal for sports coaches, educators, factory foremen, note takers, and virtually any other profession that requires the use of one or a few page documents, such as lists, sketches, or basic notes. At Moglix, we sell high-end, economical student clipboards from renowned brands such as Solo, Omega, Plastikart and Sumo.


Types of Student Clipboards Available

Standard Clips' Clip Board: If you've ever used a potato bag clip, you already know what a standard clipboard clip looks like. Because these clips have a large mouth, they can hold a lot more paper. The standard clip can be hung on a wall in a classroom, at home, in the office due to the small hole at the top of the clip.


Low-Profile Clips' Clip Board: Low-profile clips lay flat against your board, making them much easier to fit into a bag or drawer. Nothing protrudes, so you don't have to worry about the board becoming entangled in anything.


Features to Take into Consideration when Buying Clipboard for Writing

Size: Because clipboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, determine the size you require. The standard clipboard size is 9x12.5. You'll likely have to search for a different size separately if you need a different size.


Board Material: Think about the type of board you want. Hardboarding is tried and true, but there are other options that are just as dependable. It all boils down to personal preference. If you need help deciding, go back to the beginning.


Clip Style: The standard clip style is probably best if you intend to hold a lot of paper. A low-profile clip is an option if you'll only be holding a couple of papers at a time.


Ergonomics: A good work ergonomics clipboard had rounded edges, one or two compartments to store writing utensils/iPads, and an easy side latches to keep all of your contents safe from the elements.


Buy Secure Student Clipboards Online from Top Brands

Solo ClipboardsThe Solo student clipboards are extremely useful for students taking exams and for business professionals taking notes during meetings. Their boards include a lever type clip to help hold the papers securely while writing on them. Along with this Pad, some of their clipboards also have a Pen holder included so that you always have a pen on hand in case of some emergency. Customers trust Solo products because of the company's extensive line of high-end clipboards.


Omega ClipboardsOmega manufactures high-quality goods and is well-known for its attentive customer service. Following extensive market research, the most well-known and authorised vendors are chosen to supply the materials used to manufacture their clipboards for writing. For a firm grip on the paper, this Clip requires a soft force and can be easily accessed by a 6-year-old or a 75-year-old. These Solo clipboards for writing have a smooth and flat surface, making it appealing to complement your style.


Sumo ClipboardsThe market acknowledges Sumo products as being of the finest calibre. All Sumo clipboards are created with premium components and cutting-edge production techniques to meet the standards of the industry. They have an elegant and compact design.


Plastikraft Clipboards: To guarantee that the clipboards Plastikart delivers to customers are always at the top of its game, it places a strong focus on high quality standards. They have become experts at adapting to changing consumer wants. These high quality student clipboards are produced under the supervision of professionals. 


Shop for Reasonable and Efficient Clipboards at Moglix

Your search is over if you're looking for dependable, high-performance clipboards. Moglix, one of the best e-commerce businesses in the country, sells reputable clipboards for writing. The clipboards that we offer are dependable, durable and easy to handle. This website offers an all-around enjoyable experience, whether it's premium products, special deals, or a smooth online shopping experience. You can easily and comfortably browse our products using Moglix's user-friendly software. Because of the simple navigation, clients can easily compare the features and costs of various brands before making a decision. Here you can find top-brand clipboards at the lowest prices.

Clipboards - Price Range

ClipboardsMin PriceMax Price
Omega Clipboards₹148₹590
Solo Clipboards₹1635₹4089
Paper Size - A4 Clipboards₹161₹4089
Paper Size - Fc Clipboards₹1635₹3998
This data was last updated on 2/2/23.