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Thermal Printer

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Buy Thermal Printers Online

We mostly come across a thermal printer without even realizing it. Everyone must have used an ATM machine or bought something from the supermarket, do you know how the receipt is generated? These are generated using thermal printing. Along with the receipts, thermal printers are also used for printing labels, tags, tickets, barcodes, and many more things. Unlike other printers, these do not use ink or toner for printing. Thermal printers use heat in order to produce an image on paper. These printers are the best option for your office or business as they print high-quality images with the latest technology.

Thermal Printers: A Must-Have for your Label Printing Business

There are various types of thermal printers available in the market varying in size, features, and price.

Direct Thermal Printers: These printers are also known as thermal autochrome printers. These printers use a special rolled and heated thermal paper for printing. The text appears with the help of pins that are pressed into the paper. Direct thermal printers also serve as barcode printers and label printers. These Point of Sale (POS) Printers also generate credit and debit card receipts. These printers are highly efficient when the color of the text is not important. In comparison to the traditional printers, these printers provide a much higher printing speed as there do not have ink to replace.

Thermal Transfer Printers: These printers use a wax-like ink which is rolled onto the paper. The desired color is pressed and transferred onto the paper with the help of the heating element. The common color combination is cyan, yellow, black, and magenta. These vibrant colors produce high-quality photos. Thermal transfer printers are more durable and make the text last longer on the paper. These printers also allow quick replacement of cartridges with low or high-quality ink.

Best Brands of Thermal Label Printers Online at Moglix

Casio: From receipts and barcodes at the store to labeling stationery items, Casio offers different types of thermal printers. These are reliable and provide high-quality prints.

Brother: Brother thermal printers produce quality labels and receipts with ease. These work with adhesive media and provide the best quality prints.

TVS: With effortless paper loading and long-lasting prints, TVS printers are the most reliable printers. Buy TVS thermal printers and smoothly print your documents.

Why Buy Thermal Printers from

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Frequently Asked Questions about Thermal Printer

Do thermal printers need ink?

Thermal printers use heat instead of ink to print labels and signage on paper, tape, ribbon, and other materials. Thermal printing is classified into two types: direct thermal and thermal transfer.

Do thermal printers use special paper?

Thermal printers can only use thermal paper, which is much more expensive than regular paper. Thermal printers require special papers because the thermal printing mechanism relies on these papers' ability to print images without the use of ink. Direct thermal paper rolls, on the other hand, are not the same as thermal transfer papers.

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