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Inkjet Printer

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Buy an inject printer at a reasonable rate

If you need a printer for your home office, you can buy one online, purchase at a local printer or computer shop and even pick up the cheapest model on-site. For the best and most convenient choice, however, it's important to remember that the best inkjet printer is not always the most expensive or most extensive. Offices and homes have long utilized inkjet printers. Low operating costs, innovation, and print quality make them the most common kind of printer. These aren't ideal for business usage, but they're great for home or office.


Most consumers don't consider use when choosing an inkjet printer. Buying the appropriate printer is essential if you print numerous papers and photos. You must also consider printing needs, not only pricing and aesthetics. Choosing a home office inkjet printer might be tricky. So many printers might be confusing. Let's examine things to consider while buying one.

Variety of Inkjet Printers out In The Market


Color inkjet printer: Color inkjet printers are more expensive than black and white models but offer more features. Color inkjet printers can print in up to six colors at once, allowing them to produce more vibrant images than black-and-white models. They can also print photos with more detail than black-and-white printers can produce. These types of printers are designed for those who need high-quality prints that have deep, vibrant colors. They're perfect for professional photographers or graphic designers who need accurate color representations of their work to showcase it properly. They also work well for people who regularly print photos from their digital cameras or cell phones because they offer higher resolution than other printers.


Black and White inkjet printer: Black and white inkjet printers are ideal if you only need black and white copies of documents or images. Besides being less expensive than color models, they are also smaller on average since they do not have any moving parts (such as paper trays).


Black and white inkjet printers are the most common for home office use. These printers do not have color ink cartridges, but they can still produce high-quality text documents.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting an Inkjet Printer


When purchasing an inkjet printer for your home office or personal use, it is essential to consider all the factors involved. The most crucial factor is to determine what type of printing you need to perform on your computer, whether it is for personal or professional use. It would be best to consider how much you can spend on a new printer and how much maintenance it needs over time.


Price: The price of an inkjet printer depends on its features and brand name. You should select a model with essential features like Wi-Fi connectivity and a USB port to buy a cheap inkjet printer. You can also buy a refurbished model at lower prices than the standard models.


Performance: The performance of an inkjet printer depends on its speed and resolution. Select a high-speed model with a high-resolution capability if you want to print several pages in a minute. A high-resolution model will give better quality prints but consume more ink than low-resolution models.


Ink Cartridge: Ink cartridges play an essential role in determining how much money you will spend on replacing them regularly or not at all, depending on how often you use your printer. It is recommended that you buy replacement cartridges from trusted brands like HP or Epson because these companies sell original ink cartridges that are of high quality. If you purchase third-party ink cartridges, there is a high chance that they will be of substandard quality and may even damage your printer.


Colour: When buying an inkjet printer, it is essential to consider the number of colors it can print and how many pages can be printed at once in one go. If you want to print photos with vibrant colors, you will need to buy a printer that supports color printing. If you only want to print documents and letters with black ink, you can opt for a printer that uses only one cartridge.


Printing Speed: They measure the speed of printing in pages per minute (ppm). The higher the ppm value, the faster your documents will be printed. The standard rate for an inkjet printer is around 20 ppm. However, some models can print up to 30 ppm. There is a variation in printing speed depending on the type of document and the type of printer that you are using. If you need to print many copies in one go, it is essential to consider buying a printer with a fast printing speed.


Print Quality: Most printers come with different resolution settings, which determine how clear they will print your images or text on paper. The standard resolution for an inkjet printer is around 300 dpi. However, some models can reach up to 600 dpi. Higher resolution means better quality prints; hence, you should opt for this feature if you want your photos to look sharp and clear.

Top Brands Selling Inkjet Printer


Many brands offer inkjet printers if you're looking for a printer for your home office. Here are some of the top brands and their products:


Canon Inkjet Printers: Canon is one of the leading manufacturers of inkjet printers and offers a wide range of products. Their newest models include the PIXMA TS9120, an all-in-one photo printer with Wi-Fi connectivity and an LCD screen, and the PIXMA TS9020, an all-in-one photo printer with wireless connectivity, an LCD screen, and built-in scanning capabilities. Canon also offers cheaper models than their other options—the MP287 is one example of this product type. This model has wireless support but no built-in scanning features. However, it offers some prominent features, such as automatic two-sided printing! The MP287 is a good choice if you want an all-in-one photo printer that's inexpensive but still offers many features. This model is also wireless, so you can print from your computer without having to plug in any wires or cables!


Epson Inkjet Printers: Epson has been around for more than 50 years now and is one of the most trusted names in inkjet printing technology. Their printers come at all prices, from very cheap to very expensive (and everything in between). This model works with Macs and can print, scan, copy, and fax documents. It also offers wireless support, so you don't have to worry about running cables across your office space! The printer has a small footprint and can be placed on a desk or shelf. It has an automatic document feeder that allows you to scan multiple pages at once and Ethernet support for wired connections. There are also two-sided printing capabilities, so you don't have to worry about wasting paper when making copies or sending faxes.


HP Inkjet Printer: The HP Deskjet 3520 is a compact printer designed for home or small office use. Its small footprint makes it easy to set up on any desk or shelf in your workspace. The printer has a built-in duplexing unit that allows you to print on both sides of the paper simultaneously, saving you money and reducing waste! The HP Deskjet 3520 has a touchscreen interface that makes it easy to navigate through the many features of this printer. It also has Wi-Fi support to print from your Android or iOS device and Ethernet support for wired connections. There are two-sided printing capabilities, so you don't have to worry about wasting paper when making copies or sending faxes.


Brother Inkjet Printer: The Brother Inkjet Printer is another excellent option for people looking to purchase a new printer. This one comes with Wi-Fi support so that you can print wirelessly from all your devices! In addition to printing, the printer also has a scanner and copier. It has a built-in LCD screen, so you can see how much ink is left before you need to replace it. There's also support for Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print, so if you want to print from your iPhone or iPad, this printer will work fine!

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Whether you are shopping for your home or office, some qualities that might matter when buying a printer are ease of setup and use, network printing capability and mobile printing, connectivity and cost per page, quality of printouts, and size. Everyone has different requirements, so what may work for you won't suit your friend. All in all, do proper research before buying a printer. Moglix is the best place for buying printers and other office equipment!

Frequently Asked Questions about Inkjet Printer

Which brand/model of printer is best for home use?

The brand & model of a printer totally depends on the customer usage & needs. However, a few models like Canon 2570s, Canon E470, Pantum P2200 & HP 1115 are very popular in the market

Which one is better, laser or inkjet printers?

Laser printer is preferred as its PPC cost is less than that of an Inkjet printer.

Which inkjet printer is best for a daily print of 250 pages?

Canon and Epson are two brands which offer the most popular printers in Inkjet and Ink Tank series

Which inkjet printers can be connected with mobile phone?

Any printer which has wi-fi connectivity can be connected with your mobile phone.

For black & white printouts, which printer is preferable?

Laser printers are the most preferable printers.

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