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Paper Shredders

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Get Your Hands on the Most Secure and Effective Paper Shredders


A paper shredder is an electronic device used to shred paper documents into unintelligible fragments, typically those that are confidential or sensitive. The shredder destroys paper documents with a collection of rotating cutting blades propelled by an electric motor. The paper fragments' size depends on the type of paper shredder used. Strip-cut, cross-cut, and micro-cut shredders are the three types of shredders. Your documents can be turned into lengthy strips or tiny paper fragments the size of confetti with a shredder. In order to protect yourself from identity theft and other problems, a shredder can be a really useful instrument. At Moglix, we sell high-end, economic shredder machines from renowned brands such as Kobra, GBC, Kores, Texet, Oddy, and more.


Various Types of Paper Shredder Machines for Office to Choose From


Strip-Cut Shredders: The most fundamental kind of shredding system is a strip-cut shredder, often known as a spaghetti-cut shredder. Strip cutting is a technique for shredding paper or other materials into long, parallel lengths, including CDs and credit cards. The strips are similar in length to the paper being shredded. Strip-cut shredders have a price advantage over cross-cut shredders because they are easier to make and can shred more sheets of paper in a single pass.


Cross-Cut Shredders: Paper is cut both long and short by the cutting cylinders of cross-cut shredders. Small rectangular chips are the end product of the paper. Compared to strip cutters, cross-cut shredders have two advantages: Shredded garbage is more secure since it is far more difficult to read any information on the paper or put the papers back together. With the smaller shreds, the trash can must also be emptied less frequently.


Micro-Cut Shredders: Similar to cross-cut shredders, micro-cut shredders shred paper into even smaller bits of paper. Although slower than cross-cutters, they produce paper fragments that resemble confetti, making them a more secure alternative.


Features to Consider Before Buying Efficient Paper Shredder Machines


Sheet Capacity: The maximum number of sheets you can shred with the shredder in one pass is indicated by the sheet capacity. A simple, inexpensive shredder can destroy one to three documents in one pass. However, more expensive shredders with stronger motors may shred up to 20 sheets every pass. Faster shredding and less work are the results of a larger sheet capacity. However, you must consider whether you actually need a big sheet capacity. A high sheet shredding capacity is advised when you shred frequently and when the shredder must shred documents daily for several users at work.


The Wastebasket's capacity: Most paper shredders include a wastebasket to hold the shredded paper scraps. Wastebaskets can have a lift-off head shredder or a pull-out bin. Some less expensive shredders merely have the shredding portion and no wastebasket.


Run-time: A shredder's maximum run-time is crucial when choosing paper shredders. The term "duty cycle" is another name for the run time. You can find out how long you can run the shredder before the motor needs to cool down. Most household shredders have a maximum shredding time of a few minutes. However, office shredders can continue to shred for 30 minutes without stopping, and heavy-duty shredders can even continue to shred without stopping to cool the motor.


Jam Resistance: Paper clogs are likely to occur if you shred a lot of documents every day or week. Paper jams can be an issue since they might cause a company to stall. Even while it can be challenging to deal with a paper jam and unclog a clogged paper shredder, certain shredders include extra capabilities that can be useful in this circumstance. When a paper load is too thick, some shredders feature unique sensors that can detect it and turn off the shredding function before it's too late. If a paper jam is anticipated, some shredders will discharge the paper.


Brands That Sell High-Quality Paper Shredders at Reasonable Prices


Kobra Paper Shredders: Kobra shredder machines are ideal for people who require dependable and portable shredding sources. They can be utilized for various purposes and are compatible with a variety of devices. Due to their durability, you can use heavy-duty paper shredder machines for a long time.


GBC Paper Shredders: GBC designs are user-friendly, safe, and simple. After an extensive market assessment, their materials are obtained from the most recognized and authorized providers. GBC paper shredders are strong and portable, explicitly designed for any house or workplace. These paper shredder machines for the office are dependable and effective.


Kores Paper Shredders: The key technical attributes of Kores paper shredders include their durability, flawless execution, and superior materials. They are distinct, tough, and made for demanding industrial and service applications. Shredder machines made by Kores are produced using premium components and cutting-edge production techniques.


Texet Paper Shredders: One of the main manufacturers of heavy-duty paper shredder machines in India is Texet. The quality of Texet paper shredders is of the highest calibre. They make use of state-of-the-art technologies and the best possible raw resources. The supplies are obtained from the most reliable and authorized providers after extensive market research. 


Swaggers Paper Shredders: All products made under the renowned brand Swaggers are made using high-quality components and meet all applicable industry standards. They are hence well recognized and favored by a sizable user base. The paper shredder machine from Swagger is the ideal resource for encouraging a positive shredding experience. They are easy to handle and available in a variety of formats.


Apart from these brands, we also offer paper shredder machines from other reputable brands like Kavinstar, Gobbler, Ooze, Oddy, and more.


Long-Lasting and Cost-Effective Paper Shredder Machines Offered by Moglix

When customers are looking for paper shredder machines, we at Moglix are aware of their top worries. We've acquired the most cutting-edge selection of commercial and residential shredder machines to suit the demands of our customers. Before being sent out for distribution, the products are subjected to quality examinations. As a result, the consumer is ensured that their heavy-duty paper shredder machines will arrive in top operating condition. We have affordable solutions for you if you're looking for a durable shredder from the world's best manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Paper Shredders

Is shredding paper safe?

Shredding is the most secure and convenient way to dispose of papers and documents, and shredder security is decided by the size and shape of the shreds released. Because revolving knives cut strips as long as the original sheet of paper, strip-cut shredding is one of the least secure.

Do paper shredders create dust and is it dangerous?

Even modest shredders can generate a huge amount of paper dust. The smallest spark could burn a cloud of airborne dust inside a constrained area, such as a shredder, leading to a violent and dangerous explosion.

Is shredded paper recyclable?

Shredded paper is recyclable in most cities as long as it is stored. How you do this is totally dependent on where you live. Some localities prefer shredded paper in clear plastic bags. Others choose paper bags or cardboard boxes.

Paper Shredders - Price Range

Paper ShreddersMin PriceMax Price
Kores Paper Shredders₹2999₹19799
GBC Paper Shredders₹1099₹326999
Texet Paper Shredders₹1440₹3399
swaggers Paper Shredders₹4873₹6049
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