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Namibind NB-8301 A5 Lamination Machine

37% OFF



  • By: Namibind
Namibind A4 Size Hot & Cold Pouch Laminator, FGK 320

57% OFF



  • By: Namibind
Texet A3/A4 Hot Laminator For Home And Office, LMA3-V

68% OFF



  • By: Texet
GBC Fusion 1100L 360W Laminator Machine

20% OFF



  • By: GBC
GBC ULTIMA65 LAM RO 230V EU Laminating Machine

26% OFF



  • By: GBC
Namibind A4 Size Hot & Cold Pouch Laminator, LM 120

51% OFF



  • By: Namibind
Namibind A4 Size Hot & Cold Pouch Laminator, LM 180

36% OFF



  • By: Namibind
Texet LMA3-EX A3/A4 Laminator

66% OFF



  • By: Texet
Namibind A4 Size Hot & Cold Pouch Laminator, Crown-130

49% OFF



  • By: Namibind
GBC 1400W Lamination Machine, CATENA35

22% OFF



  • By: GBC
GBC Cla303H 650W  Laminator Machine

26% OFF



  • By: GBC
Namibind A4 Size Hot & Cold Pouch Laminator, Asiaa-120

47% OFF



  • By: Namibind
TEXET A4 Hot and Cold Laminator with Jam Release button, LMA4-EX

70% OFF



  • By: Texet
Oddy Lamination Machine, OD-LM-A3-4R

Available on Request

  • By: Oddy
Kavinstar 600W Lamination Machine, FGK-320

Available on Request

  • By: Kavinstar
Texet A4 Compact Paper/Document Laminators, LMA4-V

Available on Request

  • By: Texet

Buy Laminator Online at the Best Price

Laminating machine (लमिनटिंग मशीन) is one of the important tools used across the industries and offices. These machines help to protect, preserve and enhance documents of all shapes and sizes using thin plastic films.

Laminating machine or laminator is simple and easy to operate as well. In offices, they are used where badges and licenses are made. Some machines can add colors and contrast to the print and give your project a smooth finish.

Different Types of Lamination Machines

Hot lamination machines are used to cover ideal items that are not affected by heat. These provide high-quality lamination.

Cold laminating machines are helpful while laminating heat-sensitive documents or photos. Cold laminating machines come with self-adhesive laminating rolls and pouches. They are sometimes used for temporary laminations. These are basically used for the printing industry with materials like carbon copies or inkjet prints.

Our collection of cold laminating machines is ideal for lamination output when dealing with vinyl and other pressure sensitive materials. Buy laminator from our wide variety of laminating machines for your wide format laminating needs.

Roll laminating machines are helpful in coating large documents. They are versatile and ideal for coating maps, banners and large projects with much ease. This type is a preferred choice by most schools and organizations.

Pouch laminating machines come in large sizes and are ideal for posters, legal size papers and menu size laminating. These are the cost-effective and user-friendly models to suit all your laminating needs. Pouch models are a perfect addition to any home, office, school and professional shops. They come with 2 rollers, 4 rollers or sometimes even with 6 roller systems. The adjustable pouch machines keep your documents perfectly aligned. Some of them have countdown timers and audible beep indicators. If you want to laminate small documents like index cards, this machine could be an effective option.

Some machines come with an auto-shutoff feature that helps conserve energy. Almost all machines use rollers to eliminate air bubbles, to ensure secure adhesion and to perfectly move the laminated documents through the machine. Some laminators come with variable temperature control that allows you to adjust the heat level based on the laminating covers. Some models feature auto shut-off to prevent overheating.

Where to Buy Laminators

Buy laminator /lamination machines online at best price at Moglix! Keeping pace with the ever-changing needs of industry-based users, we have come up with different types of laminating machines online, such as roll lamination machines, cold laminating machines, film lamination machines and more. Lamination machines available at Moglix complies with ISI specifications and ensure the highest quality.

At Moglix, we pay close attention to the changing needs of our customers. To ensure they are entrusted with the maximum level of protection, we have come up with the best quality laminators sourced from the most sought-after brands like GBT, Namibind, MDI, Kavinstar, Texet, GBC, GB Tech, Oddy and many more.

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