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Buy Projector Screens for Less Strain but More Clarity

A projector screen is a support-structure surface used for displaying the image or videos projected for a better view of the audience. We can use the wall or any light-colored plain surface to project the image. But, we can’t experience the perfect quality of what is projected. Project screens play a significant role in enhancing the image quality as the optical coatings reflect light and ensure that the color is brightened and set to perfect contrast and saturation.

Why is a Projector Screen needed?

When you want your presentation or the movie you are watching to be clear and provide a great viewing experience, projector screens are the best options. The normal painted surface does not reflect light evenly. So the output won’t be effective. But, a projector screen is set to bring out the perfect theatrics’ effect on the audience.

What are the types of Projectors & Screens

There are mainly four types of projectors. They are Digital Light Processing Projector (DLP), Liquid Crystal Display Projector (LCD), Light Emitting Diode Projector (LED), and Liquid Crystal on Silicon Projector (LCOS). LCD and LED projectors are commonly in use today. Thus, LCD projector screens and LED projector screens are in greater demand.

There are two types of screens. They are Fixed Frame Screens and Retractable Screens. As the name says, a fixed frame screen is a screen fixed on the wall and requires a large section of empty walls permanently. Retractable screens can be pulled down or rolled up when we don’t have their use.

Screen Size as per Your Need

The primary thought that we need to put in before buying the projector screen is the screen size. We need to check on the primary factor before deciding the screen’s size is the space available to put up the projector screen. Next is the screen must be a few feet above the floor for a natural viewing angle. The screen size must fall within the projector specification that you own. Otherwise, the resolution tampers. Another thought to be considered is the distance from the screen to view. It shouldn’t be either too close or too far that we don’t get to see the picture quality perfectly.

What is Screen Gain?

When you buy a projector screen, you need to be aware of the term “GAIN.” Screen gain is nothing but the amount of light that is reflected in the audience. Different screen coatings lead to differences in screen gains. There is one drawback of a higher gain. Higher the gain, it may suffer from hot-spotting where a part of the screen might be noticeably brighter than the rest. This is because the light reflected is much narrower and results in better views for the audience who sit directly in front of the screen than other angles.

Portable Projector Screens: Mounted screens have a lengthy installation process; spaces’ structure might disrupt the design of your home or office spaces. Whereas portable screens help you ignore that installation worries. You can simply carry them where you need them and place them ready to suit your task. Mounted screens cannot be moved as per our necessity, but portable projector screens can. There are also table-top projector screens available.

Top Brands: We need to buy such screens from trusted brands with well-known models of screens by LG: Logic Classic 84inch/100inch/120inch, Logic Spectra Pro 93inch/109inch/123inch, Logic Classic 120inch, Logic Classic 84inch, Logic SP109, or by brand Punnkk: E7 100inch, I7 100inch, E8 120inch, E6 84inch, I6 84inch, or by Egate brand: PS164, PS175, PS186, PS064, and PS075.

Projector Screen - Price Range

Projector ScreenMin PriceMax Price
Egate Projector Screen₹819₹2559
Punnkk Projector Screen₹1999₹7479
True Vision Projector Screen₹3700₹139129
Logic Projector Screen₹2669₹17523
This data was last updated on 10/4/22.