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Scissors are the most common things that are found in every household and workspace. Scissors help in lots of daily tasks. Be it clothing and stitching, craft and DIY making, or normal art class. Scissors are always handy and helpful. Wanna know some of the interesting uses of scissors and different types of them? We got you!

Interesting Uses of Scissors in Daily Life

Cutting fabric pieces: As much as a needle is important in the sewing profession. Scissors are equally important as well. You can’t get to tear the perfect shapes of fabric without a pair of scissors. Tailors always have fabric scissors with them that easily cuts through the fabric.

Gardening: Do you have a garden on your balcony or in lawn space? Well, then you surely need a pair of garden scissors to trim the excess leaves and branches. Scissors are often used to cut flowers that have spines on their branches like roses.

Crafts and DIYs for kids and adults: Be it a toddler or fully mature adult. Creating DIYs and building craft models can never be boring. And scissors are the integral items in the craft and DIY supplies list. You can cut desired shapes and stripes using crafts scissors.

Kitchen scissors: You can do so many wonders in the kitchen using kitchen scissors. Wanna cut those grapes bunches easily? Grab your kitchen scissors folks. Cutting dry fruits and nuts with knives is risky and cumbersome. Replace those knives with scissors! Slice your pizzas, cut your herbs, chop off the canned tomatoes.

Essential in first-aid kits: In medical emergencies, we always require a first-aid kit handy. No first-aid box is complete without a pair of scissors.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying Scissors Online

Size: If you intend to buy a scissor for young ones then get them craft scissors. These scissors are safe to use and don’t have many sharp edges. However, if you are a tailor or own a boutique you will need sewing scissors. Also, look for a scissor that fits easily in your hand, or else you might hurt your fingers.

Build: A craft scissor is meant to cut paper hence it has smoother edges. But a kitchen scissor needs to be washed and cleaned. Hence, you will need a scissor with a stainless steel finish. Also, the edges should be sharp enough to cut meat pieces easily.

Is it Safe to handle: Often your kids or younger members of your family might touch scissors and get themselves into a mess. To avoid this get regular scissors with proper size and blades.

Get the Best Scissors as per Your Need

Here you will find a wide range of scissors to choose from. Be it sewing scissors or kitchen scissors, craft scissors, garden scissors, or fabric scissors, Moglix has them all. Browse through the biggest scissors collection online only at our online store and grab the best deals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Scissors

What are the typical uses for scissors?

A pair of scissors is an essential piece of stationery. This small instrument can be used to cut paper, cardboard, aluminum foil, cloth, rope, and wire, among other thin materials.

Why are rounded tip scissors safer?

As the name implies, the ends of rounded tip scissors are blunt. These scissors contain a sharp blade that performs the same functions as regular scissors, but the blunt ends ensure that no one is injured.

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