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Projectors: A Smart Way for a Big Screen View

A projector is regarded as an optical gadget that helps to project any particular image or video on the projector screen. With the projectors, it is easy to capture a large screen view or watch any movie. In the projectors, the image or video comes on the screen with a shining light that passes through a tiny translucent lens. Although, many advanced projectors simplify this process by using lasers to show the image on the projector screen directly. When looking for a home-based work, an LCD/LED projector is an excellent choice.

What are the different Types of Projectors?

LCD Projectors

It is the latest type of projector which is suitable for home theatre, school, or office purposes. It uses an LCD technology, which helps to show videos and images in a liquid crystal display. In the LCD projectors, the light is passed from a metal-halide lamp through a prism which separates the light into three panels to display images.

PICO or Mini Projectors

The mini projectors are also known as ultra-portable projectors. These are pocket-friendly suitable for laptops or any other device. It uses a solid light source instead of relying on conventional lamp technology.

DLP Projectors

Digital light passing projectors come with either one or three chips. In every single chip, there are millions of mirrors present, which helps to reflect the light several times.

LED Projectors

The LED projection technology is usually present in PICO projectors. When comparing with the traditional lamp projectors, LED projectors come with a longer life span.

Video Projectors

The video projector is categorized as an image projector which received a signal and uses a lens to project the image on the screen.

Short Throw Projectors

It is a suitable product which can be used in the applications where the projector screen and wall distance is kept a minimum.

Laser Projectors

Laser projectors use laser beams to project on the screen in order to create an image which keeps on moving for entertainment purpose. The laser projector housing contains mirrors, galvanometer scanners, lasers, and so on.

What should be the correct distance between the projection screen and the wall?

For an excellent view, it is good to keep a distance of 12 to 12 feet and also ensure a good sound system surrounding for the best theatre experience.

How are Android type projectors different from that of Miracast types?

In Miracast, you can easily connect the mobile screen and in the Android system, there is an operating system.