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Wheelchairs: A Boon for Sick and Disabled People

The wheelchair is among the most frequent adaptive equipment used to boost mobility and enhance the quality of life for persons with difficulty walking. Wheelchair mode allows wheelchair users to educate, work, participate in social activities, and access information such as healthcare. Aside from providing mobility, a proper lightweight wheelchair enhances the users' physical health and quality of life by reducing common issues such as bed sores and deformities and improving breathing and digestion.

Manual wheelchairs are lightweight wheelchairs in comparison with electric ones and require actual force to move. However, they can typically be modified to use as little energy as possible. Because huge battery packs power their motors, electric wheelchairs are heavier. Wheel chairs must be modified to meet the demands of their users. They are pricey, ranging from several hundred bucks to the price of a new car because Medicare or Medicaid funds many wheelchair expenditures; the information below primarily applies to these programs and may differ for private insurance providers.

Different Types of Wheelchairs Out In The Market

Foldable Wheelchairs - Persons with less complex demands typically utilize foldable wheelchairs. At the same time, non-folding chairs are more likely to be powered or used to offer much higher ergonomic support, for instance. Although generalizing, foldable wheelchairs are frequently used by people who need convenience and flexibility while maintaining their autonomy and participation in an activity. Users have strong core muscles, do not require recline or tilt-in-space functions, and are unlikely to have high healthcare costs.

Electric Wheelchair - An engine and battery power electric wheelchair. They are advanced. They are controlled by a gamepad or push buttons. Some motorized wheelchairs employ cutting-edge technologies to climb stairs, glide on gravel, and even elevate up to reach the highest shelf. Because electric wheelchairs require sturdy frames to hold the engine and batteries, they are both expensive and heavy.

Manual Wheelchairs - Wheelchairs that are controlled by the user's hands are known as manual wheelchairs. The user moves the wheelchair forwards, backward, and swivels by grasping the handle around the tires. Manual wheel chairs can also be pushed by anyone standing behind the person in a wheelchair. As a result, manual chairs feature handles behind the back. There are various types of manual wheelchairs to emphasize different uses. When transitioning from a chair to a car, compact and foldable chairs, for example, are often more convenient. Heavy-duty chairs, on the other hand, can support more load and are often more durable.

Wheelchairs with commodes - Wheelchairs with commodes are portable toilets intended to be placed in the bedroom of a disabled person whose activity is severely restricted. They are usually made of a framework and a trash receptacle that is easily undone and cleaned. Having such technology on hand is especially beneficial for individuals who are unable to make the trek to the bathroom. Wheelchairs with a commode can also be converted into ordinary wheelchairs by attaching a lovely removable cushions seat to the commode seat and transforming it into a standard wheelchair.


Factors to be considered before Purchasing Wheel chair 

Medical Needs - Using the wheelchair is another essential factor to consider; this may be related to your endurance and strength, which may rule out the manual or electric choices. People with disability or mutilation will have different demands than others who use wheelchairs regarding poor balance and accident risk. 

Size - When choosing a chair, make sure it fits you well. It can be unpleasant if the wheelchair is too tiny. You may fall and slip out if it is too large. The appropriate chair size is determined by age, height, and weight. Custom-made chairs for toddlers and adults are offered in various sizes and shapes. Remember that multiple wheel chairs have varying weight constraints, so double-check such limits when purchasing.

Portability - The simplicity of storage and transportation for your wheelchair is among the most significant elements. It must fit inside your vehicle and be light sufficient so that you can lift and fold it. If you use the chair occasionally, you'll need a place to store it when it's not in use.

Sturdy Wheels - The wheelchair you select should have sturdy wheels that may be used on various surfaces. Look for tyres that require less care and are inexpensive to fix, such as foam-filled tyres. If you reside in a location with brutal winters or in a house with slippery roads, you should choose a wheelchair with great traction wheels.

Top Brands Selling Wheelchairs at Lowest Price

Karma Wheel chairs - Karma is a global wheelchair manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in large-voltage and ultra-lightweight wheelchairs. Karma aims to instill positive energy in all Karma wheelchair clients' lives. They understand that losing mobility is a terrible life issue, but they will overcome our obstacles if we strive and convey positive energy. Karma thinks that hard work and a positive attitude will bring good fortune.

Entros Wheelchairs - Entros Wheelchairs, created in 2018, manufactures various Bi-Pap & Cpap equipment and patient wheelchairs. They make these things with high-quality raw materials sourced from recognized market vendors. Their wheel chairs with commode are known for their quality. 


Easycare Wheelchairs - Easycare is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of hospital devices, healthcare products, and rehabilitation services. They have increased its ability to supply premium quality things from the entrance to high-end for its consumer by staying current with industry development, modernization, and technological improvement. They produce over 200 items in the transportation field, home care, medical tools, and foldable wheelchairs at their innovation and research center in Germany.

Wellton Healthcare Wheelchairs - Wellton is a reputable manufacturer and trader of several sorts of wheelchairs. They offer high-quality bedside screens, medical tables, medical beds, and a variety of other items of furniture.


Choose Moglix for Low-Cost and High-Quality Wheelchairs!

When buying electric wheelchairs and wheel chair for patients, you should always choose original quality equipment from reputed manufacturers. These wheelchairs can be purchased online and supplied to your house in days. The best part about buying them online is that you may receive fantastic discounts and offers. Even if you reside in a rural place, Moglix allows you to purchase lesser-known vital goods directly. You may compare several brands and pricing to choose the best purchasing selection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wheelchairs

What are motorized wheelchairs?

It's a wheelchair that is propelled by means of an electric motor rather than manual power.

What are the types of wheelchairs?

There are various types of mobile as well as fixed wheel chairs. Foldable wheel chairs with mag wheels are operated by hand in a economy price range. Power wheel chair makes life easiest of all while price is on the higher side. Reclining wheelchair can be used to keep the body in a relaxed position in mobility. Commode chairs comes in two types: Fixed Commode chairs & commode chairs with wheels as per the needs of the buyer.

What are standing wheelchairs?

Standing wheel chair lets the user control the chair frame to be in a sitting position or a standing position as per the need of the moment. This change of position is in-built technology enabled for this type of wheel-chair. The user can reach objects, talk to people standing, reach eye level with others using this assistive wheel chair.

What are foldable wheelchairs?

Foldable wheel-chairs has four wheels, two small wheels at the front and two large wheels at the back. Basic Folable wheel-chairs are light-weight, easily transportable, comes in economy price range and are most bought.

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Tynor Wheelchairs₹2280₹2812
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