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Wheelchairs: A Boon for Sick and Disabled People

A wheelchair is one of the most widely used assistive equipment for people who have difficulty walking to enable mobility and improve their quality of life. It is a blessing to them to move around. Wheelchair mobility allows wheelchair users to study, work, participate in social events, and access healthcare services. In addition to offering mobility, a proper wheelchair enhances the users' physical health and quality of life by decreasing frequent problems such as pressure sores, deformity progression, and improving breathing and digestion.

Types of Wheelchairs

Some of the variants available online are as follows:

Electric Wheelchairs: An electric wheelchair, sometimes known as a powered wheelchair, is distinguished by its design, incorporating an electric motor to improve movement. They are known for the following features:

  • --> They're built on a Split Frame Chassis.

  • --> They have an Automated Wheelbase Adjuster built-in.

  • --> They have a three-minute auto-shutoff feature.

  • --> They also have a Joystick Control Unit with Five Speed Selectors and Adjustable Length.

  • --> Foldable Height and Angle Adjustable Footrest is a feature of these chairs.

  • --> They also include armrests that may be adjusted in height and width.

  • --> Premium Bucket Seats and Premium Body Panels are used in their construction.

  • --> They are capable of driving at night.

  • --> Their Permissible Gradeability temperature is 12 degrees Celsius.

The significant benefits of these automatic wheelchairs are:

  • --> These chairs are adaptable to the severity of any disability and have an easy-to-use joystick for comfortable control development. Many variations are available for stature, tilt, lean back, and legroom.

  • --> They can be used both inside and outside, providing continuous assistance to those who require it throughout the day. These chairs also have a narrow turning radius, making them ideal for arranging smaller rooms.

  • --> Because they are light, they are easy to maneuver in the vehicle.

  • --> Since the center of gravity is much lower in an electric wheelchair, it is significantly less likely to flip over than a manual seat. As far as movement and bracing are concerned, unplanned movement is avoided.

Commode Wheelchair: The Commode wheelchair is a dual-purpose wheelchair used as a commode chair and a wheelchair. This feature is essential to users who find it difficult or impossible to sit in a fully upright position and also for the users who sleep in their chairs frequently. Individuals who are recovering from an injury or illness and cannot walk to the bathroom can use a commode chair as a second toilet.

Their unique features are as follows:

  • --> They're composed of a lightweight, foldable material that's perfect for everyday use.

  • --> They have premium welds that offer long-term durability.

  • --> They have locking unified brakes and a high reclining back.

  • --> They come with flat-free tyres that require less maintenance.

  • --> They are constructed with a high-quality chromed frame.

  • --> They're made with long-lasting upholstery for a smooth ride.

Major benefits are as follows:

  • --> They provide support for people who have trouble standing or moving around in the bathroom.

  • --> Shower commodes provide a safe, seated position for showering and toileting, reducing the danger of slips and falls associated with regular bathroom procedures.

  • --> Mobility aids, particularly a shower commode, can assist their user in reclaiming some of their independence. It provides robust support that can be moved around the bathroom, allowing you to bathe and finish the privy tasks with minimal assistance.

  • --> Showering and personal care with your shower commode is a simple and sanitary alternative.

  • --> Most shower commodes are about the size of a conventional chair and may be easily transported in the boot of a car and hauled out as needed.

Wheelchair for Office: Wheelchairs for offices can be selected based on a person's requirements, convenience, and financial constraints. A pushchair or a manual pushing wheelchair will be less expensive than an electronic or automatic chair. The automatic ones allow the sick or disabled to remain self-sufficient. This may be a positive component at work, but it can be problematic in several other contexts. As a result, the decision to use an office wheelchair is entirely a personal choice.

Why Buy Wheelchairs Online at Moglix

If you're seeking dependable and long-lasting wheelchairs, look through the e-stores for various options that might match your needs. Filter the characteristics you require and the price range your budget dictates, then perform a quick search. Online products are usually safe and trusted because they are of high quality. These pushchairs or automatic chairs are available from top manufacturers such as Karma, Entros, Easycare, KosmoCare, and many others at affordable costs. Now is the time to shop so you can live a little more comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wheelchairs

What are motorized wheelchairs?

It's a wheelchair that is propelled by means of an electric motor rather than manual power.

What are the types of wheelchairs?

There are various types of mobile as well as fixed wheel chairs. Foldable wheel chairs with mag wheels are operated by hand in a economy price range. Power wheel chair makes life easiest of all while price is on the higher side. Reclining wheelchair can be used to keep the body in a relaxed position in mobility. Commode chairs comes in two types: Fixed Commode chairs & commode chairs with wheels as per the needs of the buyer.

What are standing wheelchairs?

Standing wheel chair lets the user control the chair frame to be in a sitting position or a standing position as per the need of the moment. This change of position is in-built technology enabled for this type of wheel-chair. The user can reach objects, talk to people standing, reach eye level with others using this assistive wheel chair.

What are foldable wheelchairs?

Foldable wheel-chairs has four wheels, two small wheels at the front and two large wheels at the back. Basic Folable wheel-chairs are light-weight, easily transportable, comes in economy price range and are most bought.

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