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Medical Beds

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Medical Examination Beds for Comfortable and Speedy Recovery of Patients

The medical equipment and outstretched hospital beds are the first things that come to mind when people think of a hospital. Hospitals save many lives, even though it is a frightening thought. Patients trust hospital treatment and are admitted when they are sick, faint, undergoing surgery, or experiencing medical emergencies. Sometimes it takes days or weeks to heal, and this is when medical beds prove helpful.

Types of Hospital Beds and Their Attributes

For the comfort and demands of the patient, patient beds can be adjusted in height and by raising the head and lowering the lower body parts in a resting position. People who cannot move around or spend most of their time in bed may require medical beds with more configurations and alternatives to avoid pressure sores. Medical beds are divided into three categories: manual, semi-electric, and fully electric.

Manual: Hand cranks are made used to alter the height of the bed to lower or raise the foot and head of the bed. These are highly cost-effective beds and are ideal for people who don’t need regular repositioning. Hand cranks usually are placed near the foot or the bottom end of the bed and must be operated by someone who is physically capable.

Semi-electric: The head and foot components of the bed are raised and lowered using an electric motor. By pressing buttons on a hand device or a hand pendant, patients and carers can alter the positioning. The bed's height is manually adjusted with a hand crank, and it must be used by someone who is physically capable of doing so. Semi-electric beds in hospitals are perfect for people who don’t need frequent adjustments to their bed's height but like the convenience of touch-button positioning.

Fully Electric: The patient and caregiver control the height and placement of these beds with a hand pendant, eliminating the need for a hand crank. Patients can get out and in the bed more easily, and the bed can be raised to a convenient height for caregivers to attend to the needs of the patient or change sheets. Trendelenburg setting, reverse Trendelenburg, and the cardiac chair positions are frequently available on complete electric beds.

Trendelenburg position: When a patient is lying flat on their back, the bed deck and mattress are tilted so that their feet are 15 to 30 degrees higher than their head. Circulation may be improved by lying in the Trendelenburg position.

Reverse Trendelenburg position: The patient will have to lie flat on their back and then tilted. Hence, their head is raised 15 to 30 degrees higher than their feet in the reverse Trendelenburg posture. This position will aid in breathing and pressure reduction.

Cardiac chairs: These chairs were initially created to assist persons recovering from heart surgery or respiratory ailments. According to studies, heart surgery patients who spend a portion of the day in an upright, seated position but must achieve that position slowly and with the least amount of movement recover better. In a seated position, patients can breathe more efficiently, and their circulation may improve. Cardiac chairs transform from a flat to a seated posture with minimal movement to the patient and at a speed that the patient or caregiver controls. If this position is accessible on a hospital bed, it signifies that the bed can reach an upright, seated position in the same way.

Major Features Needed In ICU Beds

In an ICU situation, various qualities and functionalities are critical. As a result, the majority of ICU beds will include the following four features:

The majority of intensive care doctors and nurses regard CPR release to be a need for ICU beds. At the touch of a button or lever, medical personnel can flatten the bed platform. This immediately generates the flat, firm surface needed to conduct CPR in an emergency (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

IV poles are used to safely hang fluids or medications supplied via a drip to a patient. They usually have two or four hooks, each of which can support a fluid container.

In ICUs, where patients frequently require many drugs simultaneously, having an IV pole with multiple hooks is advantageous. Choosing an ICU bed with an IV pole makes it easier to relocate a patient in an emergency.

In ICUs, beds with removable heads and footboards that lock securely into place when not in use are frequently favored.

Controls for electric hospital beds come in a variety of configurations. Some side rails have a patient handset or patient controls built-in. Others include a nurse control handset, or nursing controls integrated into the footboard's base. On a single bed, a variety of controls are frequently accessible. When the sufferers are unable to call for assistance, this is required.

Best Brands for Medical Beds Available at Moglix

Sangai: The company was started with a vision to supply impeccable quality surgical equipment to a wide spectrum of customers. Their hospital medical beds are very comfortable and very reliable.

Aar Kay: Aar Kay is a very well-known brand for various medical supplies. They have a vast range of hospital beds that are available with great reliability and a great price.

PMPS: PMPS is a popular brand when it comes to buying one of the best medical supplies. Buy the best range of hospital beds from this brand which is trustworthy and durable too.

Why Buy Hospital Beds Online from Moglix

Hospitals are not complete without patient beds. And it is best to check out e-stores for the beds that will benefit in an overall manner. You can find these medical beds from top brands like Surgihub, PMPS, Aar Kay, Acme, and many more. Choose the payment mode that suits you best and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Beds

What are the different types of Hospital beds?

Electric Beds, manual sickbeds, household nursing beds, and multi-functional turning care beds

Where can I buy the best medical hospital bed online?

You can buy hospital beds online from websites selling Medical supplies.

What are the types of Hospital Beds?

1. Full-Fowler Bed. 2. Semi-Fowler Bed. 3.Plain Bed/Attendant Bed. 4. Bed-Chair Convertible 5. ICU Bed 6. Pediatric Bed

Which is the best hospital bed for home?

Remote controlled recliner bed is a space efficient modern day hospital bed. This type of bed consists of a metallic frame, which enables it to be adjusted from low lying position to upright sitting position. Mostly it also comes with a remote to control the inclination of the bed.

What is the ideal size of a hospital bed?

Length - 200 cm, Width - 90 cm and Height - 60 cm

Medical Beds - Price Range

Medical BedsMin PriceMax Price
Wellton Healthcare Medical Beds₹7299₹123900
Aar Kay Medical Beds₹8994₹159019
Surgihub Medical Beds₹6999₹92314
PMPS Medical Beds₹7852₹121075
Bed Type - Attendant Bed Medical Beds₹4873₹23624
Bed Type - Delivery Bed Medical Beds₹19493₹158955
Bed Type - Electrical Bed Medical Beds₹25497₹118300
Bed Type - Fowler Bed Medical Beds₹8553₹65419
This data was last updated on 10/6/22.