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Medical Beds

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Buy Top Quality Hospital Bed At Wholesale Prices

WHO defines a hospital bed as a bed that is consistently held and staffed for the lodging and full-time care of the succession of hospitalized patients and is located inwards or a portion of the hospital where inpatients receive continuous medical care. Supplied. The total number of such beds represents the typically available bed complement of the hospital.


A hospital bed, sometimes known as a hospital cot, is a bed that is specifically constructed for hospitalized patients or those who require medical attention. These beds contain particular characteristics for the patient's comfort and well-being and the ease of health care staff.


Variety Of Medical Beds Out In The Market

Semi-electric - An electric motor elevates and lowers the bed's head and foot components. Patients and caregivers can change their positioning by pushing buttons on the hand gadget or a hand pendant. The height of the bed is adjusted manually using a hand crank, which must be utilised by an individual who is physically competent in doing so. Semi-electric hospital beds are ideal for patients who do not require periodic modifications to their bed's elevation but want the ease of touch-button placement.


Cardiac chairs - Such chairs were first developed to help people heal from surgical intervention or breathing problems. Studies show that cardiac surgical treatment who spend a part of the day sitting up straight but must do it gently with the lowest amount of motion recover more quickly. Clients can breathe more efficiently, and their circulation might increase while sitting. Cardiac chairs can be adjusted so that they go from a flat position to a sitting position quickly and with little effort from the patient. A hospital bed can accommodate this posture and adjust to an upright, sitting position.


Manual - Hand cranks are used to change the height of a bed, lowering or raising the foot or head of the bed. These low-cost beds are appropriate for persons who do not require frequent repositioning. Hand cranks are often located around the foot or bottom ends of the bed and must be operated by a physically capable individual.


Fully Electric - A hand pendant allows the patient & caregiver to regulate the height and location of these beds, eliminating the necessity for a manual crank. Clients can get out of and into bed more simply, and the bed may be elevated to a comfortable height for carers to respond to the patient's requirements or change linens. Complete electric beds usually have Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, and cardiac chair configurations.


Factors to consider when choosing a patient bed

Long-Term vs Short-Term - Patients must first decide if they require a hospital bed for the short or long term. Assume a patient has been bedridden for a lengthy period or spent over 15 hours daily in bed. A full electric hospital bed is the finest choice for long-term durability and comfort. On the other hand, semi-electric and manual beds are better suited for short-term use.


Patient Mobility - Patient mobility considerably influences the type of patient bed for home/hospital selected by the user. A fully adjustable bed is ideal for shaky individuals with balance disorders who cannot move without help. On the other hand, a manually adjustable bed might be more cost-effective for a person who does not have mobility limitations.


Patient Dimensions and Weight - Weight capacity is important when selecting a medical bed for a home. Patient beds for home come in various forms to accommodate patients of different ages. A bariatric bed, for example, is broader than a conventional bed and hence more comfy for heavier users. At the same time, young patients and newborns will be more secure and at ease on a child-sized bed.


Optional Side Rails and Grab Bars - A hospital bed frame's side rails prevent patients from slipping out of the beds, support when repositioning, and assist the patient in transferring into or out of bed.


Options for Headboard and Footboard - Hospital bed feet and headboards come in various designs and finish colors to complement any décor. If required, the head & footboards must be firmly attached to the bed so that an overhead trapeze aid bar can be employed. The footboard can also hold pumps for foam mattresses or venous treatment.

Top Brands Offering hospital bed

Wellton Healthcare - It has experience in various fields, including Medical Furnishings. Customer experience has taken on a very crucial role with the rise of neuroscientific medical facilities and services. Healthcare management that works hard to beat rivals must be top quality per the patient. Additionally, the centerpiece of their setup is cosy, stylish furnishings. After all, a well-equipped home offers sick people peace and comfort!


Wellsure Healthcare and Hospital Beds - Wellsure Healthcare Company Limited was established on February 11, 2022, and is a private company. Its paid-up capital is Rs. 10,000, while its authorised capital is Rs. 100,000. It is involved in producing medical devices, tools and equipment for testing, measuring, navigation, and other uses other than optical devices.


PMPS Patient Bed and Medical Supplies  - PMPS is a well-known brand when looking for the best medical supplies. Purchase the most outstanding selection of beds from this reputable and long-lasting company. They provide high-quality medical beds that are perfectly enough.


Aar Kay Medical Supplies and Hospital Bed - Aar Kay is a well-known name in the medical supply industry. They feature a wide selection of medical beds that are affordable and very reliable. They are crucial in producing and providing our esteemed clients with a vast selection of Healthcare Beds. High-quality steel tubes on PVC stumps create this range of beds.


Sangai Hospital Bed and Surgical Equipment - Their first goal was to provide a broad range of consumers with surgical equipment of the highest calibre.


Within a short period after being established, they have persuaded all Indian clients of their performance and cemented their position as the most aggressive manufacturer and seller of surgical tables, lights, and hospital furniture.


When the business was founded, its goal was to provide a broad range of consumers with surgical equipment of the highest calibre. Their hospital beds are incredibly dependable and comfy.

Why Moglix Is Best To Choose Medical Bed For Home/Hospital

Without patient beds, hospitals are incomplete. And it is recommended to look at online retailers for beds that will benefit you in the long run. These medical beds are available from leading manufacturers such as Surgihub, PMPS, Aar Kay, Acme, and numerous others. Choose your preferred payment method and have them shipped to your home. makes things very simple for you whenever you need them. We provide complete information about hospital furniture so that customers can make an educated decision when selecting the finest furniture for themselves. Visit Moglix for an unforgettable shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Beds

What are the different types of Hospital beds?

Electric Beds, manual sickbeds, household nursing beds, and multi-functional turning care beds

Where can I buy the best medical hospital bed online?

You can buy hospital beds online from websites selling Medical supplies.

What are the types of Hospital Beds?

1. Full-Fowler Bed. 2. Semi-Fowler Bed. 3.Plain Bed/Attendant Bed. 4. Bed-Chair Convertible 5. ICU Bed 6. Pediatric Bed

Which is the best hospital bed for home?

Remote controlled recliner bed is a space efficient modern day hospital bed. This type of bed consists of a metallic frame, which enables it to be adjusted from low lying position to upright sitting position. Mostly it also comes with a remote to control the inclination of the bed.

What is the ideal size of a hospital bed?

Length - 200 cm, Width - 90 cm and Height - 60 cm

Medical Beds - Price Range

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