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Hospital Trolleys

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Hospital Trolleys To Move The Equipment With Ease and Safety

Patient care in hospitals requires a lot more than just medical attention. It requires quick and efficient responses to medical emergencies in the most effective way possible. It is one thing to have doctors and nurses on call, but if the right type of medical equipment is not available as and when required, the situation can get out of hand very fast.

One of the most essential pieces of equipment to avoid the distress of this nature is hospital trolleys. These are transport equipment that can be used to move around objects or patients within a hospital setting. Medical personnel may use these trolleys to carry surgical equipment, medical devices, or even patients from one place to another in hospitals.

The type of trolley to be used in a given situation depends on the function responsible for and the type of load it carries. The types of medical trolleys include the following:

First Aid With A Patient Stretcher Trolley

A patient stretcher trolley (often called a gurney or a pram) is a type of medical trolley that is used to carry patients from one place to another. These trolleys are often used in outdoor settings where patients must be extracted from a site, placed into an ambulance, and delivered to a hospital thereafter. These types of trolleys are often equipped with frames that can vary in height depending on the requirement of the situation and wheels which have a large amount of traction to prevent skidding during transport. They are also used to carry patients who cannot move around by themselves but may not necessarily be in a state of a medical emergency.

Managing Equipment With a Hospital Dressing Trolley

A dressing is a sterile covering or a compressive pad that is applied over a fresh, clean wound to promote fast healing and prevent external infections. The equipment used for such processes must be sterile in themselves and should not be prone to external contamination. Therefore, the transport of this equipment from place to place within a hospital is governed by a hospital dressing trolley. These trolleys are maintained under very sterile conditions and are available in large numbers to move these types of dressing equipment from storage to the patient in a dressing room quickly and safely.

Quick Medicare With a Patient Transfer Trolley

A patient transfer trolley is very similar in nature to a stretcher. However, these trolleys are mainly tasked with moving patients from room to room within the hospital and are not used in outdoor settings. The main functions of these trolleys include moving patients from the resting room to an examination room, moving patients from the resting room to a large medical facility such as an MRI machine, moving patients from their resting room to an operating theatre, and so on.

Additional Services With a Hospital Food Trolley

Under the set of available non-medical services, a hospital food trolley carries out one of the most common tasks. It is responsible for carrying food from the kitchen to patient rooms and doctor’s cabins. These trolleys are not specially designed by any means. But they typically have multiple layers available to carry a large number of meal boxes simultaneously.

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