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Equip Yourself with the Best Doctor Stethoscopes from Moglix

Whether you are a medical student, a nurse, or a seasoned practitioner, the quality of the stethoscope you use will significantly impact your practice. Your stethoscope must be efficient, high-performing, and entirely dependable so that you can diagnose the patient correctly. That is why picking the right stethoscope is so important. Moglix offers medically certified doctor stethoscopes from top brands like Dr. Morepen, Littmann, Ozocheck, and more at incomparable prices.

What are the Different Types of Medical Stethoscopes?

Pediatric stethoscope: It looks like a regular stethoscope, but its color and chest component scale set it apart. A pediatric stethoscope has a tiny section of the chest that can be placed more precisely. Its color variation has the added benefit of appearing to be a toy, which can be used to test an infant who might be scared.

Electronic stethoscope: These stethoscopes are designed to help people with hearing problems by mechanically amplifying the sound produced from the chest component and translating it into electric waves, which are then distributed into other circuits and evaluated for better listening. Due to this characteristic, it gives a broader spectrum of sound frequencies than ordinary acoustic stethoscopes. With electronic stethoscopes, medical professionals can hear considerably better than with regular acoustic stethoscopes.

Digital stethoscope: These stethoscopes allow you to switch between digital and analog amplification. This switching function enables the detection of various diagnostic sounds. These stethoscopes are designed to transfer such recordings to other smart devices wirelessly. These stethoscopes often use rechargeable batteries as a power source.

Multimedia keyboards: This is one of the most common keyboard designs. It's a keyboard with multimedia buttons that allow you to control your media with only one tap. A multimedia keyboard typically has extra buttons or keys such as play, pause, stop, next, previous, volume up, volume down, mute, and a unique button to open your PC's default music player.

Neonatal stethoscope: This is the smallest stethoscope available, which is typically used on newborn babies. It has the smallest diameter, around 2 cm, and performs very detailed auscultation without disturbing the surrounding noise. These contain a non-latex covering and a non-chill ring to prevent allergic reactions. Its compact chest piece ensures an accurate diagnostic without harming the newborn.

Check the following Components While Buying a Stethoscope

Chest piece: Choose a chest piece made of a high-density material such as steel or titanium. When compared to conductive metals such as aluminum, these hard and heavy components conduct sound better. The chest piece must be polished from both the exterior and the interior, to avoid sound absorption.

Headset: An ideal stethoscope should have a headset made of the same material that has been used to make the chest piece. The headset should be placed at a 15-degree angle. The chest piece's acoustics must be amplified, and the sound must be sent to the headpiece.

Diaphragm: This should be made of high-quality materials that are usually long-lasting.

Tubing: To separate other noises and enhance the required sound, the tubing of a stethoscope should be made of robust, long-lasting material. Long-wired stethoscopes should be avoided because they disrupt the transmission of sound beats. Even if you must use long tubing, ensure that the wires are thick enough

Ear tips: These should be easily fit in your ear to help filter unwanted sounds.

Stem: A standard stethoscope has a durable stem made of the same material as the chest piece and headset.

Buy the Best Brands of Stethoscope Online at Moglix

CardiacCheck: offers some of the best doctor stethoscopes which are reliable and durable. You can buy the best CardiacCheck stethoscopes online at at a very reasonable price.

Dr. Morepen is one of the top brands when it comes to medical instruments. You can rely on its digital stethoscope.

Vkare is a leading brand in the manufacturing of diagnostic instruments. You can buy the best Vkare stethoscopes online at at the best price.

Buy Doctor Stethoscope at the Lowest Price in India

Whether you are a medical student, a qualified medical professional, or a medical care facility, you can buy high-quality and clinically approved stethoscopes and other medical supplies online from Moglix in both large and small quantities. To get the best and most reliable stethoscopes online from Moglix at a wholesale rate, visit our website today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stethoscope

How to use a stethoscope?

The Eartips of the stethoscopes is kept in the ear of the physician or caretaker. The diaphragm part of the stethoscopes is pressed against the chest of the patient. The sound travels via the hollow tubing to the ear tips of the measurer.

How long does a stethoscope works without failure?

It is recommended to replace Stethoscopes every two years for optimal performance and accuracy.

What points should be considered before buying a good stethoscope?

Parts of the stethoscopes are major selection criteria among the buyers. The fit of the earpieces for the measurer, Length of the tube to ensure personal space distance between the patient and the physician. 27 Inches is a good length to consider. The quality of the Bell determines the accuracy of the readings. The Brand and price range is also a major deciding factor. Most importantly, the type of user. For a clinician, a simple stethoscope will do, but a professional cardiologist will need an advanced device to pick-up higher frequencies and for higher accuracy.

Can a stethoscope break?

Over time the tubings of the stethoscopes get stiff and hard since it's mostly made with PVC plastic. The tubes might also collect dust and debris over time and disables accurate measurements. Then it's recommended to buy a new stethoscope.

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Littmann Stethoscope₹10699₹15659
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