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Purchase High Quality Glucometers At Affordable Prices


Diabetes is one of the common chronic health conditions witnessed in all age groups, extending from newborn babies to older men. A glucometer or sugar testing machine is mandatory at home to ace this problem. As the name suggests, a glucometer or a sugar testing kit is a medical device that helps determine the blood sugar level. This medical supply is readily available in the market and can also be used at home. You only need to obtain a small drop of blood simply by pricking the skin with a lancet device and placing that on a disposable strip. The glucometer machine reads this disposable test strip and measures blood sugar/ glucose level. These glucometers display the results or sugar level in the units of mg/dL or mmol/L.  



Different Types of Glucometer Machines Available in the Market 



There are a variety of sugar test kits available in the market depending on the design, model, colour, etc. 

One Touch Glucometers: These are one of the highly preferred glucometers used for conducting over 500 tests. These comprise glucometer test strips and an ultra-easy one-touch monitor ideal for taking quantitative measurements of blood glucose/ sugar levels by taking fresh samples from fingertips. 

Individual Foiled Wrapped Strips: one of the quickest responding sugar test kits, individual foiled wrapped strips consists of small sample size and thus deliver results within 5 seconds. This sugar test machine is highly recommended due to minimised contamination and less influence from external factors. It also contains a trigger that helps ensure tests are conducted with a sufficient sample. Individual foiled-wrapped strips also comprise an alternative testing site, making it more convenient to use. 

Diabetes Home Testing Kits: These sugar testing kits are ideal to use at home for testing blood glucose and sugar levels. These are efficient for performing different kinds of blood sugar tests. 



Factors To Be Consider While Purchasing Glucometers



Accurate System: First, while buying a glucometer machine, you must check that the device is known for providing accurate results. This aspect is essential as the blood sugar or glucose level measurements are performed mainly by diabetic patients. These results determine the insulin dosage in the body to be taken. 

Durable: Durability is another major factor, as durable machines are well-known for providing accurate measurements for a long time. On average most glucometer comprises 25 strips, ensuring at least 24-25 test results. 

Easy to Operate: Easily operated glucometer machines are readily purchased by customers as these machines are ideal for being used at home. As sugar testing kits are used by people belonging to different age groups thus, it is highly recommended to check whether the machine is easy to operate or not, as this makes it convenient for usage. 

Light Weight: As mentioned above, being lightweight is a priority, same as being easy to operate. These types of glucometers are easily placed from one place to another. 

Latest Technology: As the market grows, it is extremely important to keep up with emerging technologies. Glucometers made with the latest technologies are known to provide better results than other sugar testing machines. 

Safe and No Coding: As glucometers are involved in testing blood, it is of utmost priority to ensure safety. The newest model machines are known to provide results with no coding method. Thus you are suggested to check no coding while purchasing glucometers. 



Different Brands That Offer Glucometers



Dr Morepan Glucometers: one of the leading brands, Dr Morepan Glucometers, are highly recommended for testing blood sugar levels. These are known for being highly reliable, sufficient strips, and easy to operate. Dr Morepan's sugar testing kits are manufactured with material sourced from reliable sources and are made with the help of the latest technologies. It requires majorly 0.5 microliters of blood and 5 seconds of measuring time. 

Accu-Chek Glucometers: Accu-Chek glucometers or sugar testing machines are known for measuring blood sugar levels accurately in every use. Its fast and hassle-free operation makes it ideal for usage by customers from every age group. Further, these are easy to use and don’t require coding for checking results by following a few steps at low prices. Accu-Chek Glucometers feature the most accurate system, smaller size, safety as well as convenience for all. 

Alere Glucometers: Alere glucometers are highly recognised brands for dealing with the newest technology glucometers. Alere Glucometers are made with advanced technologies and safe and convenient features to keep up with the latest market requirements. You are only required to press two buttons to check the results. 

Control D Glucometers: These sugar testing kits are majorly recommended for diabetes patients to measure blood glucose levels at home. These glucometer machines are 100% safe and show a re-dose option after every 8 seconds. Further, Control D Glucometer machines are also made small and lightweight, making them easy to operate. 

Johnson & Johnson Glucometers: Johnson & Johnson glucometers are one of the oldest glucometers manufacturers in India. These sugar test machines are updated from time to time to keep up with the evoking requirements of Indian customers. These machines are well-recognized as one of the most accurate systems. 



Why Purchase Glucometers at Moglix?



Moglix is a well-known e-commerce website that deals with numerous types of newest glucometers, sugar testing kits, diabetes testing machines, and much more. These products are sourced from reliable sources and are made with advanced technologies.  Moglix deals with numerous glucometers at very competitive prices per the client's requirements. Further, to get glucometers at affordable prices and ideal as per your requirements, place an order now and get your sugar testing kit delivered to your doorstep. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Glucometers

How reliable are Glucometer readings?

Fairly reliable. Of course, there could be a variation between Lab results and glucometer results, but it is not widely off the mark.

How to choose the right glucometer for home?

For those looking for a compact and discreet blood sugar monitor to tuck into their purse or pocket, the Dr. Morepen Gluco One Monitor is an excellent option. Its user-friendly, design includes an easy-to-read display with a simple three-step testing process.

What is the difference between lancing device & glucometer?

Lancing device is a blood-sampling device. It is an instrument equipped with a lancet. A glucose meter is a medical device for determining the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood.

How do I know if my Glucometer is accurate?

Check your blood sugar level and compare results from the lab tests. Results within 15 percent of the lab readings are considered accurate.

Glucometers - Price Range

GlucometersMin PriceMax Price
Dr. Morepen Glucometers₹201₹3399
Accu-Chek Glucometers₹568₹2079
Alere Glucometers₹449₹2269
Control D Glucometers₹109₹2549
Strips - 10 Glucometers₹462₹1249
Strips - 25 Glucometers₹319₹1599
Strips - 100 Glucometers₹819₹2648
Strips - 150 Glucometers₹1269₹2769
This data was last updated on 1/29/23.