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Neck Supports

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Relive from Neck Pain with Neck Support Band

Neck support braces have been used since the days of ancient Egypt and Greece. These bands are also known as cervical collars and are used to immobilize the head, relieve neck pain, and allow healing. When one gets a neck injury, these bands are the savior. There are some common uses of these neck supports:

  • --> The most common use of this neckband is relieving pain. It helps your neck to bear the weight of your head while the soft tissues in your neck have a chance to heal.

  • --> You can also use a neck brace after spinal neck surgery. This helps to keep your neck bones in line while you heal.

  • --> Neck support band can be used as a precautionary measure when you face a serious accident until the possible injuries can be evaluated.

Soft Neck Collar: Wear and Tear

If your doctor recommends using a neck brace, you will be given specific guidelines to follow such as:

  • --> It should be snug enough that you can’t move your head and chin should not slide inside the collar.

  • --> The lower edge of the neck brace should rest comfortably against your body.

  • --> Prevents the wall from any kind of damage.

  • --> Keep your beard or long hair outside the neck support band.

  • --> Keep your skin clean and dry under the brace.

  • --> After removing your neck band, clean it and always make sure that there are no signs of skin irritation.

Best Brands of Neck Support Bands Available at Moglix

Flamingo is a very well-known brand for neck support products. Their products are very comfortable and easy to wear.

Kawachi Group has since transformed to become one of the top brands. It was established in the year 1922. They manufacture great products that are affordable too.

Why Buy Cervical Support Pillow Online from Moglix?

Shop online for Neck Supports units by browsing through the extensive collection at The products featured on our website are from highly reputed brands as mentioned above. The collection consists of Samson CA-0104 Hard Adjustable Cervical Collar, Size: M, Turion RT06BL Cervical Pillow for Spondylitis Neck and Back Pain Support, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about Neck Supports

What are the different sizes of neck collars?

The normal cervical collars comes in these sizes>> Small: 3-3.5 Inches, 7.5-8.75 cm| Medium: 3.5-4 Inches, 8.75-10 cm| Large: 4-4.5 Inches, 10-11.25 cm| XL: 4.5-5 Inches, 11.25-12.5 cm. Neck support Braces come in the size of 30-35 cm (S), 35-40 cm (M), cm (L), 40-4545-50 cm (XL); Cervical Collar with adjustable height: S-XXL in same measurement range as normal cervical collars. Hard Collars come in the size of S-XXL in the same size measurement range as Neck support braces.

How to sleep while wearing a cervical collar?

While sleeping using a cervical collar, the body should be in a neutral position and not leaning to any side. The thinner the pillow, the more comfortable it is. The user must be careful to not sleep in a twisted position in bed.

Which is the best posture corector for neck pain?

Tynor Clavicle Brace with Velcro and Tynor Clavicle Brace with Buckle

Which are the best types of pillow for neck pain?

Tynor Universal Contoured Cervical Pillow and Tynor Regular Cervical Pillow

Neck Supports - Price Range

Neck SupportsMin PriceMax Price
Tynor Neck Supports₹184₹1988
Turion Neck Supports₹112₹448
Flamingo Neck Supports₹189₹1889
Dyna Neck Supports₹181₹986
This data was last updated on 2/1/23.