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Buy Specific Gravity Hydrometer Online at for reasonable rates

A hydrometer is an instrument made of glass, a cylindrical stem, and a bulb of mercury or lead. Using a hydrometer, one can find certain characteristics of liquids like their density, or its specific gravity, or the percentage of impurities within the liquid. At Moglix, you will find a wide range of brands that produce different types of hydrometer.

Different types or varieties of a Hydrometer

Lactometer: A lactometer is a type of hydrometer that is used to test milk in specific. However, this type of hydrometer does not reveal the composition of the milk but just the gravity.

Alcoholometer: As the name suggests, it is used to determine the alcoholic strength of liquids. This digital hydrometer is also known as the Proof and Tralles hydrometer. The approximate alcohol content is identified by comparing the reading of the liquid before and after fermentation.

Saccharometer: Invented by Thomas Thomason, this device determines the amount of sugar within a liquid. They are used by chefs, winemakers, and even brewers. The sugar level is determined using the principle of buoyancy. If the sugar content is denser, the bulb of mercury will float higher than it is otherwise.

Thermohydrometer is used to measure the density of petroleum products like fuel oils. The oils are placed with a temperature jacket while the thermohydrometer is placed behind it to measure the density.

Urinometer: Used for urinalysis, it measures the gravity or ratio of the solutes or waste to water. This analysis lets one know whether or not the person is well hydrated or not.

Other digital hydrometers like car hydrometer and hydrometer to measure the soil density are also available in the market.

Factors to Consider while Buying a Battery Gravity Meter online

Testing jars- Not all hydrometers come with testing jars but with the amount of movement and exposure that is present, the glass tends to break. So, it is extremely reasonable if the brand offers testing jars with no extra cost.

Quality- There is a high chance that it is of low quality and the glass can break which can be extremely dangerous. Buy a hydrometer that is sturdy and long-lasting. Ensure that it is stored in something solid so that it does not crack and break.

Consider the variety- Different hydrometers are designed for different purposes. Ensure you are using the right hydrometer to procure accurate answers or readings.

Buy Battery Gravity Meter from the Best Brands at Moglix

Moglix has a selection of the top brands producing hydrometers. They offer trustworthy, stable, high-quality digital hydrometers. We aim to provide excellent customer satisfaction and are considered to be the best online marketplace. We offer products from highly reputed brands like Bellstone, Tenmars, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hydrometers

What is unit of hydrometer?

A hydrometer is a tool used to measure the density or specific gravity of liquids, among other properties (weight per unit volume compared with water).

How accurate is a hydrometer?

A decent hydrometer accomplishes this. It could be the ideal instrument for keeping track of your salinity levels, with some models promising accuracy to 0.001 specific gravity units.

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