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Buy Pressure Meters Online at Best Price in India

A pressure meter is a measuring instrument that helps in measuring high pressure, non-corrosive air, or gas. In simple words, pressure meters are used to determine the pressure of air, gases, or liquids. The meters measure in PSI (pounds per square inch).

These pressure meters are also known as manometers. Most of the devices use atmospheric pressure for reference. However, there are a few devices that use vacuum as a reference point.

Various applications of Pressure Meters

  • --> These device helps in flue draught measurement

  • --> It helps in measuring gas pressure in heating appliances.

  • --> It is also used in air conditioning ducts.

  • --> Filter differential pressure can be monitored by this device.

  • --> It can help in velocity measurement with a pitot tube.

Different types of pressure that should be measured with Pressure meters

Absolute pressure refers to the pressure zero in the vacuum and is particularly used for air pressure measurement. Altimeters and barometers are used to measure absolute pressure.

The relative pressure is divided into overpressure and negative pressure. If the air pressure is equal to or greater than 0 bar, the pressure is referred to as overpressure or positive pressure. And, if it is less than 0 bar, the pressure is known as negative pressure. In relative use, manometers are mostly used to measure relative pressure.

Differential pressure is used to compare different pressures. To measure differential pressure, there are many handheld pressure meters available in our product range.

Top Brand Pressure Meters Available at Moglix

Bellsotone is one of the popular names in the pressure and temperature measurement industry. The company offers a wide range of high-precision and quality products to its long clientele.

Baumer: The company is dedicated to provide mechanical instrumentation at its best to its clientele. With the production capacity in Europe, US, Middle East and India, Baumer (Bourdon) has become a global player.

Wika: Founded in 1946, WIKA is a family-run business who cater to all the requirements of industrial measurement technology with a broad portfolio of high-precision instruments and comprehensive services. The WIKA group is a worldwide leader in pressure and temperature measurement.

Testo is a world leader in the field of portable and stationary measurement solutions. The company caters to more than 650,000 customers worldwide with its highly precise measuring instruments and innovative solutions for measurement data management of tomorrow.

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Pressure Meters - Price Range

Pressure MetersMin PriceMax Price
Testo Pressure Meters₹8799₹11099
Bellstone Pressure Meters₹1059₹2308
Wika Pressure Meters₹11038₹28709
This data was last updated on 2/6/23.