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Moisture Meters

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Buy the Best Moisture Meters Online from Moglix

Moisture meters are used by industries to detect the level of moisture in different materials. These tools are used in homes and by building inspectors to identify potential problems and damage to the structure due to moisture. Carpenters use these tools frequently to ensure the quality of their products. Also, with the help of this tool, floor contractors determine whether conditions are ideal to ensure the smooth installation of floors or not.

Digital moisture meters come with indicator scales to indicate moisture content in percentage. Some meters are equipped with analog scales and show accurate results in analog.

Other than wood, if you want to test moisture in other materials, a scale of 0 to 100 is often used. 0 indicates ‘bone dry’ a 100 reads as ‘saturated’. Also, there are some meters that come with LED indicators to indicate wet, dry, moderate, saturated readings.

Types of Moisture Testers Available at Moglix

Pin Type Moisture Meters: These meters level at the depth of the heads of contact pins. These moisture meters come with two pins to penetrate the surface of the material at the desired depth.

Pinless Moisture Meters: You can operate these devices according to the electrical impedance principle. Pinless moisture meters provide a more non-destructive measurement of moisture in wood and other materials.

All in One Moisture Meters: All in one moisture meters use both the methods of measuring moisture in surfaces, floors, and buildings.

Best Brands of Digital Moisture Meters Available at Moglix

Bellsotone offers a great range of home goods, industrial products, hand tools, power tools, hardware, electrical supply, and safety equipment. They manufacture one of the most reliable dew point meters and soil moisture detectors in the market.

Lutron was established in the late 1950s. Their moisture meters are very durable and provide accurate results.

Why Buy Moisture Meters Online from Moglix?

Moglix is an online platform suitable for those who look for industrial products. We also offer home appliances from the best of the brands. If you are looking for a perfect moisture meter for yourself, browse through and get the best deals.

Moisture Meters - Price Range

Moisture MetersMin PriceMax Price
Mextech Moisture Meters₹1029₹7879
Kusam Meco Moisture Meters₹2249₹12189
WatchGas Moisture Meters₹11263₹408267
Metrix Plus Moisture Meters₹1011₹11505
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