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Measuring Tapes

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Buy Measuring Tapes Online!

Measuring tapes are commonly used in workshops, homes and factories almost on a regular basis. To ensure the accurate measurement in any type of activity, Moglix presents a new range of measuring tapes online to meet the needs of buyers. The fibreglass tapes we have come up with are non-conductive, water-resistant and can be cleaned in a hassle-free manner. They operate using the durable winding mechanism which ensures long life, a hassle-free usage and offers accurate measurement. We are also dealing in cotton tapes which have enamel protection, adhesive binding and shuttle weave.

At Moglix, we know the importance of measuring instruments in any type of domestic or industry based application. Therefore, we have procured the best quality of measurement tapes from established brands like Freemans, Stanley, Ambika etc. The products sourced from us, therefore, satisfy the quality standards expected by clients. We also deal in weighing scales, Multimeters, Thermometers, Testing tools, Varner Calipers etc as a part of our measurement & testing category. Moglix has tied up with suppliers from different parts of India. To acquire the best deals on measurement tapes available online, find out the latest ones available at

Choose the Newest Measurement Instruments Offered By Moglix

The use of a measuring tape is a common phenomenon in a wide range of industry and home based applications. To meet up with the changing expectations of users, Moglix presents the newest range of measuring tapes for sale online. The measuring tapes which we have on offer are equipped with a hand strap and are very useful for measuring any type of item. A high level of convenience to users is ensured by the automatic tightening feature.

The measuring tools which we are offering as a part of this collection are highly strong & durable. Some of these tapes come with an unbreakable ABS case and protruding marker. They are best suited for use in surveying. The presence of heated sealed graduations ensures a longer life. The steel measuring tapes which we are offering as a part of this range have been created using the best quality of stainless steel. The presence of the dura-coat tape blade ensures a long-life span. These tapes are CE certified and are best suited for industrial use.

Acquire Steel Tape Rules with Lock

Are you in search of the newest range of steel tape rules with lock online? To meet up with the changing needs of buyers, we have sourced the newest range of steel tape rules with lock. The extended rubber design protects the hook end from damages caused by impact. A high longevity of the glare-free blade is ensured by the dura coat. These tapes come with belt clips. The heavy-duty winding mechanism of these tapes makes them suitable for long term usage.

The Latest Models of Steel Open Reel Rip Tapes

Steel open reel rip tapes are widely used in industrial applications. Produced from high grade metal frame nylon coated blade, they offer maximum durability. Equipped with a heavy-duty steel frame, they have a durable nylon coated blade and a quick release handle. The tapes which we are offering as a part of this collection have a user-friendly design which ensures smooth usage. The contoured, compact design of the tapes makes them easy to handle and carry as well. They come in an ABS case and spirit label which enables the user to check horizontal and right angle.

Highly Versatile Metal Wire Tape by Moglix

The use of metal wire tape measures is quite common across a wide range of industrial and workshop based applications. To meet up with the changing expectations of buyers, we have come up with the newest range of metal wired tapes. The products which we are offering as a part of this range have been sourced from brands such as Freemans, Proskit, Bellota, Bizinto, Yuzuki, Turner, Stanley etc.

The measurement tapes which we are offering online as a part of this collection are easy to tear, flexible, tacky tapes for industrial use and home repair. Therefore, they are often used in construction and renovation projects. They are highly effective in sealing ventilation ducts, heavy duty packing, jointing and bundling of plastic or metal parts of apparels and fashion accessories.

Different Brands of Measuring Devices Offered By Moglix

At Moglix, we deal in measurement tape online from leading brands available in the Indian market. Some of them are mentioned below: -

Freemans Measuring Tapes - The Freemans measuring tapes which we offer as a part of this collection are equipped with a rubber covered unbreakable ABS case, dual locking system. The click action front lock and pause button makes these tapes suitable for long term usage. These premium steel measuring tapes are suitable for usage in industrial settings and workshops.

Turner Measuring Tapes - The Turner measuring tapes which we are offering as a part of our collection are made from the best quality of plastic. These labels are water resistant and are equipped with automatic hooks. They come with belt clips and slings and can be used in offices and warehouses.

Stanley Measuring Tapes - The Stanley measuring tapes which form a part of our collection come with highly durable blades which are polymer coated. The presence of a tru-zero hook in some models of these measuring tapes ensure a high level of accuracy in both inside and outside measurements.

Bizinto Measuring Tapes - The Bizinto measuring tapes which we offer as a part of our collection are equipped with an iron cover. They are suitable for usage in automating tightening also. These tapes come with high quality measuring material and can be used for measuring practically anything.

We also deal in measurement tape online from brands such as Proskit, Yuzuki, Bellota etc.

Why Buy Measurement Tape Online from Moglix?

At Moglix, we have a clear perception of the role played by measuring tapes in the day to day lives of buyers. To live up to their expectations, we upgrade our product range with new models of measuring tapes on a daily basis. The availability of product specifications makes it easy for buyers to select the measuring tapes of their choice easily. Come, get accurate measurements using the measuring tapes which are available here at most competitive price.

Frequently Asked Questions about Measuring Tapes

How long can a measuring tape be?

Standard tape measures typically range from 15 to 50 feet. Long tape measures are available in lengths of up to 100 feet. They are frequently composed of flat steel or fibreglass and retract using a hand crank. Self-retracting tape measures are flexible and can be curled to measure into cramped spaces or around corners.

Why is the clip at the end of a measuring tape loose?

There's a reason why the metal tip at the end of your tape measure is a little loose. The first inch of tape approximately less by 1/16 inch. This is not an error; it is intended to offer accurate readings whether measuring the inside or outside edge of a surface.

Measuring Tapes - Price Range

Measuring TapesMin PriceMax Price
Freemans Measuring Tapes₹27₹10714
Stanley Measuring Tapes₹100₹4443
Insize Measuring Tapes₹1209₹70948
This data was last updated on 9/30/22.