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Laser Levels

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Buy Efficient Laser Levels Online at Wholesale Prices 

In surveying and building, laser levels are a common control tool. Moglix offers an intriguing online selection of laser levels ideal for construction projects and surveys to fulfil the evolving needs of architects and civil engineers. In this category, we provide combi lasers, point lasers, rotational lasers, and line lasers. The rotating lasers offered by Moglix are ideal for usage both inside and outside due to their accuracy in levelling and speedy object alignment. They are very user-friendly and ideal for use in alignment, levelling, and squaring applications because of their splash and dust protective features. We feature good quality laser level machines from highly reputed brands such as Bosch, Kapro, Fluke, Metrix, and many more.


Assortment of Laser Level Machines to Choose from

Line Lasers: Our line laser versions are small, user-friendly, and incredibly durable. They can run continuously for up to 18 hours. They can therefore be employed in a variety of construction projects and over a lengthy period of time. Architects and construction engineers can utilise the Bosch line laser range that we are giving as a part of our collection in a wide variety of applications for marking, alignment, and levelling indoors. These laser levels' laser alignment provides accurate 360° full plane coverage for both horizontal and vertical operations. Since the motors are stationary, there is less wear and tear or battery power waste. They have electronic self-leveling, brilliant red laser layout lines, and 90-degree horizontal and vertical lines. The freestanding base's magnets guarantee a secure connection to the metal track.

Point Lasers: The point lasers that we have in our collection have several interesting features. They are user-friendly and have a compact design. These line pointers have the capacity to function in both horizontal and vertical levelling applications at the same time. We also offer green point laser models in our new range to better accommodate customers' evolving demands and preferences.

High Power Point Laser: The high-power pointer lasers are offered online at Moglix and have a special star pattern head. They can be used to point at a screen or video as well as the desired target. They are up to 50 times more powerful than the majority of pointer lasers you may encounter. Any target, including video monitors, whiteboards, and photos, can be illuminated. 2xAAA batteries are used to power them.

Combi Lasers: The available combi lasers are very adaptable and provide precise laser lines and usable plumb points. You may use a single tool to do all common levelling and transfer tasks with the combination lasers that are readily available online. Since they are simple to use, the self-leveling lasers align quickly and precisely and provide precise results.

Top Features to Consider Before Buying the Best Line Laser Machines

Range: The laser level range may or may not be your top concern, depending on the task at hand. The effective range for the majority of the smaller combo tool laser levels is around 30 feet. On the other side, rotary laser levels have extremely extended effective ranges; in the larger types, effective ranges of 2,500 feet or more are not uncommon.

Accuracy: Despite the fact that all laser levels employ a laser, the accuracy can change based on the tool's parts. Indoor lasers frequently have less accuracy than larger lasers. On the other hand, a rotating laser can be more exact than that (within a 1/16") over distances of 100 feet or more. For example, a typical compact indoor laser level may be accurate to plus or minus 1/8 of an inch over a distance of 30 feet.

Rotation Speed: Naturally, rotary laser levels are mostly affected by rotational speed. Although the general accuracy of the laser level is not greatly affected, the faster the speed, the less flicker a line has to the eye. In contrast to most power tools, typical rotary laser levels rotate at a sedate rate; for a construction-grade rotary laser level, expect a speed of 600 Rotations Per Minute or so and not much more.

Leveling Features: The more levelling features you have, the better, but most of the time, having a reliable self-leveling feature will suffice. If you have a self-leveling laser level, you can obtain fairly close to the listed device accuracy, unlike manual levelling lasers that need the beam to be manually adjusted using built-in bubble levels and screws. A manual leveling system on your device is advantageous regardless of whether it is useful or incredibly useful for the task. Rotating laser levels require manual levelling while building out slopes. Manual levelling for indoor laser levels enables you to follow slopes and slants such as those that are typically present in flights of stairs.

Laser Light Colors: The majority of indoor and outdoor laser levels generate a red laser light, which can be challenging to see outside or on bright job sites. To address this issue, manufacturers of laser levels have turned to brighter green lasers that are visible even in direct sunlight.

Variety of Reputable Brands that Sell Laser Levelling Machines Online

Bosch Laser Levels: The Bosch Point Lasers collection that we have available is useful for determining area and volume. They can record up to 10 measurements and measure distance as well. They are sturdy and shockproof. They have a splash and dust protection function, as well as a sturdy, shockproof IP54 protection class casing. A three-line display is available on some of these models, which improves reading. These lasers are all certified by ISO.

Kapro Laser Levels: Three prism offset positions are available for the Kapro Point Lasers that are part of this series. They are coated in silver and have a five-second precision. Both orange and white and black and white are available for the reversible target. The brand also offers a one-year warranty on these point lasers.

Fluke Laser Levels: The Fluke Point Lasers that we sell are crafted from the highest grade stainless steel. AAA batteries power them. These point lasers have a long lifespan and have been put through thorough testing by professionals. Fluke heavily emphasizes high-quality standards to ensure that the products it provides to customers are always at the top of its game. 


Metrix Plus Laser Levels: Metrix has mastered the art of adjusting to shifting consumer preferences. These robust, high-quality line laser machines are made under the direction of professionals. They make working faster, easier, and more convenient.

We also provide laser leveling instruments from other well-known manufacturers at discounted costs, like Stanley, Dewalt, GMT, Metrix+, and more.

Explore the Wide Range of Line Laser Machines at Moglix

The cost of the laser levels available on Moglix has been calculated with consideration for the purchasing power of customers. Five laser points on our combi lasers enable customers to mark horizontal references and transfer plumb points. Our website offers laser levels that have been purchased from top manufacturers like Bosch. We are able to keep the calibre of our services high because of easy navigation, prompt delivery, and a responsive CRM team. Check out the new laser level collection given by Moglix online to purchase the most recent models of laser levels.

Laser Levels - Price Range

Laser LevelsMin PriceMax Price
Line Lasers₹1000₹82399
Point Lasers₹9328₹15599
Sub-brand Name - Prolaser Laser Levels₹2575₹82399
This data was last updated on 1/29/23.