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Metal Detectors

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Metal detector machine like its name is a device designed to find the presence of metals. With the help of this device, one can find metals buried underground, grass, sand, dirt/debris, and water bodies. The metal scanner consists of a handheld device with an attached sensor probe that indicates the presence of metal under any surface by disrupting the magnetic field of the search coil. As the metal detector comes near the metal, the device indicates the discovery through audio and visual alerts.

Metal detecting and discovery is a wonderful hobby for families with kids or individuals, it is also pursued as a professional career.

Three Main Kinds of Metal Detectors

There are three main types of metal detector machines, which are categorized according to their usage and the items they detect. The main types are VLF (very low frequency), PI (pulse induction), and specialty detectors.

VLF detectors - The VLF detector is quite affordable and the most commonly used detecting machine. It features two coils, one for creating the magnetic field and one detector coil which disturbs the magnetic field after coming in contact with the metal. The machine is easy to use, portable, lightweight, waterproof, and most durable. Ideal for children and beginners, these handheld metal detectors are used to find relics, jewelry, coins, and other metals.

PI detectors - Expensive than the VLF scanners, the PI detectors feature a single coil for detecting the metals. These are the most efficient devices that are less impacted by the ground mineralization due to their single-coil design. PI scanners are perfectly waterproof, which makes them apt for searching beaches, rivers, or underwater. However, they cannot differentiate between iron trash like nails and treasures like gold or coins.

Specialty Detectors - Specialty detectors can be VLF or PI metal detectors. These include multi-frequency metal detectors, gold metal detectors, and waterproof metal detectors. Multifrequency detectors are used at various locations to find metals by changing frequency. Gold detectors, just like their name, are used to find gold while the waterproof detectors are fully submersible and perfect to use in deep water.

Points to Know Before Buying a Metal Scanner

  • --> Know your requirement such as the type of metal and location to be searched before buying the product.
  • --> Know the difference of application as there are various models available.
  • --> Soil contains traces of metals and alloys, which may affect the readings. To find metals underground, use handheld metal detectors with ground balance features to eliminate the risk of a false reading.
  • --> Low-frequency detectors have the ability to scan deeper under the ground, ideal for finding big buried objects.
  • --> Check the sensitivity of the metal detector for better performance.
  • --> Consider the search depth of the device before buying, it usually ranges from 2 to 15 inches.
  • --> Weight is the main factor, thus the device should be light for comfortable use.

Metal scanners are used at malls, homes, and several other places whereas handheld metal detectors are used for finding gold, metal, and other metals. Places where secured entry is mandatory like airports, courthouses, prisons, etc., use walk-through metal detectors. Walkthrough metal detectors detect metal weapons on people’s bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Metal Detectors

What type of metals can metal detectors detect?

Metal detectors, both passive and active, detect metals such as iron, nickel, and cobalt. Copper, brass, and aluminium, on the other hand, can only be detected via active methods.

What metals can not be detected by a metal detector?

Metal detectors have a hard time identifying metals with low electrical conductivity, such as stainless steel. Because stainless steel has a limited magnetic permeability, it does not emit a strong enough signal to be detected.

Can a metal detector damage a phone?

A phone will not be harmed by a metal detector. It's a popular misperception that metal detectors detect metal via magnetic fields, however this isn't the case. Electrical conductivity, not magnetism, is used to detect metal.

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