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What is Anemometer?

An anemometer is one of the most widely used weather instruments for measuring wind instrument. It is widely used in measuring meteorology. The velocity of air is measured by anemometers.

Types of Anemometers

Anemometers are of a number of types. Some of them are mentioned below: -

Digital anemometers- These anemometers come with a large display and bright display back light. They are equipped with a temperature and humidity tester & and a USB interface. These anemometers display ambient temperature/humidity and air flow.

Hot wire anemometers/Hot wire instruments- Hot wire anemometers utilize very fine wire which is electrically heated up to some temperature above the ambient.

Hot wire anemometer working principle-The air that flows past the wire has a cooling effect on it. Since electrical resistance is mostly dependent on their temperature, a connection may be obtained between flow speed and resistance of wire.

Cup Anemometer- Cup anemometers are widely used in wind resource assessment studies and practice. They are effective in wind direction and wind speed. Wind direction is measured by cyclical changes in cup wheel speed while wind speed is normally determined from average cup wheel speed.

Uses of Anemometer

Anemometers are normally used in weather stations. They are also suitable for use in airports, space research stations, different branches of military, beaches, construction projects etc.

Anemometer Working Principle

The majority of anemometers have three or four cups that catch wind and spin. Wind speed is calculated in rotations per minute(RPM). Sometimes, it is also measured in miles per hour, meters per second(M/S) or knots. This device can also give wind run. Some anemometer models also include propeller/wind vane, heated wires, swinging plates and ultrasonic sound transducers.

Instruments Used to Measure Wind Speed

In order to find out the velocity of air, anemometers are used to detect changes in some physical property of a fluid or its effect on a mechanical device when it is inserted into the flow.

How Anemometer Works?

The arms of an anemometer are attached to a vertical rod. Once the wind blows, the cups start rotating and make the rods spin. The stronger the winds the blows, the quicker will be the spinning of the rod. The Air Velocity Meters counts the number of rotations which is used for measuring wind speed.

Anemometer Price at Moglix

Anemometer prices at Moglix have been kept within a reasonable range to suit the budget of buyers. Moglix has sourced anemometers from leading brands like Waco, Extech, HTC, Luthron to meet the needs of needs of professionals who want to have accurate air measurements.

Anemometers - Price Range

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