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Emergency Lights

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Grab On To The Emergency Lights When There Is A Blackout


An emergency light is a light that is designed to provide illumination that is necessary for safety in the case of a power outage. When the main power supply is disconnected and normal electrical illumination fails, emergency lighting is used to provide illumination in an emergency scenario. A fire or a power outage could cause the loss of mains electricity. Without emergency lighting, occupants may be exposed to unexpected darkness and may be in danger, either physically or psychologically.


Different Types of Emergency Lights Available in the Market

Emergency LED Bulbs are rechargeable, energy-efficient emergency bulbs ideal for homes and offices. These bulbs are designed in an energy-efficient method with high-quality materials and are easy to install at an affordable price.


LED Tube Lantern: These lanterns are wall mountable with a built-in mobile charger. These are manufactured with the help of quality-assured material and advanced techniques, thus making them up to the standard.


Radiance torch with emergency light: This kind of torch is a perfect fit for those looking for an affordable and reliable light source. These lights are made of durable plastic and glass, thus proving perfect for any emergency.


Rechargeable Solar LED Emergency Light: These solar LED lights are manufactured using quality assured material and advanced techniques, i.e. solar energy. These lights are charged with the help of solar energy and are also rechargeable through batteries.

 Advantages of LED Emergency Lights


  • --> LEDs are already widely utilized as indicator lamps in a variety of devices, but they are rapidly being used for emergency illumination.
  • --> LED Emergency lights are safer and can save money in the long run due to their energy efficiency and environmental benefits.
  • --> In comparison to incandescent bulbs, LEDs are more energy-efficient.
  • -→ Unlike most light sources, they squander extremely little energy as heat.
  • --> LEDs are less brittle and have longer lifespans since they light up quickly and can be turned on and off often.
  • --> They are less harmful since they are mercury-free.
  • --> They are affordable.
  • --> They require minimal maintenance.


Factors to Consider Before Buying Rechargeable Emergency Lights


  • --> They should be cost-efficient.
  • --> Rechargeable emergency lights must be energy-efficient too.
  • --> It must be user-friendly especially when you are looking for emergency lights for your home.
  • --> It will be great if they are portable and lightweight. This will be helpful if you need to move around the house or workplace when the power is out.
  • --> Battery sustainability must be seen before buying these lights. One must not invest in the light that takes long hours to recharge and then stays lit for a lesser duration. The battery capacity or the hours that it runs before dying with one-time recharge must be considered to derive the best for the product.
  • --> Always check to see what kind of charging alternatives the light has. Does it, for example, support both grid and solar charging, or just one of them? Choose based on your requirements.
  • --> Always inquire about the lamp's light intensity. Here are some numbers to consider when you make your purchasing decision. For use as a study lamp, 450 lumens are required, whereas 1700 lumens are required for an average-sized room. So, think well before deciding.
  • --> Finally, always double-check to see if the goods come with a warranty. Also, if you're wanting to buy a Lamp Battery when your present one dies, check if the seller provides a mechanism via which you can order one.
  • --> The battery is harmed by repeated cycles of overcharging. You may expect a long battery life if the rechargeable lamp you plan to buy has an automatic protection mechanism or system against battery overcharging.


Top Brands With Emergency Lights at Moglix

ELX LED Emergency Lights by Bajaj: Being one of the highly trusted electronic brands, Bajaj offers emergency lights that feature compact and lightweight, perfect for low-light environment usage. Further, bajaj has more than twenty years of experience in leaving satisfaction among customers in India and abroad.


24 Energy Emergency lights: Australian-owned electrical company has a solid nineteen years of experience providing customers with satisfactory emergency lights. It offers more than 400 products, including many essential items such as torch lights, LED lights, emergency lights, and much more. These lights are highly recommended and demanded among the customers.


Electrum LED emergency lights: Electrum is a well-known brand that provides Emergency lights on demand with various specializations and supreme quality after analyzing these LED emergency lights through the latest technologies.


Syska Emergency Lamps: Syska has provided a wide range of international quality products since 1989. Its tailor-made Emergency lamps feature durability, and reliability, and are quality-tested. Some of the top-rated products manufactured by Syska include LED bulbs, Lamps, emergency lights, and much more.


iBELL Emergency Lights: iBell is one of the major players in the league of high-quality electronic companies. However, emergency lights are one of the highly demanded products that feature efficiency and durability.


Pigeon emergency lights: Pigeon has been a known lightning expert for two decades. It provides durable emergency lights made from quality assured material at cheap rates.


Purchase Rechargeable Emergency Lights from Moglix


Moglix provides you with the best emergency rechargeable lights to rely on, and that too within a nominal price range. The best part about Moglix is that it allows users to browse various rechargeable emergency lights, offers smooth order delivery, and provides the best after-sales services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Emergency Lights

How to charge an emergency light battery?

While charging, ensure that the cable is connected to the emergency light's AC outlet, then insert the AC plug cable into an AC 90 - 240 volts power socket; the charging indicator will turn on to show the charging process, which could take up to 20 hours to fully charge.

How does an emergency LED work?

When an LED bulb is switched on while the power source is available, it charges the internal battery. This bulb with a wide voltage jumps into action and lights the spaces as soon as the electricity is removed.

Do emergency lights have batteries?

The LEDs in all emergency lights are powered by a battery. These batteries are rechargeable to ensure that the emergency light is ready and operational at all times. The emergency light's circuitry charges the battery and ensures that it remains charged.

Emergency Lights - Price Range

Emergency LightsMin PriceMax Price
Philips Emergency Lights₹660₹1399
Electrum Emergency Lights₹237₹1189
IEPS Emergency Lights₹313₹362
Eveready Emergency Lights₹1358₹17194
This data was last updated on 1/30/23.