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Garden Lights

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The Beginnings of Outdoor Garden Lights

Just as the sun has illuminated the forests for eons since its inception, the history of harnessing and mimicking the power of the sun dates back to the ancient discovery of firelight from wood. The public landscapes and gardens have been illuminated with outdoor garden lights for as long as indoor structures have and continue to be used for aesthetics, security, social festivities, and celebrations worldwide. The use of lights to put on a fantastic display has become ingrained into our traditions to a point where it has evolved into an unspoken language.

The introduction of new interior illumination fuels in the 17th century was the cornerstone to providing the various forms of manipulated light we enjoy today. This knowledge was soon extrapolated into the gaslighting mechanics of the 19th century and electric light mechanics of the 20th century. Current outdoor illumination systems are focused heavily on the artistic values of the fixtures rather than their illumination capacity, particularly since the primary source of fuel for these modern lights is electricity. With the rapidly depleting sources of fuel and increasing demand for sustainable forms of energy, the latest variants of light fixtures focus on low-energy cosmetic models such as LEDs and solar-powered lights.

Where Do We Find Garden Lights?

Landscape lights or outdoor garden lights refer to the use of outdoor illumination in public and private settings respectively. The main objectives of these lighting fixtures are to provide visible light in non-daylight hours and to aesthetically enhance the area in which they are used. Outdoor garden lights are of particular interest since they exist in a larger variety and more versatile forms than standard public lighting used for sports and recreation. For instance, garden bollard lights are placed on the ground usually to illuminate pathways whereas garden spike lights are a form of floodlights used to illuminate over large distances. Both fall under the general umbrella of outdoor garden lights, however, differs in their function.

The latest development in the realm of garden lighting has given rise to a range of LED outdoor lights. These are not a different model of garden lighting but are rather a separate class of lights that differ in their illumination mechanism. LED outdoor lights also differ from their indoor counterparts in the maximum possible light output, but both enjoy the basic energy-saving advantage from their gas-fueled competitors.

Benefits of Garden Lights

Garden lights have found a wide range of applications in both commercial and domestic settings. Garden bollard lights are visually miniature street lights and often seen illuminating private driveways and resort exteriors. These have more aesthetic applications, often coming in a range of different colors, shapes, and sizes to provide a more warm and welcome communal setting. Garden spike lights are often found in the front porches of houses or over the outdoor recreational sports facilities in recreational businesses. These are employed for security reasons and are sometimes wired to house defenses that engage the lights when an alarm is triggered. In most cases, these lights are constructed using LEDs and are referred to as LED garden bollards and LED garden spikes (mutually LED outdoor lights).

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Garden Lights - Price Range

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Havells Garden Lights₹3005₹37425
Crompton Garden Lights₹2249₹26735
Panasonic Garden Lights₹1575₹48805
Bajaj Garden Lights₹3209₹38529
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