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LED Street Lights

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Buy Energy Efficient LED Street Lights at an Affordable Range


Street lights, sometimes known as street lamps, are used to illuminate streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and other public areas. They boost security and driving safety by brightening lights in dim areas. They are typically used in conjunction with different traffic safety tools to improve the visibility of equipment, obstacles, or dimly lit public locations. Streetlights are mostly used to illuminate areas and items that are dark and challenging to see at night. They last longer, use less energy, need less upkeep, and deliver the finest lighting for the money. Street lights are usually made of durable plastic material like high-density polyethylene or a corrosion-resistant metal like aluminium to resist corrosion and other environmental factors. We feature good quality LED street lights from highly reputed brands such as EGK, Urja, Bajaj, Crompton, Rayna, Philips, and many more.


Features to Take into Account Before Buying Durable Street Lights


Power Supply: The usage of streetlights outdoors. So, especially in India, the power situation is quite crucial. The power supply must overcome severe power issues, such as lightning strikes during the rainy season. Extra surge protection is not necessary for indoor lights. However, an outdoor power supply must have adequate high voltage and surge protection; otherwise, it could fail at any time. The qualities of a good power source are listed below.


Streetlight Overall construction: Why LED chip quality is not ranked as the second most essential factor may be a mystery to you. In reality, LED chips have a theoretically limitless lifespan when appropriately powered. A solid-state device called an LED chip sees its efficacy decline over time.


Brand: Some companies have a reputation for producing high-quality goods with excellent warranties. You want the components of your LED street lights to be of high quality and have a long lifespan. That is what occurs when you stick with the top brands. Therefore, if you are not already familiar with key components such as LEDs, power drivers, and sensors in LED road light goods, consult the manufacturer before making a purchase.


The Quality Of Light: Before moving forward, check the LED light fixture's lumens or wattage. It has an important impact on the light output. The height of the pole determines the wattage of the light you need to utilize.

Credible Brands that Sell Cost-Effective LED Street Lights


EGK LED Street Lights: Streets, housing societies, hospitals, schools, playgrounds, and all other public spaces with access to power can use EGK street lighting. LED lights are 185% more efficient than incandescent bulbs and 100% more efficient than CFLs. They also have a long life span and come with high IP ratings.


Urja Lite LED Street Lights: The Urja Street Lights are ideal for illuminating any street or neighborhood. They are certain to give enough light for any space thanks to their powerful LED light. The Urja Lite LED Street Lights are high-performance, cost-effective lighting options for your outdoor lighting requirements. They have some of the most energy-efficient street lighting available.


Bajaj LED Street Lights: Bajaj LED Street Lights are a fantastic product since they offer a cutting-edge way to illuminate the streets. While using less energy, these LED lights provide more light. They use ecologically friendly and energy-efficient road lights. These LED lights have a high output while using very little energy. Even in severe weather, this LED light is less likely to be destroyed.


Crompton LED Street Lights: High-quality LED street lights made by Crompton Street Lighting are ideal for illuminating sidewalks, roadways, and other outdoor spaces. They have a shatter-resistant lens and a sturdy die-cast aluminium housing to ensure long-lasting performance and safety. The Crompton LED Lights are superior in quality and brightness while using less energy.


Philips LED Street Lights: Due to their outstanding quality, Philips products are well-known in the industry. They are committed to offering their clients only the best, highest-quality LED street lights and are available in numerous fits, styles, and shapes. Philips LED lights enable immediate, significant energy savings. They come with a warranty and are easy to install.


We also offer various LED street lights from reputed brands like Rayna, Wipro, Havells, Suryatech, Oreva, Nexus, and others.

Moglix offers a Huge Selection of Affordable LED Street Lights


Great-quality LED street lights are becoming more and more necessary as a result of their high efficiency and energy savings. To meet this need, Moglix puts a lot of effort into producing high-quality, reliable, and secure road lights. Moglix ensures that only the best LED lights are shipped and that they comply with all safety regulations before they are delivered to the consumer. Additionally, there are unique offers and enticing discounts available for bulk purchases. To distinguish ourselves from other online firms selling the same products, we keep an eye out for consumer complaints and make an effort to address them quickly. The most significant LED streetlights are available from the leading companies at competitive prices. Shop now to benefit from branded LED streetlights at wholesale prices.

Frequently Asked Questions about LED Street Lights

What is the wattage of a street light?

The LEDs used in streetlights vary in size and consumption (usually between 35 and 250 Watts), depending on whether they are lighting a residential area, the main street, or a town square.

How long does led strip lights last?

When compared to incandescent and fluorescent lights, LEDs offer an extremely extended predicted life-span. LED strip lights, with an average life expectancy of 50,000 hours, will still be shining brightly in 17 years, long after their traditional counterparts have died.

Top Selling LED Street Lights Price List in India