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LED Spot Lights

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Buy Energy Efficient LED Spot Lights with Moglix

LED spotlights are designed to go well with your home's interior design. You may instantly increase any room's appeal factor by purchasing these LED lights! There are numerous colours and beam angles for the LED bulb inside. While narrow beams and cooler-colored LED Spotlights are designed to emphasise particular home furnishings or locations in a room, wide beams and warm-colored spotlights for the home are the best options for calming, ambient lighting. The ergonomically created LED bulb meets all of your illumination needs while being more power- and energy-efficient than its competitors. Shop for good quality, reliable LED spot lights at Moglix from various trust-worthy brands such as EGK, Syska, Riflection, Wipro, Bajaj, and so many more.


Consider the Following Considerations to Select the Appropriate Panel Lights

Wattage: LED spotlights are made to utilise less energy than traditional incandescent and fluorescent spotlights. This demonstrates that spotlight LEDs use less energy while producing much more light. You must select a spotlight whose wattage is appropriate for the desired level of illumination and your requirements. This could result in significant drops in energy use and power prices.


Cost: The spotlights for the selected ceiling will eventually be offset by the money you save on buying bulbs and the likelihood that your spotlight won't need to be replaced for many years.


Heat: There is a common misunderstanding that LED spot lights don't generate heat. In a different way, yes, though. LED spotlights should not be used in enclosed fixtures if you want them to remain bright and functional for the duration of their lives. If you intend to install a spot LED light in an enclosed fixture, look for one that is designed for recessed fixtures.


Efficiency: Since LED spotlights boost efficiency and provide more light with less energy usage, more light can be produced with fewer lighting panels. The size of the space that is saved results in significant savings.


Colour Temperature: The colour temperature of the lighting is the next factor to take into account. Warm white looks best in tranquil spaces like living rooms and bedrooms. In bathrooms and kitchens, where a brighter, more energising light would be more advantageous, cool white tends to function better.


Beam angle: Since spotlights emit light in only one specific direction, they are considered "directional" light sources. How narrow or wide a bulb produces a light beam depends on the beam angle. The bulb casts a beam that is wider the wider the angle. It would be ideal to emphasise particular items or places in a space with a narrow beam angle. A broader beam angle is more suited to light bigger regions of a workspace or general lighting.


Create the Right Ambiance with Branded Spotlight LEDs 

Philips LED Spot Lights: Philips offers affordable and reliable lighting alternatives. These LED spot lights are made using cutting-edge manufacturing processes to guarantee their durability and energy efficiency. Philips spot lights provide excellent lighting and can be used in homes and businesses. You also save money by using these LED spot lights because they consume less electricity and have a long lifespan.


Syska LED Spot Lights: Syska makes high-quality products like LED spot lights. They provide a great selection of spot light LEDs. To meet the demands of this extremely competitive market, their entire line of LED spot lights is made using cutting-edge methods and premium materials. Following extensive market research, the most dependable and relevant sources were employed to select the information.


Wipro LED Spot Lights: Brighten your room while conserving energy with LED spot lights from the well-known Wipro brand. Their spot LED lighting is fairly priced and saves electricity because it requires less energy. They are simple to install and provide long-lasting illumination. In the industry, Wipro spot lights are renowned for their superior quality. They have released a series of attractive and useful premium LED spot lights that are both affordable and elegant.


Riflection LED Spot Lights: Riflection is famous for producing high-quality products and offering rapid customer service. After doing a thorough market analysis, the most reliable and approved vendors are chosen to supply the components required to create their LED spot lights. Due to its reliability and vast selection, customers favour Riflection spot lights. The company offers up-to-date, easy-to-install designs.


Bajaj LED Spot Lights: Bajaj products are well-known in the market due to their exceptional quality. They are committed to providing their customers the best, highest-quality LED spot lights for the ceiling. They come in a wide range of fits, styles, and shapes. Your home's atmosphere is improved by Bajaj spot lights while also providing instant, substantial energy savings.


We also offer various LED panel lights from reputed brands like Luminous, Nexus, Oreva, Crompton, Polycab and others.


Explore the Wide Variety and Affordable Spot Lights with Moglix

At Moglix, we strive to give you the best possible shopping experience. Our built-in filtering techniques enable you to choose and filter information more effectively based on your needs. Both the quality and aesthetic appeal of the LED spot lights is essential. After performing several quality checks, we never send anything other than the best and safest spot lights for the ceiling. You can pick from a range of the best spot light brands in India that produce products of the highest calibre. All year long, we offer excellent offers and discounts. Visit our website to receive fantastic savings when buying spot LED lights.

Frequently Asked Questions about LED Spot Lights

Can you replace LED spot lights?

In many instances, you can just swap out each bulb individually. Even while professional installation is usually preferable, some people prefer to do it themselves.

How long do LED spotlights last?

For up to 10 years after your first purchase, you may not need to spend money on LED replacement bulbs because the majority of LED bulbs have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Halogen and incandescent bulbs typically only last 1000–2000 hours, while dimmable LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours.

How long do LED spots last?

Around 50,000 hours of illumination are provided by LED bulbs, with some brands offering up to 100,000 hours. In general, LEDs should last you for slightly under 14 years if you use them for 10 hours per day.

Can I leave my LED lights on all night?

Simply put, professionally produced LED lights can be left on continuously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is due to the fact that LEDs emit less heat than conventional sources of illumination, making them less likely to overheat or catch fire.

LED Spot Lights - Price Range

LED Spot LightsMin PriceMax Price
EGK LED Spot Lights₹523₹2079
Wipro LED Spot Lights₹150₹2191
Havells LED Spot Lights₹306₹9431
Riflection LED Spot Lights₹502₹2885
This data was last updated on 2/1/23.