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LED Bulbs

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Buy Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs with Moglix

In electronics, an LED (light-emitting diode) is a semiconductor device that emits infrared or visible light when charged with an electric current. Visible LEDs are utilized as indicator lamps in much electronic equipment, as rear window and brake lights in automobiles, and as alphanumeric displays or even full-color posters on billboards and signs. Infrared LEDs are used as light sources in fiber-optic telecommunication systems, as well as autofocus cameras and television remote controls. At Moglix, we sell high-end, economical led light bulbs from renowned brands such as EGK, Urja, Philips, Eveready, Halonix, and more.


Find the Right Type of LED Light Bulb


Dual In-Line Package (DIP) LEDs - DIP LED chips are the first LED chips, and they are what most people think of when they think of LED illumination. While older than their recent counterparts, DIP LED chips are still in use today and, due to their small size, are more commonly found built-into circuits. They are, however, not particularly powerful and can only emit a limited quantity of light.


Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) LEDs - These are the most common sort of LED chip and are placed and soldered onto the circuit board. They are brighter than their DIP counterparts and smaller, making them even more adaptable when used in tiny devices or across other types of lighting, such as strip lighting. Because three diodes may be placed on a single SMD chip, various colors can be created, giving buyers more options. The LED sector has experienced tremendous growth.


Chip on Board (COB) LEDs - These chips reflect the most recent advancement in LED technology. COB LED chips are the brightest of the three, with nine or more diodes packed onto a single chip. It increases lighting efficiency by improving the brightness-to-energy output. This also implies that you can utilize them in a variety of different forms of lighting. However, due to the circuitry design of a COB LED chip, they are unable to generate a diverse variety of distinct colors.


Choose the Right Bulbs by Considering the Following Factors

Colour - LEDs are available in a number of colors and spectrums. You're probably searching for a color that's similar to what your incandescents provided. Warm white, bright white, or soft white is all good choices. Warm and soft white will cast a yellow tint, whereas dazzling white will cast a more natural light.


Wattage - LED lights are intended to use less energy than traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. This demonstrates that LEDs provide far greater light while using significantly less power. You must select a bulb with a wattage that is appropriate for the sort of illumination purpose and requirements. This can result in remarkable savings in energy use and power expenses.


Cost - The financial savings you gain from buying LED bulbs will eventually offset the cost of the LED you choose, as will the fact that your bulb will probably not need to be changed for a few decades.


Dimmable - Not all LEDs can be dimmed. If you intend to use your new bulb with a dimmer, be sure it is labeled as such. While switching to dimmable LED lighting may appear to be difficult, it may easily be completed in a single weekend.


Heat - It is a common misperception that LEDs do not generate heat. They do but in another way. LEDs should not be utilized in enclosed fixtures if you expect them to be bright and functional for their whole life. If you intend to install the LED in an enclosed fixture, search for one designed for recessed fixtures.


Create the Right Ambiance with Branded LED Bulbs


EGK LED Bulbs - EGK offers its customers simple and long-lasting lighting solutions. These LED bulbs are made using modern technology to ensure energy efficiency and longevity. They are a dependable lighting source and are composed of PVC, making them long-lasting. EGK light bulbs provide enough lighting and can be utilized in homes, businesses, and factories. These bulbs have a long operating life and help you save money because they use less electricity.


Eveready LED Bulbs - Eveready Led Bulbs are high-quality Eveready products. They provide a high-quality selection of LED bulbs. All of their led bulbs are made with high-quality materials and modern procedures, ensuring that they meet the standards in this highly competitive market. The materials used are from the most trustworthy and authentic sources, which were chosen after extensive market research.


I-Smart LED Bulbs - If you wish to brighten your room with energy-efficient LED bulbs, use the world-renowned brand I-Smart. This product consumes less power, which saves electricity and is cost-effective. They are simple to install and provide long-lasting illumination. I-Smart light bulbs are well-known in the industry for their superior quality.


Urja Lite LED Bulbs - Urja Lite is well-known for its fast customer service and produces high-quality products. Following extensive market research, the most recognized and authorized vendors are chosen to supply the materials required to manufacture their LED bulbs. Customers trust Urja Lite LED light bulbs because of their exclusive range.


Philips LED Bulbs - Philips goods are well-known in the business due to their high quality. They are dedicated to supplying their customers with premium, high-quality LED light bulbs. They come in a wide range of fittings, designs, and shapes. Philips LED lights enable instant, significant energy savings while improving the ambiance of your house.


Syska Led Bulbs - Syska has been a pioneer among lighting manufacturers in the world. Keeping in touch with the changing illumination needs of users around the world, the company has come up with an exciting range of Syska LED bulbs online. Our range of Syska LED bulbs produces minimal heat to produce light as compared to standard CFL bulbs. They are highly energy-efficient and can, therefore, help you to keep a check on energy bills. These Syska bulbs are suitable for every user ranging from home to industrial and commercial and for use in different parts of buildings such as staircase areas, parking areas, utility areas, washrooms, etc.


Oreva LED Bulbs - Are you looking for innovative ideas to decorate your office prior to lighting festival eve? Create an instant impression on your co-workers using Oreva LED Bulbs. These bulbs are eco-friendly and can be installed with significant ease in any part of the office. They are environment-friendly and come with interesting features such as a constant current driver, instant & flicker-free start and no RF interference. These Oreva LEDs can also be used in the utility area, washroom, staircase, parking, near the entry, utility area etc.


Surya Led Bulbs - Surya is one of the leading names in leading names among Indian lighting manufacturers. At Moglix, we are aware of the concerns of buyers about high energy bills. The Surya LED bulbs which we offer online as part of this collection are ideal for use in all rooms. They can ensure up to 85% energy savings over GLS and have an efficient optical system that ensures high-quality lighting. This season replace conventional lights with Surya LED bulbs from Moglix.


Crompton Led Bulbs - Do you want to minimize your energy bills during the upcoming festive season? Crompton LED bulbs are known for their durability, energy efficiency, low prices, and high quality of illumination. These LED bulbs have the ability to endure even the roughest and tough climatic conditions. Acquire Crompton bulbs online at low prices that stand the test of time within the exciting range from Moglix.


Havells Led Bulbs - Havells is one of the leading brands of lighting manufacturers in India. To cope up with the ever-rising demands of Havells LED bulbs in the market, Moglix presents an exciting range of LED bulbs for online sale at low prices. They are suitable for lighting gardens as well as rooms. They have a bright light output and therefore are suitable for use throughout the year.


Wipro LED Bulbs - Are you in search of LED lights that easily fit into your pocket? If you do, then Wipro LED bulbs would be the most viable option for you. The Wipro LED bulbs which we offer online as part of our collection to have lightweight and have a B22 base camp. They offer effective heat dissipation and offers soft, glare-free light at affordable prices. They are ideal for use in restaurants, office lobbies, bedrooms, study rooms, and living rooms. Therefore, they can be used by people to decorate their own homes.


We also offer LED Light Bulbs from other renowned brands such as Ave, Fury, Urostar, and Orient.


Explore the Wide Variety and Affordable Light Bulbs with Moglix


Because of high efficiency and energy saving, the need for high-quality LED light bulbs is increasing. Moglix works hard to create high-quality, long-lasting, and secure light bulbs to suit this demand. Before being sent to the customer, Moglix guarantees that only the best LED light bulbs are shipped and that they meet all safety laws. There are also attractive discounts and special deals available for bulk purchases. We monitor customer concerns and attempt to resolve them fast to separate ourselves from other online businesses providing the same products. The top brands offer the most significant LED bulbs that are economically priced. Shop today to take advantage of wholesale rates and branded LED bulbs.

Frequently Asked Questions about LED Bulbs

When Should LED bulbs be replaced?

LED bulb will produce 60% of its power (easily enough due to its powerful shine) for 50,000 hours before giving up on its life. So depending on the usage it receives, every 5 - 10 years on average.

What are rechargable LED bulbs?

Rechargable LED bulbs consists of a battery inside it which gets charged when its switched on i.e., connected to the power supply and when the mains power is disconnected, this bulb backed with battery springs into action and brightens up the space.

What are e27 LED Bulbs?

E27 is also known as the Edison bulb with big screw socket and particularly refers to the size of the socket which is equal to 27 millimeters, the fastening which you screw into your lighting appliance. E27 led bulb is just like any other LED bulb, the only difference is in the socket size.

What are different colors of LED Bulbs available at Moglix?

Moglix has a wide assortment of LED bulbs available in Cool white (5000-6500K), Neutral white (approx 4000K), Warm white (2800-3200K) colors. Apart from this, there is also a wide variety of 0.5W LED bulbs in Green, Blue, Yellow and Red colour.

How are LED Bulbs Different from CFL Bulbs?

unlike CFL & incandescent bulbs these Light Emitting Diode do not cause IR or UV radiation. UV and IR radiation are known to some of the major causes of global warming. Hence, they can help create an eco-friendly environment.