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Floor Lamps

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Alter The Decor of Your Rooms with Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are often used in living rooms or office spaces for reading purpose or as additional sources of light. Most of the new models which you would come across in the market are equipped with a centralized pole that holds the light fixture firmly. These light sources utilise a lampshade in order to direct light created by LED bulbs. Many floor lamps are equipped with multiple settings to create different levels of illumination. At Moglix, we offer a wide range of floor lamps online that can enhance the ambiance of homes, offices, hotels, etc.

Choose from The Exciting Collection of Modern Floor Lamps

The way you arrange the lighting fixtures speak volumes about your aesthetic tastes. This festive season, make your decorative lighting ideas come to life using modern floor lamps. These floor lamps are highly compact, lightweight and have a flawless finishing. They will add glamour to the ambiance of your room and illuminate the room with warm, soothing light. They have a minimal stance which makes them easy to install in any type of room. These season, make your home decor be the subject of envy among neighbours using modern floor lamps.

Enhance The Ambience of Your Home Instantly with Tripod Floor Lamps

Diwali is the time to let loose the artist in you! Bring your creative ideas to the fore by installing tripod floor lamps. The floor lamps that are available as a part of our collection match well with the furniture and furnishings within homes. These lighting fixtures will add a touch of quirkiness to your home and match well with the Diwali lights. Add loads of charm to your residence this festive season using the newest models of tripod floor lamps.

Give Your Living Rooms a Fresh New Look with Floor Lamps

The living room is the part of your house where you socialize the most. This season, make your living room the center of people’s attention using floor lamps for living rooms. These lamps will add a touch of luxury to the room. They come with eye-catching embroidered borders and produce warm, golden light. Come, make you living room stand out and be radiant by buying floor lamps and lights online.

Be The Trendsetter This Season Using Decorative Lamps for Beautification

As in case of decor, lighting trends evolve and change with time. Groom the lightings of your home as per the contemporary trends using decorative lamps. Available in a wide range of shapes and designs, they will go well with other lighting fixtures used within rooms. The brass foot lamps we have on offer will add a vintage look to your rooms and enhance their glamour quotient manifold.

Select From the Assortment of Standing Floor Lamps

The standing floor lamps which we are offering as a part of our collection come with an assortment of features. They come with a steel frame and are available in different shades. The lamps are sturdy and highly durable. Their finishing comes with a contemporary appeal. These lamps match up with the existing decor trends of interiors. The stylish design of these lamps makes them suitable for usage in the living room, bedroom, etc.

High Functionality the USP of Wooden Floor Lamps

Wooden Floor Lamps - The wooden floor lamps which we are offering include models which are inspired by modern sculptures. The tall, elegant tripod stands, and cylindrical shading creates a unique aura within the rooms where they are installed. The vintage wooden lamps are ideal for creating an ambiance of a bygone era.

Add a Unique Touch to Your Property with Chandelier Floor Lamps

Chandelier Floor Lamps - The chandelier floor lamps which we have launched recently add a contemporary touch to the living or dining room. Our collection includes models that are made from the best quality of aluminum. Therefore, they can resist rusting for a long time. These floor lamps can be used in kitchens, rooms, aisle, balconies, courtyards of restaurants, hotels, etc.

Add a Vintage Look With A Brass Floor Lamps

Brass Floor Lamps - The brass floor lamps which can be used to add a touch of elegance. These models come with a candelabra style arrangement with four lighting fixtures. They have an antique brass finish and have an off white shade. They can be used to add a unique style to homes as well as commercial establishments.

High Functionality the Strong Point of Chrome Floor Lamps

Chrome Floor Lamps - Our range of chrome floor lamps will add a retro feel. They have a chic chrome and marble arc floor lamp design which matches the preferences of the buyers. These arched floor lamps can be smoothly installed in any corner of a room. A high level of stability is ensured by the heavy marble base.

Contemporary Style The Distinct Feature of Crystal Floor Lamps

Crystal Floor Lamps - The crystal floor lamps have a contemporary touch. They can add great sparkle across the darkest corners of the room. The multi-directional illumination which they offer makes them suitable for usage in different properties. They can be easily accessed by turning it on and off.

Types of Floor Lamps

Torchiere Lamps - This is one of the most popular type of floor lamps which are available in the market. They have a torch-like shape and are equipped with a lighting fixture that points towards a column. These floor lamps require limited space and are suitable for day to day usage.

Glass Tray Floor Lamps - These lamps are equipped with a club floor lamp which has a glass tray inserted at a table height level. The glass tray floor lamps can be used for area lighting as well as areas with limited space. The base and glass tray create a mirage of occupying less space as compared to an end table with a table lamp placed at the top.

Adjustable Club Floor Lamps are a slight variation from standard club lamps. They are usually utilized for area lighting purpose.

Six-Way Floor Lamps - Also known as Mogul lamps, they offer a high level of illumination since they can be used as a three-way bulb at the central position. They are best suited for usage in big rooms.

Tower Floor Lamps offer ambient light and offer an extra advantage by resembling sculpture during the day. These lamps are available in a wide variety in the market, starting from Asian styled lanterns to modern, sculptural ones. You can use them for offering a focal point in your room’s design.

Down Bridge Floor Lamps - These floor lamps direct light downwards and are mostly used for reading and task lighting. They are the ideal option for directing a pool of light in a specific direction. Down bridge floor lamps can also be placed next to an armchair. The shade and socket are directed at an angle and often the shade is threaded around the bulb socket.

Club Lamps - These lamps have a base, pole and shade which softens the glow of light radiating from the sides. They are in many ways similar to torchiere lamps. The lamps have a one 3-way socket or twin socket which functions using a pull chain.

Pharmacy Floor Lamps possess a very small profile and are highly functional. They direct light in a specific direction and have an adjustable height.

Shades of Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are of different shapes. Some of Shaded Floor Lamps are mentioned below:-

The circular lamp shades are one of the most popular lampshades in the market. They can be mixed and matched with existing trends or for altering the style of the lampshade.

Poly silk shade floor lamps are ideal for enhancing the décor of a home’s interiors. They add an aura of class to the look of a room thereby exhibiting the refined tastes of the homeowner.

Pleated shade floor lamps are best suited for usage in living rooms. They can be used for reading purpose.

The Printed Shade Floor Lamps which have been launched in the market add a touch of romance to their surroundings. They are best suited for usage by buyers who are willing to experiment with lampshades which have bold new looks.

Cylinder Shade Floor Lamps - These lampshades as their name suggests have a cylindrical shade. They produce warm ambient light which makes them a suitable source of illumination.

The Lacy shade floor lamps match well with designer furniture, furnishings and décor items. These lamps shades are best suited for rooms which have an ultramodern décor.

Pyramid Shade Floor Lamps - These lamps are made from banana fiber fabrics. The newest ones which are available in the market come with a powder-coated steel frame. They are handmade and created using eco-friendly components.

Jute Shade Floor Lamps - If you love floor lamps with tribal artworks on them, then jute shade floor lamps would be the ideal option for you. They can help you add an ethnic touch to the decor of your home.

Conical Strip Lace Shade Floor Lamps - These lamps come with a wide range of designs and shapes. They are normally made from wood, metal and fabric.

The newest stick drum shade lamps are made from the best quality of chrome. They come with a harp that supports the lampshades which come with a spider setting. The notched legs of the harp slide into the slotted arms which are beneath the lamp socket of a lamp.

Stripe Square Shade Floor Lamps - These shades are a popular choice for people who want to opt for floor lamps that have a unique design. They can adapt well to the new trends of interior decoration.

Brands of Floor Lamps Available At Moglix Online

At Moglix, we deal in floor lamps online from different brands. Some of them are mentioned below:-

The Tucasa floor lamps which we have on offer includes models which have a colonial lamps. They can help you create a classy look within your available space. They have a compact shape and can be easily maintained. The Tucasa vintage wooden lamp models that are available on offer come with numerous settings of illumination. We have kept the Tucasa floor lamps price within a wide range to budget the needs of buyers.

Our Philips floor lamps range available online have a slim stand and a sleek line. They are best suited for usage in living rooms or bedrooms for reading purpose. Some of these floor lamps come with the option of an auxiliary lamp also. Therefore, if you intend to shop Philips floor lamps online, then you browse through the assortment of options which we have on offer.

OPPLE Lighting is a Chinese multinational lighting corporation headquartered in Shanghai, China founded in 1996. They offer different types of floor lamps that are suitable for your home.

Why Buy Floor Lamps Online from Moglix?

Avail our discounts and offers and don't worry about payment options as we have many easy and secure methods including cash on delivery. We have a wide range of these floor lamps that are perfect for your home. Come, acquire floor lamps online at most competitive prices and give your rooms a new life this festive season!

Floor Lamps - Price Range

Floor LampsMin PriceMax Price
Tucasa Floor Lamps₹240₹10582
Items In Pack - 1 Piece Floor Lamps₹240₹3525
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