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LED Rope Lights

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Illuminate Your Home With LED Rope Lights

LED rope lights, also referred to as an LED tape, LED strip light, or ribbon light, are flexible circuit boards with an adhesive backing populated with surface-mounted light-emitting diodes or LEDs. It is a strip of small LED light bulbs embedded inside a clear and bendable tube. These flexible LED strips have a flat, low-profile design that allows you to put them up anywhere and cut them where you want, making them a more adaptable lighting solution.

Because these strip lights come in various levels of quality, it's critical to know the variation among high- and low-quality LED strips. LED strip lamps are utilized for a variety of applications, ranging from kitchen cabinet lighting, illuminating a tiny hobby project, or lighting a huge conference room, due to their brightness and customizability.

Fun and Bright Neon Rope Lights to Enliven Your Room

Neon rope lights are an easy way to enlighten your room with lively and colorful lights. They have been around for a long time and have a wide range of applications. It's essentially a long cylindrical tube with an inside light source positioned every few inches to provide the appearance of a "glowing" or "twinkling" light. Plastic, epoxy, or other clear substances that enable light to pass through can be used for the tube.

You can find options for various colors such as blue, pink, red, yellow, green, and more. Multi-color or rainbow-colored lights are also available for you to choose from. They are also a great option to add to your festive decoration, party lighting, and other celebratory night-time events.

Features and Specifications of LED Ropes

Lighting Source: LED ropes can use LED bulbs as a source of illumination. LEDs are more widely used because of their versatility and extended lifespan. They are available with either a 120/220vAC or a 12/24vDC input. They come in a range of different color options too.

Size: These strip lights usually come in tubes of different lengths to serve different purposes. You can find them in lengths as short as 3 meters or as long as 30 meters rainbow-colored top-quality and even more. The mounting clips might occasionally make the product wider.

Various Applications of False Ceiling Rope Lights

False ceiling rope lights are a simple yet effective means to add radiance to your home. You can easily install these lights on your ceilings to create a warm and diffused glow in the entire room. The lighting is dim, making it ideal for ornamental lighting and accent lighting applications, and it's not ideal for any task or display lighting.

They are best used for decorative purposes with low light levels. They may readily wrap around objects like trees or be bent into various shapes, numbers, and letters due to their 360-degree viewing angles.

Buy LED Rope Lights Online

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LED Rope Lights - Price Range

LED Rope LightsMin PriceMax Price
Ever Forever LED Rope Lights₹349₹4087
EGK LED Rope Lights₹199₹4599
Items In Pack - 1 Piece Led Rope Lights₹369₹4087
Items In Pack - 2 Pieces Led Rope Lights₹349₹379
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