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Decorative Lights

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Shop for High-Quality & Durable Decorative Lights at the Best Price

Decorative Lights are a great way to add some extra ambient light to your room. These lights are waterproof and they come in a variety of designs. Some decorative lights are also customizable in nature. They come with various features including the fact that they are dimmable, come in a variety of coloured lights, etc. Decorative Lights at Moglix can be the perfect way to light up any occasion, from festivals like Diwali & Christmas to Birthday Parties, etc. Explore the Moglix collection to get the best decorative lights from all the top brands like Vrct, Tucasa, Ever Forever, Syska, EGK, etc. and stock up on Diwali lights to celebrate the festival of lights. 


Types of Decorative Lights for Home Decoration on Moglix 

Pendant Lights: Pendant Lights are fixtures that hang from the ceiling and are usually suspended by a metal rod, chain, or cords. These lights come in a wide variety of designs and are made from various materials. 


String Lights: Also called Rope Lights, String Lights are used as decorative lighting and feature small light bulbs linked to one another and cased up in PVC cover, hence creating a string of lights. They can be used in decorations both indoors and outdoors. 


Wall Decor Lights: Wall Decor Lights illuminate the space and are also perfect for upping the ambience like Diwali lights do. Wall Decor lights exude a contemporary vibe while also being a convenient and energy-efficient way to light up your home. 


LED Rope Lights: Individual LED bulbs enclosed in a clear plastic tube make up LED rope lighting. These may come in different colours, but you can’t change the colour of the bulbs. They are better suited to square corners or tight fits. LED rope lighting is dimmer. It’s an excellent choice for mood lighting around a pool deck, outdoor gazebo, etc.


LED Strip Lights: LED strip lights are surface-mounted LED chips affixed to a flat piece of tape. They do come with colour changing options, as well as a variety of single colours. These tend to produce a more diffuse lighting. LED strip lightings are better suited to rounded corners than to square ones as they can’t bend very well around corners.


Factors to Consider while buying Decorative Lighting

Usability: Decorative LED Lights for home can be used in a variety of spaces including both indoors and outdoors. So, before you’re out to buy decorative lights, make sure to identify your lighting needs and know what you want first. 


Flexibility: Today’s Decorative Lights are far different from the traditional ones we usually see. They offer a lot of flexibility in usage. For example, decorative lights with dimmers can be dimmed down or brightened up as per convenience. 


Cost: Be it decorative lights or everyday light fittings, it is better to opt for cost-effective options. There are loads of energy-saving options when it comes to decorative lights on Moglix. 


Heat Load: Too much heating can be a problem when it comes to light fixtures, especially in the case of decorative lights. LED lights are the go-to option for those looking for the coolest lights. 


Personal Taste: Lastly, decorative lighting needs to be as per your taste. After all, to impress your guests, you have to first like the lighting yourself. Only then will you be able to feel confident about the ambiance. So, going with your instinct will be the perfect option when it comes to decorative lights. 


Best Brands for Decorative LED Lights for Home 

EGK: EGK LED Strip Lights are the perfect decorative lights for the convenience and usability they provide. This product comes with an Adaptor and Remote Control. These lights are waterproof and come with DIY buttons that can be used to change the configuration as necessary. Also, these lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. They are one of the best Diwali lights you can use to light up your house during the festive season. 


Ever Forever: Ever Forever SMD Rope Lights are made using high quality material and the latest techniques in the industry. These lights can be used at Parties, Functions, Hotels, and even Offices. This product comes with an adaptor and is also lightweight, making it easy to use.  


Orient: Orient Garland Festive Lights are made from the highest quality material. These lights come with an adaptor and are extremely energy-efficient. These are LED string lights that come in a variety of colours, making them one of the best decorative led lights for home. 


Syska: Syska LED Lights are well renowned for being energy-efficient, but they also offer some of the best decorative LED lights for home. These lights can be used both on the floors and the roof. The highest-quality material is used in making Syska lights in order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 


VRCT: VRCT SMD Strip Lights offer some of the quirkiest designs in decorative lights. These lights are made with high-strength LED rope and can be easily installed. These lights are also safe & reliable and also provide the convenience of being able to be separated into pieces and used in multiple places. It is one of the best options on Moglix when it comes to Diwali lights. 


We also offer decorative led lights for homes from other renowned brands such as HPL, Wipro, Bajaj, Opple, Nexus, etc.


Get Well-designed, Waterproof Decorative LED Lights for Home on Moglix 

We at Moglix offer Decorative Lights at reasonable prices with a diverse range of designs available. We offer different kinds of decorative lights that are up there with the best in terms of utility, cost, and design. All the Decorative Lights on Moglix are checked for safety standards and made from the highest quality material, using cutting edge technology. We also have some amazing discount offers on Decorative lights to help you prepare for the festivities and occasions in a pocket-friendly manner. Explore the Moglix decorative lights collection from all the top brands. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Decorative Lights

What kind of lights should be used for decoration?

LED lights are one of the most inexpensive and innovative ways to decorate. LED lights do have the potential to give you luxury feels with minimal or no effort. If you are looking for options to decorate or lighten up the room, then LED lights are the best choice.

Which decorative LED light should one choose?

There are various options to choose from. But what really needs to be considered is the occasion! Whether it is any festival, any sort of celebration, or decorating the room is your motive. Well, you can make a choice from options such as rope lights, pipe lights, light strips, decorative lights, string lights, and many more.

What is decorative lighting in interior design?

Decorative lighting plays an important role in modifying the interior of your home or room. It makes an ordinary interior, extraordinary. Well, these decorative lights can be used both indoors and outdoors, may it be your room, living room, garden, or anything else, you will have a unique option for all.

Decorative Lights - Price Range

Decorative LightsMin PriceMax Price
LED Rope Lights₹389₹5569
Items In Pack - 3 Pieces Decorative Lights₹302₹395
Items In Pack - 5 Pieces Decorative Lights₹140₹579
This data was last updated on 1/27/23.