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Tube Lights

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Buy Premium Quality Tube Lights Online for Homes and Offices

Tube light (ट्यूब लाईट) is a must in every Indian household. Tube lights stole Indian hearts on its first appearance in the Indian market many years ago. Not only Because of its bright and milky white illumination but also for being pocket-friendly in terms of electricity bill than its predecessors like electric bulbs. Now after such a long successful journey, tube lights have been upgraded. These days the market is flooded with numerous types of LED tube lights. The new kind of led tube light is more bright, energy-efficient and has longer service life.

Are You Looking to Buy LED Tube Lights Online?

It is important to know the following important parameters of LED tube light to pick up the right one.

  • --> Lumens for brightness: Lumens is a unit that measures the intensity of brightness that light can generate. Higher the lumen value, brighter the light.

  • --> Wattage and efficacy for power consumption: Wattage signifies the amount of electricity a tube light will consume to deliver brightness (in lumens).
    Luminous efficacy is determined by the lumen-to-wattage ratio of the tube light. This is a direct indication of the brightest tube light consuming the lowest energy.

  • --> Colour temperature for proper ambience : LED tubelights come in different colours, and are measured by their colour temperature—sometimes called colour correlation temperature (CCT)—in Kelvin (K).

Moreover, while buying LED tube lights you should also check for the expected lifespan mentioned on the packing. Ideally, an LED tube should be expected to run for at least 30,000 hours on a regular-use basis. It is advisable to select LED tubes from reliable brands to ensure a long life. Besides, the vendor must provide a warranty of at least two years.

Most tube lights come in the form of T5 (thinner diameter) and T8 (wider diameter)— this depends on the type of fixture. However, diameter generally has no noticeable impact on brightness and power consumption, especially in case of households and small offices.

Buy the Best Brands for Tube Light Online from Moglix

Crompton Tubes – Crompton is a well-known brand, it provides the best-LED tube light. The quality of the tube light is very nice and you can buy tube light of Crompton at the best price from moglix.

Havells Tubes – Havells have the best range of LED tube light; the performance of their tube light is very nice. These are energy efficient and provide white bright light. You can buy the best Havells Tube light online at a very reasonable price.

Philips Tubes – Philips is a renowned brand in the lighting industry. They manufacture the best-LED tube light and you can buy Philips tube lights online at an affordable price.

Why Buy Tube Light from

Light up your home and commercial spaces with the best in class and versatile range of LED tube light available online at Moglix. Be assured of the quality of tube light as there is a proper quality check done before delivering any product to the customers. Buyers will experience hassle-free shopping as there are several payment modes available that make the purchasing easy. You can also buy other ceiling and wall lights like panel lights, downlights, spotlights and many more at our website.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tube Lights

What is the length of a normal tube light?

The most common size of LED tube light available in the market is 4-foot length fixtures with a T8 diameter. One may also find other sizes which include 2 foot, 3 foot, and 8 foot.

Which tube light is better, LED or normal fluorescent?

It is better to use an LED tube light over a regular fluorescent tube light, as LED tube lights are more efficient. Another advantage of LED tube lights is that they do not produce heat even when used for long periods of time.

Tube Lights - Price Range

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Syska Tube Lights₹136₹8062
Crompton Tube Lights₹349₹11744
Havells Tube Lights₹399₹29959
Philips Tube Lights₹39₹13527
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