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Buy Glass Funnels for Laboratories

Most of the experiments in the laboratory are incomplete without funnels as it is one of the important lab equipment. The main purpose or use of the laboratory funnels is to channel the powder chemicals (fine-grained) or liquids into a narrow neck or opening lab equipment.

A funnel is a piece of equipment with a wide opening at the top and a narrow pipe at the bottom. Laboratory funnels are made of sturdy materials so that they can bear the weight of the ingredient being transferred through them. Laboratories majorly use glass funnels. Funnels are also made of other materials such as plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, which are used for other purposes.

Types of Funnels used in Laboratories

Glass funnels are available in various sizes and shapes. Laboratories use different types of funnels depending on their applications and experiment requirements. A few of its types are:

Filter funnels - As its name signifies, a filter funnel or a Büchner funnel is used for filtration in the laboratories. The filter funnel separates solids from liquids through a cone-shaped filter paper. The filter paper is placed in this glass funnel and then the suspension is poured to separate the solids from liquids.

Dropping funnels - Used to transfer liquids, dropping funnel comprises a tap (stop-clock) to control the flow or transfer of the matter. These funnels are used for a more controlled, vigorous and drop-wise transfer of matter.

Thistle tube funnels - This tiny glass funnel has a long shaft-like tube and a funnel-like reservoir. These funnels are used to add a small portion of liquid to an exact position.

Powder funnels - Featuring a wide opening and short stem, a powder funnel is used to transfer solids, usually power chemicals. This funnel avoids clogging of the product because of its structure.

What to Consider before Purchasing Lab Funnels

Buying the right funnels for the laboratory is important because it will be a key investment and you wouldn’t want to go wrong with it. Read to know about the things to know before choosing the right funnels.

Most of the lab funnels and other equipment are being imported by the laboratories due to various reasons. Choose a trusted source to buy lab funnels that will be able to deliver the products in time and in better condition.

Lab funnels do not come cheap, so compare the prices of the equipment with other suppliers to get the best price.

Warranty of the equipment is very important because lab funnels take up a fair share of your money. Know the warranty of the funnels as it may differ based on the producers. Also, make sure to know about the product’s warranty period, warranty process, and warranty claim procedure.

Quality is another crucial factor to consider while inviting lab funnels to bring more value to your investment.

Get all kinds of laboratory funnels from our site at wonderful prices and attractive discounts. At, you can be assured of getting quality lab funnels from trusted brands such as Jaico, Polylab, Borosil, and others. Affordable rates and customer satisfaction have always been the top priority of our site.

Funnels - Price Range

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Polylab Funnels₹363₹2160
Borosil Funnels₹657₹20777
Jaico Funnels₹330₹705
Glassco Funnels₹703₹90227
Material - Borosilicate Glass Funnels₹348₹16594
Material - Borosilicate Glass 3.3 Funnels₹657₹23253
Material - Polypropylene Funnels₹13₹90227
Material - Porcelain Funnels₹1242₹3837
This data was last updated on 9/27/22.