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Conical Flasks

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No Lab is Complete without Conical Flasks in It

Every single lab has a lot of lab equipment that they have to maintain carefully. The lab equipment plays a vital role in the functioning of the lab experiments. Each experiment needs its own form of equipment to support and fulfill the tasks to complete that particular experiment. One of the essential pieces of lab equipment is the conical flask. Let us now know more about these flasks.

Conical flasks are a type of glass container used in the laboratory with a flat bottom and conical body with a cylindrical neck. They are also called Erlenmeyer flask or a titration flask. It is used in laboratories to store liquids and mix them by swirling them in hand.

Standard Features of Erlenmeyer Flasks

The most common features of this titration flask are that its design is hollow and versatile in performance. They are reliable and are highly chemical-resistant. They are durable and compact in form. They are available in translucent and colors with a lighter shade.

Major Uses of Conical Beakers

These conical beakers are extremely useful in labs, especially in scientific research, to undertake several experiments. It can ideally store chemicals, and they remain secure. One can use a cork to close the narrow mouth flasks to keep the chemicals safe or for any observation. They help measure the samples or chemical liquids. One can effortlessly do the experiments to mix liquids or chemicals in this.

There will be no worry of spilling as they have a cone-shaped body and cylindrical neck. No matter how fast you swirl the liquid within, it won’t spill at all. These beakers or flasks can be easily handled and used to heat and boil the mixtures without any risk. Microbiology labs use these flasks for microbial cultures.

There are two types of conical flasks- narrow mouth flasks and wide mouth flasks. Narrow mouth flasks can be used to mix the chemicals just by swirling the flask in hand. Wide mouth flasks need a mixing rod to stir the liquids within. They are available in different sizes and measures from 25ml to 5000ml, and some even have 6000ml.

How to Take Care of the Equipment

These flasks have to be stored in a dry place and covered to prevent dirt, so they must be safely placed in a cupboard. One must use them only after sterilizing and cleaning them thoroughly with a dry cloth. Once the experiment is done, they need to be washed in a warm detergent solution for ten to fifteen minutes and rinse under running tap water at least three times. Dry it and then wipe the vapor from a clean, dry cotton cloth.

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