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Laboratory Ovens and Furnaces

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Make your Laboratory up to the mark with the Laboratory Drying Ovens

In today’s world, Laboratory Hot Air Ovens or Laboratory Drying Ovens are a must-have in some working environments. When discussing environmental, biological, and clinical labs, they come out as necessary for drying and heating the samples. They are also used on a large scale in polymerization, vulcanization, and annealing industries.

The laboratory drying ovens can be employed to dry the common glassware to the controlled and intricate heating of forensic samples. These ovens are responsible for the testing and drying of biological and clinical samples. The lab hot air ovens continuously recirculate the same air around the compartment for drying and only provide the heat externally.

Laboratory Drying Ovens: What all options do you have?

Various types of ovens can be applied in a laboratory to control objects' temperatures and moisture levels. They differ in the operating technologies:

Gravity Convection Oven: These use stainless-steel shelves to gain uniformity in temperature to generate a natural air convection supply and don’t require the assistance of any blowers. They have often been seen processing lightweight materials.

Forced Air Oven: They use fans to force the flow of warm air into the oven container. Ducts are employed to maintain the uniform distribution of hot air into the oven. The results are highly reproducible alongside optimal uniformity in temperature.

Vacuum Oven: Also called the Laboratory Vacuum Furnace, they work with the aid of a vacuum chamber for drying. Such a chamber can reduce pressure, which in turn lowers the boiling point of samples and allows liquids to vaporize at lower temperatures. They can be used to remove moisture from volatile chemicals and gases without causing any reactions.

Laboratory Muffle Furnace: These lab furnaces can heat an item to notably higher temperatures and isolate it from the external environment. It separates the sample from all the byproducts due to the combustion from the heat source. The heat source generally is an insulated heating coil.

What all to keep in mind while purchasing a Laboratory Drying Oven?

The Laboratory Drying Ovens required in a lab or workplace may differ based on the sort of applications they’ll be needed for. The market has widespread choices available for consumers. While trying to procure a suitable product, one must pay attention to the following details.

Temperature Range: When talking about a hot air oven, it is vital to check the span of temperatures provided to you. One should opt based on what all they might make use of the oven for and the workplace.

Size and Volume: This characteristic is important for labs and industries with limited space. One should not buy a larger oven unnecessarily as the temperature controls are more complex in those. Also, a huge oven will have huge power consumption.

Safety and Reliability: The Lab Drying Ovens are a piece of standard equipment for professionals, so the safety features pose a great significance. The ovens built of quality materials and competent thermal and control units should be preferred. Additional features like the display windows, alarms, lockable doors, and automatic warnings are appreciated.

Energy Consumption and Efficiency: Some labs and industries need to keep the ovens turned on for a significantly long time. In such cases electricity efficient ovens are desirable.

Temperature Specification: This trait of an oven gains value as some manufacturing brands have more precise temperature specifications than others. The oven chamber temperature should be the same as that mentioned or displayed on the screen.

Data Logging Capabilities: Such ovens offer you the choice to measure temperatures during routine procedures. They help make desired corrections to a process.

Budget: The lab ovens are generally quite expensive, yet some manufacturers offer good quality within a reasonable price range.

Popular Brands with Reliable Laboratory Drying Ovens

NSAW Laboratory Ovens and Furnaces: NSAW is an ISO-certified manufacturer company that extends an exclusive range of laboratory ovens and furnaces extensively used worldwide. With high-quality building material and lightweight construction, they are a desirable option.

Tanco Laboratory Ovens: Tanco, with its high-grade equipment and trustability, boasts of its WHO-GMP, European CE, and ISO certifications. The affordability and reasonable pricing of its models and their salient features help them come out as highly recommendable products.

Labpro Lab Ovens: Lab Pro offers a great range of lab muffle furnaces and laboratory drying ovens as a leading lab equipment manufacturer. It provides the users with numerous choices of high-performance ovens, from Natural Convection Ovens to modern-day vacuum ovens.

Get hold of High Geared Lab Drying Ovens at Moglix

Be it a forensic lab, a research lab, or even a sweeping industry, the need for buying reliable lab drying oven equipment can be found everywhere. We here present you with ovens to be used in labs or at the industrial level, ovens with dependable material and quality, ovens ranging temperatures, etc. At Moglix, we furnish you with wide-ranging options from the best brands on the market. You can have the desired commodity delivered to your doorstep with a click.

Laboratory Ovens and Furnaces - Price Range

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Sesw Laboratory Ovens and Furnaces₹4299₹12531
Labpro Laboratory Ovens and Furnaces₹3620₹643288
Scientech Laboratory Ovens and Furnaces₹6683₹155415
NSAW Laboratory Ovens and Furnaces₹2088₹1148730
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