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Knowing more about Micropipette

A micropipette is an essential instrument used for the transfer of liquids into the microliter range. Present in every laboratory, these precision instruments deliver an accurate and precise quantity of samples. The micropipette works by air displacement mechanism, where the user has to press the plunger, take in the liquid and then eject the liquid into the vial. These laboratory instruments can be used in medical labs, research centers, and colleges with a simple application. They are available in various sizes and can be utilized depending on the container volume. Due to the perfect design, liquid samples can be measured and shifted without any cause of contamination.

Types of Micropipettes

Depending on the liquid sample, there are numerous types of laboratory micropipettes. Some are manual whereas, some are digital. Single-channel or multi-channel and fixed volume or variable volume are the various micropipettes available in the market.

Functions of a Single Channel Micropipette

A single-channel micropipette is ideal for small containers. With one pipette attached, it can transfer samples one at a time. Both manual and electronic variants are available. Unlike multichannel micropipettes, these are useful for small quantity samples. These laboratory micropipettes are predominantly used in schools and colleges.

Functions of a Multi-Channel Micropipette

These contain multiple channels to dispense the liquid. Compared to the single-channel micropipette, these are preferred for large quantity samples, as they transfer more volume at the same time, thereby increasing productivity. More work can be completed in a day. They are usually present in the sizes of 8, 12, and 16 channels. Similar to other micropipettes, these are used in the field of tissue culture, enzyme assays, and drug screening. An amalgamation of increased output with high accuracy is a reflection of this laboratory micropipette.

Functions of a Glass Micropipette

Glass micropipettes are used majorly in chemical laboratories as they are resistant to acidic chemicals. These physically come in contact with the samples. The glass micropipettes are used in the process of microinjection and patch clamping. Manufactures with quartz, borosilicate, aluminosilicate, and various other materials prove to be the perfect option for micro experiments or procedures. They can be used to collect DNA samples, bacterial fluids, dispensing serum, and injecting plasma. Since they withstand high heat, these pipettes can be subjected to sterilization and can be reused. This curbs any possibility of contamination. The tapered tip of the glass micropipette allows it to penetrate cells and tissues at a microscopic level.

Advantages of using a Micropipette

These are adjustable and can be used according to the volume capacity. With disposable tips, one can save time in cleaning and sterilizing. With micropipette’s accurate design and stability, precision can be achieved.

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