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Top Quality Stirrers for a Better Modern Lab

Stirring is a method practiced in laboratories and industries to obtain a homogenous mixture of chemicals and other products. It is carried out with the help of dedicated devices known as stirrers. The intensity and nature of mixing depend on the design of these instruments. This stirring equipment is extremely useful when it comes to research and innovation, teaching labs, clinical trials, and many other applications.

These laboratory instruments are universal and reliable. They are also user-friendly and meet all types of safety standards. They are durable and meet the needs of demanding modern applications.

Hot Plate Stirrers for your Science Labs

Hot plate stirrers offer control over both stirring speed and temperature. They are equipped with accurate temperature probes that help control the temperature of the liquids being stirred. They contain hot plates that are resistant to chemicals.

The plates can reach high temperatures while their edges remain cool to provide safety for the user. The probe must be immersed into the chemical liquid sample to accurately control the temperature while stirring occurs.

Magnetic Mixer for Laboratory Use

A magnetic mixer is made out of a magnetic bar that is inserted into the fluid to stir it. It is composed of two components, control electronics, and a motor. The motor is used above the magnet to induce rotation. The revolving magnet or arrangement of electromagnets beneath the liquid-filled vessel drives the stir bar's rotation and thus induces the stirring mechanism. The control mechanism is present to supervise the motor’s actions and the keyboard functions.

These mixers are suitable to be used over broad ranges of temperature along with any chemical agent. It can also be used in open and closed systems and also under vacuum or pressure conditions. They are also ideal for consistent mixing for long durations, such as overnight or multi-hour sample mixing. They work efficiently and feature a quiet operation. Also, the absence of external moving parts makes them safe for labs and prevents wear.

Laboratory Stirrers for Diverse Applications

Laboratory stirrers find a wide range of applications in biology and chemistry laboratories. They are designed in a way that is capable of mixing liquids of different viscosities. The stirrers spin quickly to achieve a homogeneous mixture of the liquids. They are used for processes like pH measurement, oil analysis, organic synthesis, dialysis, extraction, soil suspending, preparation of buffer solutions, and many other applications.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing a Mechanical Stirrers

If you plan to buy a mechanical stirrer, you should ensure that these instruments are built with good quality materials that will last long-term usage. Automatic thermal shutdown and inbuilt fault diagnostics are additional features in these apparatus that will give you safety during use.

You should also consider the speed of rotation, oscillation intensity, heating capability, and the volume of the liquid container to buy the suitable variant.

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