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Droplet 8x15ml 3500-4000rpm Shocked Free ABS Body Laboratory Centrifuge Machine
4.3 (9 Reviews)
By: Droplet
₹3,99955% OFF
  • Range of these Centrifuge Doctor is Highly Demanded in the

  • Centrifuge Machine Regular Table Top General Purpose

Labpro 140A 12x15ml Tubes A Medico/Clinical Centrifuge
Sesw 3500rpm Metal Centrifuge Machine
4.8 (8 Reviews)
By: Sesw
₹2,50026% OFF
  • Blood Centrifuge

  • Chemical Mixing

Sesw 3500rpm ABS Centrifuge Machine, 8479
By: Sesw
₹4,00056% OFF
  • Shock Proof

  • High Quality Products Are Used in Manufacturing

Labcare 15ml 3500-4000rpm Handi Laboratory Centrifuge Machine with Copper Motor, LB-CHA08
  • The Machine is Fixed with a Base & a Rotating...

  • Using Centrifugal Force, The Machine is Capable of Rotating the

Labcare 15ml 4000rpm Bench Top Centrifuge High Speed Cooper Motor, LB-CM08
  • It can Contain 8 Tubes of 15 Ml, with 5

  • Noiseless Speed, Easy to Operate, Fix in Small Place

Droplet 8x15ml 3500rpm Handi Shape Clinical Centrifuge Machine with Timer, KTN393
Droplet 8x15ml 180W 3500-4000rpm Metal Chrome Finish Centrifuge Machine with High Speed Copper Motor
Labcare 15ml 3500-4000rpm ABS Laboratory Centrifuge Machine, LB-CAB08
  • Vacuum Feet's Provides Anti-Skid Smooth Motion

  • Centrifuge Machine Regular Table Top General Purpose

Clear & Sure 15ml Polypropylene Non- Sterilized Graduated Centrifuge Tube (Pack of 100)
  • This Product is Used as Urine, Lab Samples, Sputum &

BEXCO 15ml 8 Tubes Blood Centrifuge Machine, AK0047
  • Timing Speed Adjustment & High Separation Purity

  • Speed Change Button & Non Slip Feet

Lab Junction Hand Operated Centrifuge Machine with 4 Tubes, LJ-101 D
  • Operated by Hand & Table Mounted with 4 Tubes &

NESCO 8 Tube Doctor Centrifuge Machine for Laboratory, DCM-01
  • Fitted with 5 Step Speed Regulator & 8x15ml Angle Head

  • The Standard Unit is Fitted with Resiliently Mounted Motor for

Lab Junction 3500rpm 15ml Medico Handi Shape Centrifuge Machine with 8 Tubes, LJ-101 F
  • This Centrifuge Having Better Speeds & Capacities Fitted with Resiliently

Lab Junction 3500rpm 15ml Medico Handi Shape Centrifuge Machine with 6 Tubes, LJ-101 E
  • This Centrifuge Having Better Speeds & Capacities Fitted with Resiliently

Sesw 3500rpm 12 Tube Square Digital Centrifuge
By: Sesw
₹12,0008% OFF
  • Heavy Copper Motor Speed Up to 4500 rpm & 8

  • Energy Regulator used for Speed Control

Droplet 8x15ml 180W 3500rpm Metal Orange Centrifuge Machine with Copper Motor
  • Built in High-Low Speed Regulator & One Non Removable Angle

  • The Standard Unit is Fitted with Resiliently Mounted Motor for

Sesw 3500rpm 4 Tube Square Centrifuge
4.5 (4 Reviews)
By: Sesw
₹8,50077% OFF
Clear & Sure 50ml Polypropylene Non- Sterilized Graduated Centrifuge Tube (Pack of 25)
Clear & Sure 15ml Polypropylene Non- Sterilized Graduated Centrifuge Tube (Pack of 50)
Clear & Sure 15ml Polypropylene Non- Sterilized Graduated Centrifuge Tube (Pack of 25)
Clear & Sure 50ml Polypropylene Non- Sterilized Graduated Centrifuge Tube (Pack of 50)
Borosil ULC4504VT 2644g Digital Universal Lab Centrifuge with Brushless DC Motor
  • Lid Lock Safety & Imbalance Detection

NSAW 10000rpm Mild Steel Lab Centrifuge Medium-high Speed, NSAW-1604
  • 2 Lines 16 Character LCD Panel for 0-59min Countdown Timer

NSAW 16000rpm Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge, NSAW-1625
  • LCD Panel for 0-59min Countdown Timer

NSAW 6000rpm Brushless Lab Centrifuge, NSAW-1609
By: Nsaw
₹138,87727% OFF
  • High Capacity & 0-99min Countdown Timer

NSAW 16000rpm Brushless Micro Centrifuge, NSAW-1612
  • 4 Lines 16 Characters LCD Display

NSAW 20000rpm Brushless Micro Centrifuge, NSAW-1613
  • LCD Panel for 0-99min Countdown Timer

WKM 3500rpm 15ml Aluminium Centrifuge Machine with Timer
  • 5 Step Regulator without Timer & Copper Winding Motor

WKM 15ml Microprocessor Based Fully Automatic Digital Laboratory Centrifuge Machine, TC-09
  • 8 Tubes, Power Indicator & Easy Control

Generic 4000rpm 6 Tube Heavy Duty Bench Top Centrifuge Machine, KT94
  • Vacuum Rubber Feet's & 5 Step Speed Regulator

Labcare 3500rpm ABS Centrifuge Machine, LB-8479
By: Labcare
₹6,20068% OFF
  • Shock Proof

Remi Revolutionary General Purpose Centrifuge Machine, R-8C, 8x15 ml
4.3 (10 Reviews)
By: Remi
₹50,59922% OFF
  • Step less Speed Regulator

  • Digital speed meter and 0-60 minutes digital countdown timer

Borosil CCF4000VT Digital Brushless Clinical Centrifuge with Timer
  • Lid Lock Safety & Imbalance Detection

Borosil HMCF12VT 12x1.5/2ml Microtube Rotor Microcentrifuge with Timer
  • Rotor Position: 12x1.5 ml/2.0ml Microtubes

  • Rotors & Adaptors(Included in Standard Pack): 12x1.5/2 ml Angel Rotor

Borosil ULC4504VT 3485g Digital Universal Lab Centrifuge with Brushless DC Motor
  • Lid Lock Safety & Imbalance Detection

Borosil MCF08VT 8x1.5/2ml Microtube Rotor Microcentrifuge with Timer
  • Rotors & Adaptors(Included in Standard Pack): 8x1.5/2.0 ml Closed, Rotor...

  • Rotor Position: 8x1.5/2.0 ml Microtubes

Borosil ULC4504VT 2599g Digital Universal Lab Centrifuge with Brushless DC Motor
  • Lid Lock Safety & Imbalance Detection

Generic 4000rpm Heavy Duty Bench Top Centrifuge Machine, KT24
  • Vacuum Rubber Feet's & 5 Step Speed Regulator

Buy High-Quality Centrifuge Machines for Laboratories


Centrifuges are frequently used in lab settings where it's important to isolate specific biological components for testing since they are great at separating particles by density. For instance, red blood cells and plasma are combined in a blood sample. Red blood cells will be at the bottom of the tube after centrifugation, and plasma will be on top. Centrifuging is required to study specific components, like isolating DNA, separating urine sediment, and removing blood plasma for testing. A centrifuge is a piece of necessary equipment in many laboratories. There are many different brands of centrifuges available on the market, so lab managers must keep this in mind. As an effect, there are various factors to consider to make sure they purchase equipment suitable for their needs. We feature good quality centrifuges from highly reputed brands such as Remi, Tarsons, Sesw, Droplet, Abdos, and many more.


Various Types of Centrifuge Machines Available


Floor-Standing Centrifuge: A floor-standing centrifuge might be the best option for you if you regularly perform a lot of jobs in your lab or your standard processes call for reasonably high G-Force speeds. It can manage a wide range of protocols, even unexpected ones. Floor-standing centrifuges may also accommodate a large number of rotors, but you should be aware that they are more expensive.


Benchtop Centrifuge: Another typical type of centrifuge is the benchtop model. They are made to handle some processes, but they are not as effective as floor-standing centrifuges at handling procedures that call for a lot of force. You must choose one based on the specifications of your applications and tube sizing. They cost a little bit less because they perform slightly worse than floor-standing models.


Ultra-Speed Centrifuge: Because their g-force speeds exceed 100,000 x g, ultra-speed centrifuges are the fastest available models. To accommodate a variety of applications, they support a variety of rotors. They can therefore be used to sample quantities ranging from 0.2 ml to 250 ml. If your lab operations involve DNA, protein, or RNA fractionation, size gradient separations, lipoprotein flotation, or nanotechnology applications, you might want to take this type into consideration.


Super Speed Centrifuge: With an RCF of up to 70,000 x g, super speed centrifuges can often handle a variety of applications. From 1.5 ml to 1000 ml of volume can be sampled using them. They are highly adaptable because of their size and feature a variety of rotors. They are best suited for, among other things, DNA or RNA separations, Golgi body isolations, tissue culture, plasmid preparations, and cell separations.


General Purpose Centrifuge: Due to its adaptability, a general-purpose centrifuge is frequently taken into account. They work with sample volume ranges of 0.2 ml to 50 ml and have an RCF range of up to 24,000 x g. A general-purpose centrifuge can fit on the floor or an open bench and is suited for the majority of applications. They are appropriate for tissue culture, protein research, DNA or RNA analysis, and cell harvesting.


Features to Consider While Buying Centrifuges


The G-Force: The G-Force is among the most crucial factors to take into account when selecting a centrifuge. This crucial component determines the applications that your centrifuge can handle. Since the G-Force of various centrifuges varies, choose the one that best meets your needs.


Maintenance Reliability: Equipment maintenance is essential when selecting a centrifuge if you want to increase its lifespan. This is because of the fact that each piece of equipment has a finite lifespan and requires routine preventative maintenance in order to function properly. Some manufacturers advise repairing your centrifuge once a year. The temperature, brushes, and speeds must all be checked as part of routine maintenance.


Replacement Parts Availability: In addition to purchasing an insurance policy to protect your centrifuge, you should check the availability of replacement parts before you buy. You should also consider how easily these replacement components can be obtained and how long they would take to arrive after placing an order.


The Size and Capacity of the Centrifuge: Several different centrifuges are available, each with a unique capacity or size. In order to establish the applications that the equipment can handle, you should review its capability. The maximum number of sample tubes that can be loaded into a centrifuge at one time depends on its capacity. As a result, various centrifuges can handle a range of sample sizes.


Renowned Brands That Sell High-Quality Laboratory Centrifuge Machines


Remi Centrifuges: Remi Centrifuges are high-quality Remi products. They provide a high-quality selection of laboratory centrifuge machines. They ensure that all of their centrifuges match the criteria in this fiercely competitive market by using premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. The information used was chosen after considerable market research from the most reliable and credible sources.


Tarsons Centrifuges: Tarsons is well-known for its fast customer service and produces high-quality products. Following extensive market research, the most recognized and authorized vendors are chosen to supply the materials required to manufacture their laboratory centrifuge machines. Customers trust Tarsons laboratory centrifuge machines because of their exclusive range.


Sesw Centrifuges: Sesw goods are well-known in the business due to their high quality. They are dedicated to supplying their customers with premium, high-quality centrifuges. They come in a wide range and enable savings while improving the work experience.


Droplet Centrifuges: A reputable supplier of centrifuges is Droplet. Each Droplet centrifuge machine is made using premium components and modern manufacturing processes. The supplies are bought from the most reputable and authorized vendors following a thorough market analysis. They sell centrifuge machines for laboratories that are reasonably priced and durable.


We also offer laboratory centrifuge machines from other renowned brands such as Remi, Glassco, Tanco, Borosil, and Labpro.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Centrifuges

What is centrifugal separation, and how does it work?

Centrifugal machines uses a technique called centrifugation to separate the substances. Centrifugation is a technique for separating molecules of varying densities in solution by rapidly spinning them around an axis. In the molecular biology lab, it is one of the most useful and often used procedures.