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Centrifuge Machines and Process

Centrifuge machines are basically laboratory equipment, which are extensively used in research labs, medical facilities and, many core-industries. It is used to separate suspended materials, from the mediums, they are dissolved in.

The process of centrifuges is pretty simple, closed containers, filled with the suspension are spanned at high RPMs, at a fixed axis. The centrifugal force generated by this circular motion, hauls up the denser particles in the suspension, against the walls of the container, effectively segregating them from the solution.

Therefore, the main functionality of centrifuges, is to separate solid particles, from fluid suspension mediums, for instance, separating plasma from blood samples.

Other Uses of Centrifuges

Application of centrifuge machines are not just restricted to laboratories and health centres; they hold a crucial application in waste water management, oil industries, and even processing milk and sugar.

Take not that centrifuges come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small desktop devices, pertaining to their application in medical and scientific laboratories, to enormous plants, for separating magnetite slurry from processed water, in a coal plant.

Just like the working process of the machines, their usage is also quiet easy. Once the centrifuge has completed its cycle, it will gradually come to a halt, preventing any turbulence. Once the rotor has completely stopped, you may remove the tube, for further processing of the samples.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Centrifuges

What is centrifugal separation, and how does it work?

Centrifugal machines uses a technique called centrifugation to separate the substances. Centrifugation is a technique for separating molecules of varying densities in solution by rapidly spinning them around an axis. In the molecular biology lab, it is one of the most useful and often used procedures.

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