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pH Meter

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pH water tester or pH meter is an essential device to measure the amount of pH - alkalinity or acidity - of liquids, water, and other solutions. The pH level tester is also called a potentiometric pH tester because it calculates the variations in electrical potential between the reference and the pH electrode and displays them digitally. Calculating the water’s pH is important as the rate and result of chemical reactions in water depend on its acidity.

pH conductivity meters are used in quality control departments, chemical laboratory analyses, laboratory experiments. The majority of municipal water suppliers, healthcare/clinical applications, swimming pools, wine brewers, and others use digital pH meters to check the water quality.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Digital pH Meter

These meters are available in various sizes and types. Here are a few important factors to consider before buying these pH water testers for your use.

Calibration - Make sure the pH conductivity meter you buy is calibrated so that the results displayed are correct. Calibration can be achieved by using pH buffer solutions. 4, 7, and 10 are the most commonly used buffer solutions, which are coloured red, yellow, and blue. Most of the latest pH water testers and meters have single-step and single calibration procedures.

Accuracy - A key factor to keep in mind while buying a pH level tester because getting an accurate pH level is important. Accuracy generally ranges from ±0.1 to ±0.001 pH. A meter with a pH of ±0.10 accuracy is adequate to meet the needs of a school lab while a meter with ±0.01 accuracy is ideal for research or quality control environments.

Electrode - The pH level tester comprises an electrode, which measures the concentration of hydrogen ion when dipped in the water. The electrodes are small and fragile glass bulbs, prone to breakage. It is best to consider the replacement cost of these electrodes when purchasing any pH meter. Some bulbs also come with special non-clog tips that are used to measure the pH of food items.

Temperature - Reading of the pH cant be affected by temperature. Make sure the pH conductivity meter you buy is calibrated at the same temperature to obtain an accurate reading. You can also buy advanced pH meters with automatic temperature compensation systems.

Portability - Whether you are buying the meter for agriculture, a lab, or any other field, considering a handheld or pocket meter is always a better option. They are easy to carry, small, lightweight, and generally waterproof and durable. However, for laboratories, usually, benchtop meters are better and more accurate.

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Frequently Asked Questions about pH Meter

What is acidity and alkalinity?

A PH meter's primary purpose is to identify acidity and alkalinity. Acidity works in the same way that a buffer does in that the stronger the acidity, the more neutralizer is required to counteract it. The capacity of a solution to react with a strong acid (typically sulfuric acid H2SO4) to a predetermined pH is measured by alkalinity.

How do you measure negative pH?

If your acid solution is stronger than 1N, you'll receive a pH of less than 0, which is known as a negative pH. If the molarity of hydrogen ions is larger than 1, the pH value will be negative.

pH Meter - Price Range

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U-Tech pH Meter₹4484₹41300
Manti pH Meter₹4499₹11999
Labpro pH Meter₹6126₹18379
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