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Beat The Summer With Premium Quality Water Bottles

Glass or steel water bottles fill up the market before the arrival of summer. These bottles prove to be very useful in keeping water and liquids cool during the hot weather as they have insulation in their inner walls that do not allow heat to escape through them. This keeps the temperature of the contents intact. You can also use them to store hot liquids without fearing them cooling down.

Glass water bottles provide an environment-friendly choice as compared to plastic water bottles because plastic can succumb to odour and carry chemicals to the water. Glass water bottles can easily be washed and carried anywhere, making them the perfect choice for healthy drinking. There is a huge variety of water bottles in the market. However, you should not blindly buy just any water bottle as the market is full of fake and bad-quality products.

Different Types of Water Bottles in the Market

Steel Water Bottles - These bottles keep the temperature of the contents intact, which means that cold liquids remain cool and hot liquids remain warm. They are available in stainless steel, which prevents rusting despite the moisture.

Glass Water Bottles - These transparent flasks keep your water healthy and free from chemicals. These days, glass bottles come with a hardcover, making it easy to carry them carefully without breaking.

Sipper Water Bottles- You can easily carry these trendy water bottles to the gym, school, outings, and trips. Bottles with wide mouths make it difficult to drink from them. Sipper bottles help you drink water easily without any spills.

Plastic Water Bottles - These water bottles are economical, easy to carry, and available in different designs, colours, and shapes.

How To Choose the Best Water Bottles For Yourself

Leak-proof: Make sure that you buy a leakproof bottle that is not damaged or disfigured. Buy a bottle with an air-tight lid so that the liquid does not spill out at any point.

Durability: Choose a water bottle that you can use for a long time and which can resist heat and damage. Steel bottles are highly durable as they can withstand high temperatures and are hard to break.

BPA and Toxin Free: Plastic water bottles commonly contain harmful chemicals that can make your water unhealthy and toxic. However, glass and steel water bottles are chemical-free, keeping your water safe to drink.

Insulation: A bottle with proper insulation from the inside is necessary so that the temperature of the liquid does not change with time. Glass and steel bottles come with insulation. However, transparent glass water bottles do not come with insulation.

Non-Corrosive: While choosing a good water bottle, make sure it is chemical and heat resistant. Exposure to excessive chemicals and heat exposure should not affect the quality of your water bottle or the contents inside of it.

Top Brands That Offer Best Quality Water Bottles

Havells Water Bottles: Havells is a trusted name for domestic appliances and products. The brand provides premium quality, durable, leak-proof steel water bottles with great insulation. They also have trendy designs of classic steel bottles.

Milton Water Bottles: Milton is yet another popular brand for kitchen products. The brand has a range of top-quality Thermosteel bottles and plastic bottles available at great prices. Their plastic water bottles are also chemical and BPA-free and safe to use.

Cello Water Bottles: Cello’s water bottles are popular because of their slim design and great insulation. They provide durable, leak-proof, and easy-to-carry water bottles that are widely available.

iBell Water Bottles: iBell is a popular name in durable and good-quality domestic products and appliances. The brand is a good choice if you want rust-free and leak-proof water bottles with insulation at reasonable prices.

Strauss Water Bottles: Another leading name in the market that manufactures water bottles, Strauss, is popular for the wide range of sipper bottles and shakers ideal for gym-going individuals and trainers.

Moglix is Your One-Stop For Water Bottles

All kinds of water bottles have different types of usage, but the common factors that matter in all of them are durability and good quality. If you want eco-friendly and health-friendly bottles, choose glass water bottles. If you want to store cool or hot liquids, you can buy steel water bottles. Moglix gives you a wide range of water bottles and top brands to choose from. They also offer fast and safe home delivery of your order. Moglix provides the best quality products at reasonable prices with great offers, making it a one-stop destination for all your needs.

Water Bottles - Price Range

Water BottlesMin PriceMax Price
Milton Water Bottles₹129₹2200
Cello Water Bottles₹336₹4397
Strauss Water Bottles₹194₹886
iBELL Water Bottles₹319₹399
This data was last updated on 1/30/23.