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Memory Cards

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Purchase the Efficient Memory Cards at Economical Costs


You will require a memory card for taking pictures and films with your camera, camcorder, drone, or particular mobile device. Your devices' memory cards serve as storage, taking pictures and 4K Ultra HD video. Your memory card has to be faster and bigger when your images or movies get more complicated, such as when you're taking burst photos, quick action shots, or high-definition videos.Data won't be lost if the card is taken out of your device because this flash memory is non-volatile. They can also be formatted, reused, and have their data removed. They ought to be selected based on their compatibility, cost, and capacity. It is up to the device to decide whether it will support a certain memory card type or size. There are numerous sizes available for memory cards. We at Moglix provide excellent SD cards that comply with legal standards. Choose from trustworthy brands such as SanDisk, Samsung, HP, Strontium and many more.


Various Types of SD Cards Available


SD Cards: Secure Digital cards, sometimes called SD cards, are among the most popular memory cards. They are made to provide high capacity memory in a small package. They are mostly used in a variety of compact, portable devices, such as mobile phones, computers, handheld digital cameras, and digital video camcorders. About 8000 different types and 400 different brands of electrical equipment use SD technology. They are a recognised industry standard, measure 32 x 24 x 2.1 mm, and weigh about 2 grams due to their widespread use.


MicroSD: MicroSD is a data-storage removable or detachable flash memory card, also referred to as T-Flash. The microSD card was created by SanDisk and recognised as a standard or ordinary one on July 13, 2005. It is frequently used with mobile devices like phones and others with storage sizes ranging from 128 Megabytes to 4 Gigabytes.


SmartMedia card: Data is stored on a Flash-Memory chip by a SmartMedia card. The first SmartMedia card was made by Toshiba and had 2 to 128 MB storage capacity. It is a little plastic card that contains a single NAND flash chip. With a thickness of just 0.76mm, it is the tiniest memory card available and is less expensive than others.


CompactFlash: PDAs, digital cameras, and other portable devices employ CompactFlash, which is a small, removable mass storage device. SanDisk Corporation invented the CompactFlash memory card in 1994. It is a 50-pin storage device that uses flash memory technology and runs at 3.3V and 5V. It doesn't need a battery to store data indefinitely.


xD-Picture Card: An xD-Picture Card is a type of flash memory card that can be inserted into several types of digital cameras. It was developed in 2002 by Fuji Film and Olympus. An xD (Extreme Digital) Picture Card has the following measurements: 20 mm x 25 mm x 1.7 mm. Its storage capacity ranges from 512 MB for the original version to 2 GB for the type H and M/M+ variations.


SDHC Card: SDHC Card (Secure Digital High Capacity Card): This card is built to the Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) functionality and specification of SDA 2.00. It is a larger type of SD card than the standard variety and can store up to 32 GB of data. These cards predominate among memory cards for cameras. The SDHC uses cutting-edge technologies, setting it apart from regular SD cards. Additionally, it has a 3-speed class structure to offer clients varied data transfer speeds.


Features to Take into Consideration when Buying Memory Cards


Physical Size: There are just too many different types of memory cards available nowadays in various physical sizes. Therefore, you should first consider the physical size of the card. In other words, you need to be sure that your camera or other devices can work with the memory card.


Card Format: In addition to physical dimensions, card format is a crucial factor in compatibility problems. SD, SDHC, and SDXC are the three different memory card types. Cards in various formats will undoubtedly function in various ways. As a result, you must choose a card whose format is compatible with your camera.


Storage Capacity: Your primary motivation for purchasing a memory card should be to add more storage. Consequently, the card storage capacity is unquestionably a crucial aspect. You have the freedom to choose based on your personal requirements and the circumstances at hand.


Card Working Speed: Additionally, the functionality of your memory card will be crucial to your future usage. The card speed comes to mind when discussing performance. It speaks of how quickly data is read or written. For instance, you should favour a card that can copy or transfer data quickly.


Buy Secure Memory Cards Online from Top Brands


SanDisk Memory Cards: SanDisk produces goods of the best quality and is well renowned for its attentive customer care. After extensive market research, the most recognised and authorised vendors are chosen to provide the materials utilised to create their memory cards. Customers trust Kingston's products because of its wide selection of high-end pen drives.


Samsung Memory Cards: Samsung Memory Cards are highly recommended for storing all your precious memories. With their memory cards, you'll have plenty of space for photos, videos, and other files. It's time to boost your phone's storage capacity with Samsung Memory Cards. These high-performance memory cards help you quickly transfer files and loading apps. 


HP Memory Cards: The market acknowledges HP products as being of the finest calibre. All HP SD cards are created with premium components and cutting-edge production techniques to meet the standards of this incredibly difficult industry. They have an elegant and compact design.


Strontium Memory Cards: To guarantee that the micro SD cards it delivers to customers are always at the top of its game, Strontium places a strong focus on high quality standards. They have become experts at adapting to changing consumer wants. These premium SD cards are produced under the supervision of professionals. 

Apart from these brands, we also offer SD cards from other reputable brands like PNY, Adata, Zebion, Transcend and more.


Shop for Reasonable and Efficient SD Cards at Moglix


SanDisks can be an excellent solution if you also want to safely store your data. We at Moglix provide micro SD cards from highly reputable brands that ensure the product's durability. The pieces of equipment are durable and are available in various capacities. We also provide bulk purchases of SD cards and only deliver products that are easy to use and maintain. Select from our wide range of excellent products and buy SanDisks at reasonable prices with exciting discounts and offers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Memory Cards

What is the difference between an SD card and a memory card?

Often an SD card and a memory card are confused to be the same thing, however, both are storage devices but have a minor difference. An SD card is a storage device that is used to read and write large quantities of data on a wide variety of devices like cameras, smart devices, and more. Whereas a memory card is nothing more than a small version or SD card that is used in mobile phones, PDAs, and smaller, lighter devices.

How does one repair a micro SD card?

The common reason to repair micro SD card is to recover the data. One may connect this card to the system and using certain software all the data can be recovered. And once the data is recovered, one may format the micro SD card.