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Network Switch

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Buy an Ethernet Switch Online at Moglix and Get Amazing Discounts

Today, the network has become an essential part of human life. Using it for business or schoolwork or even for entertainment has made it a fundamental element in the arena of technology. The purpose of a network switch is to connect devices within a network and exchange data packages between these devices. Moglix offers an extensive range of Ethernet switches, PoE switches, router switches, and gigabit switches at reasonable rates.

What to Look for While Buying a Network Switch Online?

User count: Network switches are designed to let you connect with other devices. If the user count is higher, more ports and faster transfer speed are required. Also, check the number of switches you need to connect. Multiple devices can be connected to an ethernet switch (depending on the number of ports) while a router is needed to connect multiple switches.

Power: Power access points are set in places where the power outlets are hard to reach. These APs can get power through Power over Ethernet as well, which means, one should consider buying a network switch with ethernet ports that support PoE so that you can access it with an ethernet cord.

Speed: Speed is directly affected by the type of switch you use. The speed will reduce if the ports can’t handle the amount of data that is transferred. If you have to transfer a huge amount of data, choose gigabit switches as they transfer data with optimum speed.

Price and Brand: Like every other item available in the market, there is a wide variety of companies that produce network switches, may it be fast ethernet switches, gigabit switches, or PoE switches. A reputed brand offers good quality network switches at reasonable rates.

Moglix, the Best Online Market for Gigabit Network Switches

Moglix is an online marketplace that provides trustworthy and durable products. To ensure customer satisfaction, we selectively pick the companies that provide the best network switches. Some of the brands offered by Moglix include TP-Link, Logic, Netgear, WiJungle, D-Link, and Ubiquiti. Buy router switches from Moglix and get amazing offers and discounts...!

Frequently Asked Questions about Network Switch

Does a network switch have an IP address?

The presence of machines on the same IP segment indicates that they are part of the same network. The computers connected to the switch, however, won't be able to communicate with one another because it is unable to assign IP addresses. They will receive a Private IP Address automatically (APIPA).

Do network switches cause lag?

Network switches are important components of the network infrastructure, and their latency makes up a small portion of the total network latency. Occasionally, there is a delay when the data packet moves through a device while your switches or routers decide where to transmit it next.

Network Switch - Price Range

Network SwitchMin PriceMax Price
TP-Link Network Switch₹639₹38987
Netgear Network Switch₹1058₹386400
D-Link Network Switch₹629₹48999
HPE Network Switch₹23520₹47247
This data was last updated on 10/5/22.