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Set Up Your New Device with Your TV: All You Need Is The HDMI Cables

If you're looking for a means to connect a new device to your TV or exchange material in a different way than casting, you've most likely come across the term HDMI cable.

You've probably also come across the names of other cables - as well as cable combos, device suggestions, and different words for different sorts of cables - and it might be a little complicated trying to recall the definitions of each acronym and the shape of their ports.

The HDMI cable is one of the most widely used and versatile cables, with applications ranging from televisions to laptops to streaming devices and more. This is one of the most important things to learn about when first getting into the world of tech accessories.

Benefits of HDMI Extension Cables

HDMI was created to offer a new standard that could be used across many devices while also merging audio and video input to simplify consumer wiring. Before HDMI, people who wished to connect any form of audiovisual equipment had to plug in two or three different wires in the right places to display sound and pictures properly.

These prior connections were also significantly less standardised: connecting a Nintendo GameCube to your television was not the same as connecting a DVD player, which was not the same as connecting a digital camera. Having a single, common connection type has made navigating a world of more complicated technologies much easier.

However, that isn't the only reason why a new data transport format was required. When high-definition television (HDTV) was introduced in the mid-2000s, developing a new standard capable of successfully transmitting high-definition signals became imperative. HDMI transmissions feature more bandwidth and a faster refresh rate per second, resulting in considerably smoother and higher-quality images and sound. Thus, HDMI cable for TV became popular.

Types of HDMI Connectors Available at Moglix

After their introduction, the various HDMI connector types have remained constant. This has allowed backward compatibility to be maintained throughout the standard's lifespan.

They all feature 19 pins, except the twin link Type B connector, allowing the standard to be the same across all connector types.

HDMI Type A connector: This connector was introduced with the initial HDMI standard and has remained the standard's mainstay ever since. The Type-A connector is the most common among AV equipment consumers, and it may be found on a wide range of devices, including televisions, DVD players, satellite boxes, recorders, games consoles, and much more. When space isn't an issue, the Type A HDMI connector is the best option because it's the most durable. The exterior dimensions of the plug or male connector are 13.9 mm x 4.45 mm, and the internal dimensions of the receptacle or female connector are 14 mm x 4.55 mm.

HDMI Type B connector: This type of HDMI connector was also introduced with the original specification in 2002, and it is designed to transport twin link DVD-I video. Because of the introduction of HDMI 1.3, the speed of a single link exceeded that of the old dual-link. The connector was never used in devices. There is no reason for the connector to be used because it is larger than the single link standard type. It is, however, still included in the specifications. This HDMI connector has 29 pins and dimensions 21.2 mm x 4.45 mm, carrying six differential pairs instead of three.

HDMI Type C connector - Mini-HDMI connector: The mini-HDMI connector is smaller than the Type-A connector, measuring 10.42 mm x 2.42 mm but keeping the 19-pin design. The mini-HDMI connector has the same features as the bigger HDMI Type-A connector, but it is much smaller. As the HDMI protocol grew more generally embraced, the necessity for a smaller connector was recognized, and the HDMI micro connector was created in HDMI Version 1.3.

HDMI Type D connector: Because the HDMI Type D connector is extremely similar in size to a micro-USB connector, it is frequently referred to as a micro-HDMI connector. The dimensions are only 6.4 mm 2.8 mm, and the micro-HDMI preserves the 19 pins of the other connectors inside this outline. However, the pin assignments are different. With HDMI Version 1.4, the micro-HDMI connector was introduced. It was created primarily for audio-video communication in small, portable devices such as cellphones.

Type E HDMI connector: The Type E HDMI connector is designed for automotive use. With HDMI Version 1.4, this connector was added. It has a locking mechanism to keep it from vibrating loose, as well as a casing to keep dirt and moisture out. A relay connector is also available for connecting conventional consumer cables to automotive ones, allowing for an interface to consumer AV devices, which is becoming more common.

Uses of HDMI to VGA Adapter

An HDMI to VGA adapter lets you connect an HDMI output from your laptop, ultrabook, or desktop computer to a VGA monitor or projector, saving you money on a new HDMI display. The HDMI to VGA converter is designed to output user-generated content such as presentations and business papers. Still, it may also double your available workspace by extending your computer's desktop onto a secondary monitor.

This active HDMI to VGA converter, which does not require an external power supply and supports resolutions up to 1080p (1920x1080), is a compact and portable alternative for connecting a High-Definition VGA monitor.

You can also find VGA to HDMI cables that work the best as the cables mentioned above.

Buy HDMI Cables Online at Moglix

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