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Feature Phones

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Feature Phones for Rough Use yet Smooth Performance

The present scenario is such that people run from one place to other and are always busy completing their daily tasks. Carrying a smartphone to call at times and holding on to it while riding becomes a troublesome thing to do. At that time, these feature phones come in handy as they can be used roughly, but still, they perform the desired function efficiently.

What are these Feature Phones?

These are the mobile phones that have retained the design of the phones from the earlier generation. These are keypad phones with no touch display. They have their own operating system embedded in them. They provide a voice calling and text messaging facility. Most of them have basic multimedia and internet facility.

The composition of the phone hardware is that it has a small LCD screen with a physical keypad. They have a micro USB port, a micro SD card, and a microphone. They have a rear camera to record videos and capture photos. They also have GPS services and some in-built apps like calendar, calculator, mobile web, and mobile games.

Advantages of Using Feature Phones

These are basic phones that people use, usually for official purposes where one needs to call or send text messages. They basically use these phones for work purpose for the battery capacity that lasts longer than in any other smartphones.

The feature phones are cheaper and easier to fix. They are more durable than smartphones as they don’t break if they fall. They can be easily assembled again. If the smartphones slip and fall off your hand, there might be numerous damages like cracked screen, ruptured speakers, scratched body, chipped frame, and many more. So no more worry if these feature phones fall from hand as they can easily be repaired and are much stronger than these smartphones.

The best feature phones’ aspect is that they don’t need extra protection like a screen guard, back cover, or lamination. One can use this phone in a carefree manner, and still, it will last longer than any other present generation phones.

Another added benefit is that it can be given to younger kids for their safety to contact family when they travel to far off place and still not worry about misusing the phone as it won’t have web browsing or access to any social networking sites. This will be, therefore, productive and protective for children. Lesser access to the smart world through social networking sites on the phone will make them more efficient and use their time for better purposes than being addicted to smartphones.

The best keypad phones consume lesser energy to charge but will sustain battery life for a longer duration. These phones get into the tight jeans pocket easily and are best suited during trekking or adventurous trips as it is light and easy to handle with better battery life.

Buy Feature Phones at Moglix

Moglix is currently one of the leading B2B e-Commerce supplies for Industrial, medical and business products. One can find the best feature phones at Moglix from top brands like I Kall, Blackbear, and Belkin. These keypad basic phones are available in varied styles like regular keypad phones, flip phones, multimedia gaming phones, pen mobile, and many more. Now use these feature phones with less worry and more confidence.