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USB Data Cables

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Quick Transfer Of Important Data with USB Data Cables

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an industry-standard that specifies cable and connector standards and protocols for connecting, communicating, and powering computers, peripherals, and other computers. There is a wide range of USB gear available.

Overview of USB Transfer Cables

USB data cables were created to standardize the connection of peripherals to personal computers for both communication and power supply. It has largely supplanted serial and parallel ports and is now found on many devices. Computer keyboards and mice, video cameras, printers, portable media players, mobile (portable) digital telephones, disc drives, and network adapters are all examples of USB peripherals.

As charging cables for portable electronics, the USB data transfer cable is progressively replacing other varieties.

Original data cables allow you to charge and sync your smartphone at the same time. This high-quality cable connects your smartphone to your laptop, allowing you to charge your phone while also exchanging and synchronizing data.

Major Benefits of Original USB Data Cables

  • --> Allows for more efficient and quick data transfer.

  • --> Allows the users to use the mobile data cable as a charging data cable. They don’t just help in transferring data but also work well with charging the device.

  • --> The other compatible devices can use the same cable for data transfer or charging purposes.

  • --> With these cables, you don’t need the facility of an internet connection to transfer the data.

  • --> These cables reduce the fluctuation of data while transferring files or data from one device to another.

  • --> It is user-friendly and is also cost-friendly too.

  • --> Easy replacement or a new one can be easily found if the cable gets damaged.

  • --> They are great multi-task performers. You can use it for both data transfer and charging. You can even use it to connect compatible devices.

  • --> You can use the same cable with a power bank and enjoy the outdoors with good charging availability at all times.

Difference Between Mobile Data Cable and Charging Cables

The difference between the two types of cables is that the charging cable can be used to charge the battery, whereas the mobile data cable can be used to transfer files in addition to charging your phone.

A data cable can usually be used to charge a gadget. However, charging cords are frequently incapable of data transfer. Charging with a charging cable, on the other hand, is normally faster, especially if it is a fast-charging wire. Many devices that can be charged over USB don't have any data that can be transferred.

The two types of wires are frequently indistinguishable from the outside. But, you can find out by connecting the cord to your smartphone and your computer. It's a data cable if your computer says it's linked to a media device. If, on the other hand, simply your phone's charging indicator indicates that power is being supplied, you're most likely dealing with a pure charging cable.

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USB Data Cables - Price Range

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Portronics USB Data Cables₹27₹1257
Detel USB Data Cables₹23₹105
Ambrane USB Data Cables₹73₹256
Zebronics USB Data Cables₹83₹561
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