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Mobile Screen Guards

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Screen Guards to Protect Your Phones

Mobile phones are currently the most used piece of technology in this world. People are completely dependent on phones in their life. They use phones not just as a commodity for entertainment, but in the present world, people need phones daily to complete their work-oriented tasks too. Life is busy, and when we are on the run to meet the targets of the day at work, accidents happen, and they are most often with our phones. They slip off our hands and the first major damage that one witness is the crack on the screen and camera. You can prevent this with the help of these phone’s life-saving screen guards and camera guards.

A transparent polyurethane or laminated glass used to protect the phone, tablet, or laptop screen from any physical damage like scratches or cracks is called a screen guard. This is kind of a shield to secure the electronic devices from external damages. These guards are available for the front screen or display and also for the rear cameras to keep them safe from harm. The mobile’s rear camera’s translucent glass protector is called a camera guard.

Benefits of Mobile Screen Guards

The mobile screen guard can increase the phones' durability as they make them waterproof, dustproof, and scratch-proof. The continuous usage of phones will leave fingerprints and make the display oily. But when the guard is used for the screen, one can easily wipe it off and make it look brand new.

Most mobile screen protectors have anti-glare features and protect the eyes considerably from the UV radiation emitted from the phone. These guards are easy to install and maintain the clear display quality as it is and will not diminish the performance of the phone. People who love to visit the beach or who are adventurous can see this screen protector and camera guards as the blessing they have for their phones.

The sand and dust particles can scratch the screen and cameras, but it will remain safe with these guards. Most of these clear screen and camera glasses are heat-resistant and tough too. They are versatile in performance as they fulfill the purpose of use perfectly. They make the phone look better and sophisticated too.

These screen guards are available for all types of phones. Each phone is of different display size and width as well as camera shape and size. Therefore, the guards are manufactured accordingly for each phone as per its requirement. Even the rear camera has its own guards that fit the shape of its own. Thus, one guard model cannot be used for another as the dimensions won’t match. The camera guards also perform the same task and are as good as the display guards.

Buy Mobile Screen Protectors Online

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Mobile Screen Guards - Price Range

Mobile Screen GuardsMin PriceMax Price
AT&T Mobile Screen Guards₹146₹208
Belkin Mobile Screen Guards₹892₹2999
This data was last updated on 2/3/23.