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Mobile Holders

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Phone Holders: For Safe Secure Phone Usage On The Go

A mobile phone is a wireless handheld device that can make and receive phone calls. While the first generation of mobile phones could simply make and receive calls, today's phones can accommodate web browsers, games, cameras, video players, and navigational systems, among other features. Phone holders are a must-have accessory these days.

Mobile phones are quite costly, and accessing phones becomes problematic while driving a car or riding a bike. It is not only challenging but also dangerous. In this case, the phone holders are essential. At some time, 45 percent of smartphone owners inadvertently harm their devices. People touch their phones approximately 2,617 times per day on average, as per some studies, and holding them for that long can be exhausting. This is where a phone stand comes to our rescue. They can use a phone stand, case, or holder to keep their device safe. You can also use your phone for any purpose without fear of it being damaged.

Features of a Car Phone Holder

Phone holders can be adjusted at the level of the eyes.

  • --> The smartphone's sturdy foundation.

  • --> The feature that allows for easy rotation.

  • --> The phone is placed in a strong position.

  • --> Compatibility with a wide range of phones.

  • --> Simple to set up. Secure touch technology makes it possible to remove the phone from the mount without having to yank it out and fix the phone inside the mount without causing any problems.

  • --> While travelling, the shock-resistant ability allows for clear and simple access to the phone's screen.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Bike Phone Holder

Whether you want to buy a bike phone holder or a car phone holder, certain aspects need to be considered before purchasing them. They are:

Type of Attachment: Magnetic and cradle phone attachments are the two types available. If you want a snug fit and your phone is on the heavier side, cradle attachments are the way to go. It is not, however, ideal for thin phones.

Know the structure of your vehicle: When selecting a car mount, it is critical to understand your vehicle’s interior because not all mounts are suited for your vehicle. Because of the shortage of room, you won't be able to install a windshield attachment if your car's windshield rises steeply.

Check its flexibility: The biggest challenge that many drivers may face is the lack of flexibility. If you prefer to go from one city to another and want to take in the scenery, the smartphone car mount's versatility is crucial.

Needs to have perfect grip: The mount was designed with the primary goal of protecting the phone from scratches and damage. Keeping your phone on the dashboard may be harmed if it falls in the car due to the bumpy road. The grip of the smartphone car mount must be strong enough to capture to safeguard the expensive phone and make the travel smooth.

Warranty for safety: When a consumer purchases a device for long-term usage that is also pricey, the warranty should never be overlooked.

Material for durability: The smartphone car mount must be of exceptional quality or capable of supporting the phone's weight. The mount may break shortly because of the material's frailty, forcing you to purchase a new one.

Check functionality: Check that all of the car mount's functionalities are working correctly with your phone’s functions and that you are satisfied.

Buy Phone Holder Online

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Mobile Holders - Price Range

Mobile HoldersMin PriceMax Price
Portronics Mobile Holders₹71₹1946
Material - Aluminium & Abs Mobile Holders₹312₹1561
Material - Plastic Mobile Holders₹137₹1561
This data was last updated on 2/2/23.