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The kind of lifestyle that we all are accustomed to, keeping the mobile phones charged is the key priority. Phones are important and so are mobile battery chargers. Without charges, keeping the phone’s battery in working condition is impossible. This small and portable device gives life to your electrical devices. Mobile phone chargers charge the phones and charge other devices such as PDA (personal digital assistant), digital cameras, wireless headphones, and media players.

All phones come with a separate mobile battery charger, which tends to get damaged over time. But don’t worry, you can shop for the best quality mobile phone chargers at reasonable prices at

Different types of mobile phone chargers

Just like mobile phones, mobile chargers have evolved and modernized too. From large, thick adapters to small and wireless ones, chargers have come a long way. There are various kinds of chargers to choose from, read to know more.

Dual-port chargers: A dual-port charger consists of two USB ports for connecting two USB cables. This charger allows you to charge two devices at the same time, thereby saving your money and time.

Multi-port chargers: This charger comprises more than two ports and a great option for those who do not wish to invest in multiple chargers. It is the best device for charging multiple phones of different pin-types at a time, especially if you have a single plug socket.

Wireless chargers: As its name suggests, a wireless phone charger is a device that does not require your mobile to be connected by a wire. This charger supplies power energy to the receiver of the phone through electromagnetic induction. The receiver is placed at the back of the phone and you just need to place the device on the wireless phone charger.

Turbochargers: Turbo charger or quick and charging speeds up the charging process of your mobile battery. Many use turbo charger for mobiles because it saves time. It is specially designed for smartphones that are powered by Snapdragon processors. Most people today opt for a turbocharger for mobiles.

Points to Know before Investing in Mobile Battery Chargers

  • --> Consider the ratings of the charger, which includes input voltage rating, output voltage rating, output current rating.

  • --> Invest in a good and branded charger because regular or poor quality chargers may harm the life of your battery or device.

  • --> Safety is highly important, so always look for an insulation symbol.

  • --> Invest in the right kind of charger that supports your device.

Right from single to multi ports, from turbo to wireless phone charges, you will get a variety of top brand chargers at Grab them at discounted prices soon!!

Mobile Chargers - Price Range

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Portronics Mobile Chargers₹134₹3441
Zebronics Mobile Chargers₹174₹1051
Belkin Mobile Chargers₹1099₹6249
Quantum Mobile Chargers₹43₹537
This data was last updated on 2/1/23.